International Film Festival

Krakow 22-27 X 2024

Festival's Locations 2023

Etiuda&Anima Festival is constantly expanding the number of festival objects for viewers’ convenience. All festival objects are very well localised and easily available for Polish and foreign viewers, accessible from Main Railway Station and Main Market Square.


THE MAŁOPOLSKA GARDEN OF ART is a space open to artists looking for a new theatrical language and new forms of interactions with the audience.

It is the most experimental space of the Juliusz Słowacki Theatre in Krakow. Here, the viewers can break with their habits and try to find themselves in a situation requiring interaction with the authors. The artists, operating at the crossroads of diverse arts, seek inspiration from various artistic areas, with particular emphasis on music and visual elements. MOS combines sound, theatre, installation and multimedia art. It is becoming not only a place where artists looking for a new language for performing arts can prosper, but also a place of promotional events and cooperation with numerous Krakow cultural initiatives.

Following the latest world trends, the Słowacki Theatre creates an open facility, the spaces of which are meant to be a meeting place for youth, children, people with disabilities, the elderly, as well as professionals, artists and enthusiasts of various fields of modern art.


Large Screening Room - a modern hall that can accommodate less than 200 spectators.

Small Screening Room offers 78 seats for viewers thirsty for high quality movies. 

Małopolska Garden of Arts
St. Rajska 12
31-124 Krakow


A cosy and atmospheric cinema. A small venue (64 seats) at Krupnicza Street presenting the biggest and greatest films ever. The cinema's repertoire includes documentaries, animations, genre and experimental films. It also acquaints the youngest audience with film productions from every corner of the world.

Paradox Cinema
St. Krupnicza 38, 31-123 Krakow


The Potocki Palace is a cultural meeting place in the heart of historic Krakow. It is also a point of exchange of ideas and experiences as well as cooperation btween local and municipal institutions. It is an open and vibrant hub of creativity, dialogue and innovation. From 2021, the hosts of the Potocki Palace have been the Krakow Festival Office, Bunkier Sztuki Gallery and COMPARE Bookstore.

Potocki Palace
St. Rynek Główny 20, 31-005 Krakow

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