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Krakow 22-27 X 2024

How to make a festival eco-friendly? - ecological discussion panel

Added: November 11, 2021

Location: Online (Facebook / Festival Website)

When: 20th November, 1 PM

As we are aware of human responsibility for the progressing climate disaster, this year, together with other event organizers, we want to talk about what can we do for the climate when acting in the area of human activity that is closest to our hearts, namely the culture. We invite you to a joint debate and exchange of ideas and experiences related to the process of making cultural events more sustainable and eco-friendly. We wish to discuss the potential of culture for increasing the eco-awareness, motivating the public to take up eco-friendly activities or organizing culture in a sustainable way. We will talk about best practices, the most common mistakes, our ideas and ways we can inspire each other.
The discussion will take place online and will be moderated by Joanna Mieszkowicz ? the president of the Aeris Futuro Foundation.

Aeris Futuro Foundation
The mission of the Foundation is to effectively counteract global climate change, protect and increase biological and landscape diversity, support the development of local communities and promote responsible business. Since 2005, the Foundation has been expanding its offer with various activities for business, public sector offices, as well as education and culture. The Aeris Futuro team supports the organization of green events whose principal idea is to minimize the negative impact on the environment.
We encourage you to visit the Foundation's website: https://aerisfuturo.pl/ where you can find various publications and an ecological knowledge-base with information about, among others, climate, water, biodiversity, the zero waste idea, climate policy, renewable energy sources or pro-ecological methods for the organization of festivals.

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