/The World from Dawn to Dusk or unity in diversity

The World from Dawn to Dusk or unity in diversity

Authors of acclaimed documentaries, winners of dozens of awards and lecturers at Lodz BAKU weseleFilm School. Maciej Drygas and Miroslaw Dembinskiare artists who will soon join the ranks of the Special Golden Dinosaur award for being outstanding teachers and active artists. For several years  the directors have been successfully conducting the international project The World from Dawn to Dusk, attended by students of art schools from different corners of the globe. During the workshops conducted by Polish filmmakers, the students are working on short études about the life of the inhabitants of their native villages.

The origins of the project date back to 2006, when Maciej Drygas and Miroslaw Dembinski began the implementation of the cycle From dawn to dusk with students in Lodz. The directors explained the method of working on a documentary, which should involve careful observation and recording of small fragments of real life. Over the years the idea has evolved giving rise to the foundation of  Doc’n’World – the first ever mobile film school. The creators of the project The World from Dawn to Dusk have already visited, among others, Georgia, Moldova, China and Russia.

StambułThe result of Maciej Drygas and Miroslaw Dembinski activities is a collection of short films showing the life of a city from the point of view of different cultures and nationalities. Each individual film represent different aesthetics and styling, but what unites them is the way of thinking about documentaries. Together they form a whole mosaic, also on a metaphorical level. Without a doubt it is worth reading them to find one´s own way of interpretation. At this year’s Etiuda & Anima we will see videos from The World from Dawn to Dusk from Istanbul, Kalkuta and Baku.

The World from Dawn to Dusk

  • Istanbul: November 24th (Tuesday) at 16:00
  • Kalkuta: November 25th (Wednesday) at 16:00
  • Baku: November 26th (Thursday)  at 16:00

Malopolski Ogród Sztuki – small room