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International Film Festival

Krakow 22-27 X 2024


Are the Muses silent in wartime? - the war in Ukraine in the eyes of documentary filmmakers - discussion panel

Added: November 06, 2023


Tadeusz Chudy (director, cinematographer)
Alina Shapran (director, actor)
Maciej Zygmunt (photographer, filmmaker)

More than 600 days have passed since the full-scale invasion of the Russian army into Ukraine.

Since its onset, the unimaginable tragedy of our neighbours has been documented right there on the spot by the representatives of the artistic circle.

Mieszkanka Czernichowa i jej zbombardowany dom, zdj. Maciek Zygmunt

During the panel, the invited guests will tell us about their film and photographic projects developing the topic of the war in Ukraine, people suffering from war trauma and the refugee crisis, and will also share their personal experiences of work in wartime.


23rd November (Thursday) - 4 PM
Potocki Palace

Tadeusz Chudy

Tadeusz Chudy, photo Alicja Miszczor

director, cinematographer, photographer. Graduated from the Jagiellonian University with a diploma in philosophy and film studies, from the Film School in Katowice with a degree in cinematography, television and photography and from the Visual Narratives Laboratory at the Film School in Lodz. Winner of the Creative Scholarship from the City of Krakow.

He produces long-term artistic projects in Poland and abroad, time allows him to understand people and spaces. He is the author of such films as Kinky (honorary mention at the 21st International Film Festival ZOOM-ZBLIŻENIA in Jelenia Góra), Backfist, The Pack (Sfora) as well as a photographic publication Vulnerable. Currently he is working on a film essay In the Shadow of War (W cieniu wojny) depicting the lives of ordinary people at war in Ukraine.

Alina Shapran 

actor, performer, designer, artist. She enjoys being a “researcher” of all forms of life, observing it and later transforming it into a form of art. Enjoys looking into what`s “not manifested” or not entirely obvious, into the subtleties.

Alina Shapran 

Co-creator of the film project In the Shadow of War (W cieniu wojny). Lives and works in Kiev.

Maciek Zygmunt 

photographer, filmmaker focused on socially engaged documentary photography. Graduate of Magnum Photos workshops run by Bruce Gilden in Great Britain as well as workshops at the International Center of Photography in New York (Documentary Photography for Social Change). He has been working for numerous nonprofit organizations, both Polish and foreign. He has worked on 4 continents.

Maciek Zygmunt in Czernichów, Ukraine

Since the onset of the Russian invasion into Ukraine in 2022 he has been doing film and photographic commissions in Poland and Ukraine. He has worked with his camera in Kiev, Irpin, Bucha or Chernihiv. Lately he has been working in frontline zones in the Donetsk and Zaporizhzhia regions. His materials reach international media (among others the BBC World News) and nonprofit organizations (Crown Agents, PRC, IFRC or IOM UN).

The exhibition from Ukraine “People, not Statistics” was held in 2022 during the Non Fiction Festival.

In the Shadow of War [in development]

In the Shadow of War is a film storybook from the Ukrainian war zone.  However, it is not a snapshot from the front line. The film takes the form of a documentary essay in which the narrator,  a reporter from Poland, goes to Ukraine with humanitarian aid, watches the daily lives of ordinary people and shares his reflections.

Still from film "In the Shadow of War", dir. Tadeusz Chudy

We also get to know the narrator, a woman from Ukraine with whom the reporter falls in love. We watch the development of the relationship between the Reporter and the Woman, a strange intimacy that is difficult to understand far from the war. This contact saves them in that terrible situation. But will this contact survive in ordinary life?

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