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International Film Festival

Krakow 22-27 X 2024

The Most Beautiful Boy in the World

Added: October 14, 2021

In 1970, Luchino Visconti was travelling to many countries in search of a young  boy who could play the role of Tadzio in the adaptation of "Death in Venice ” by Thomas Mann. Visconti was already exhausted and discouraged by this long and ineffective search. He participated in over 150 auditions, and finally, after the casting in Stockholm, he hired 15-year-old Björn Andresen. A year later, during the premiere of the film in London, Visconti hailed his actor "the most beautiful boy in the world" in the presence of Queen Elizabeth. A few months afterwards, during the Cannes Film Festival, a music agent invited Björn to Japan, where he became the first western pop star, starring in photo shoots and in commercials. Visconti's nickname stuck to Björn for the rest of his life and became his curse. Today, half a century later, Björn struggles with addictions and his inner demons. He discovers the secret of his mother and her sudden departure. He also continues his film career, playing, among others, in the horror film "Midsummer".

"The Most Beautiful Boy in the World" is an intimate portrait of a person who is trying to come to terms with the past and regain control of his life. It also shows the backstage work on the production of the legendary Visconti’s film and reveals the power structures in the film industry as well as the processes of exploitation that are widely discussed today thanks to the #metoo movement.

The Most Beautiful Boy in the World / Världens vackraste pojke / Najpiękniejszy chłopiec na świecie

Directed by: Kristina Lindström, Kristian Petri
Photos: Erik Vallsten
Production: Stina Gardell, Mantaray Film
Country: Sweden
Year: 2021
Running time: 93 min.


November 21, 2021 - 1:30 PM
Kijów Cinema: Large Screening Room + VOD

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