Bath House

Six characters meet in a public bath house: the pedant bath house manager, a couple with a strange way of communicating and a gang with shady intentions. Something goes wrong .

Bath House / Łaźnia / Simhall

Directed by: Niki Lindroth von Bahr
Screenplay: Jerker Virdborg
Production: Malade
Country: Szwecja
Year: 2014
Running time: 14 min. 03 sec.

Schedule time:
ASIFA Plebiscite (10 best animations of the 6th ASIFA decade) – 1st screening
21st November 2020 (saturday), 1 PM – VOD (PPV)

Oh Willy…

Fifty-something Willy returns to the naturist community where he spent his youth to visit his dying mother. When she dies shortly after he arrives, Willy is confronted with the choices he made in his life. In confusion and sadness, he retreats into the forest. After a rough start, he finds himself under the maternal protection of a gentle hairy beast.

Oh Willy…

Directed by: Emma De Swaef, Marc James Roels
Screenplay: Emma De Swaef, Marc James Roels
Music: Bram Meindersma
Production: Ben Tesseur, Nidia Santiago
Country: Belgia, Francja, Holandia
Year: 2011
Running time: 16 min. 42 sek.

Schedule time:
ASIFA Plebiscite (10 best animations of the 6th ASIFA decade) - 1st screening
21st November 2020 (saturday), 1 PM - VOD (PPV)

My Favorite War

My Favorite War is an animated documentary based on the childhood story of director Ilze Burkovska-Jacobsen, growing up in the USSR during the Cold War. A coming of age story about the personal road of escape from the brainwash of the mighty authoritarian regime. The Soviet regime used World War II as a significant ideological weapon to intimidate and oppress the population during the Cold War. When Ilze discovers the remains of a German soldier in her backyard sandbox, she begins looking for other stories buried underneath the propaganda.

“I had to make a choice then - who do I want to become and what do I believe in? The same questions young generations are asking themselves today”.

My Favorite War will have its world premiere in 2020 at the Annecy Film festival in the Conterchamp competition.

Bivrost Film will launch an essay competition with the working title “Democracy and Me”. Its starting point is the opinions of today's youth in Europe about the fact that our democracies are again under pressure from totalitarian leaders and nationalist movements. We hope that the story of "My Favorite War" can inspire youth to manifest their attitudes. It has been our wish ever since we started working on the film.

My Favorite War / Moja ulubiona wojna

Directed by:  Ilze Burkovska-Jacobsen
Screenplay: Ilze Burkovska-Jacobsen
Production:  Bivorst Film&TV, Trond Jacobsen, Ego Media, Guntis Trekteris
Country: Łotwa, Norwegia
Year: 2020
Running time: 80 min.

Schedule time:
22nd November 2020 (sunday), 4 PM – VOD (PPV)

Kill It and Leave this Town

An autobiographical impression, a reminiscence of images from childhood, which revives the memory of the author’s deceased parents and his hometown of Łódź. Wilczyński made this film with the help of a team of talented animators including: Agata Gorządek, Jakub Wroński, Marta Pajek, Agnieszka Borowa, Marta Magnuska, Joanna Jasińska-Koronkiewicz, Paweł Walicki, Kacper Czyczyło, Agnieszka Konarska and Anita Kwiatkowska-Naqvi.

One of the most widely-acclaimed Polish animated films in recent years, it won the prestigious jury award at the International Animated Film Festival in Annecy. Mariusz Wilczyński's film had its premiere at the 70th Berlin IFF, and was also the only Polish film in this year's competition.

A feature-length film by a Łódź-based director, animator, painter and performer, whose production took for 14 years, is an autobiographical story takeing place over many decades. The film delighted the world's critics - Peter Bradshaw of The Guardian described Wilczyński's film as a raw, intense dream, bordering on genius. David Ehrlich from Indiewire, on the other hand, points out the honesty that shines from the screen, emphasizing at the same time that the film is a dreamlike, crazy ride through Wilczyński's mind.

Zabij to i wyjedź z tego miasta / Kill It and Leave this Town

Direction:  Mariusz Wilczyński
Screenplay: Mariusz Wilczyński
Music:  Tadeusz Nalepa
Voices: Anja Rubik, Andrzej Wajda, Krystyna Janda, Andrzej Chyra, Maja Ostaszewska, Małgorzata Kożuchowska, Barbara Krafftówna, Anna Dymna, Marek Kondrat, Gustaw Holoubek, Irena Kwiatkowska, Tomasz Stańko
Production:  Bombonierka, Agnieszka Scibor, Extreme Emotions, Ewa Ppuszczyńska, IAM, Łódź Miasto Kultury, Letko, Di Factory, Gigant Films, PISF
Country: Poland
Year: 2020
Running time: 88 min.

Schedule time:
17th November 2020 (tuesday), 8 PM – VOD (PPV)