Time for the winners!

After a week of an intense watching, the viewers will experience a no less exciting ending of the festival – a gala presenting the laureates of ETIUDA and ANIMA. All this, and even more – soon. Closing gala, which is a kind of summary of recent achievements of the students of film schools from all over the world and everything what is currently happening in the world of animation, is a real treat for fans of the festival ETIUDA & ANIMA and all lovers of cinema. Among the 48 films presented during eight screenings of ETIUDA competition and 74 animated productions shown during seven screenings of ANIMA, the jury will indicate the most memorable ones. That’s why, one cannot imagine a better opportunity to experience the whole essence of the festival, or catching up during just one evening, than Thursday, Nov. 27. Two competitions, around which the entire essence of event revolves, will reach its climax, and the festival audience will get to know the winners of the Golden, Silver and Bronze Dinosaurs (ETIUDA), as well as Golden, Silver and Bronze Jabberwocky (ANIMA). Moreover, there will be handed out such recognitions as Special Golden Dinosaur Award for best film school at the festival and Special Golden Jabberwocky for best animated, student etude at the festival. In addition to the prestigious awards, the winners will also receive a prize of 2,500 euro. Countdown to the closing gala of the festival has just started! Tickets available at the box office. Closing Gala Nov. 27 (Friday), 8:30 pm, Cinema Rotunda

Early cinema’s magic

The spirit of Victorian fascination with cinema has never been so close for the festival audience. And it’s all thanks the film A Magic-Lantern Life: The Story of the American Magic-Lantern Theatre. Unofficial beginnings of cinema took place a good few years before the creation of the first cameras, which is proved in the film inspired by the magic lantern theater, created by Marcin Giżycki, artistic director of the Animator festival in Poznan and this year's jury member in the ANIMA competition, in collaboration with a recognized director and cinematographer, Peter O'Neill. Directorial duo has already worked together in the film A James Barnhill Portrait. A Magic-Lantern Life: The Story of the American Magic-Lantern Theatre wouldn’t be produced without a passion of Terry Borton and Nancy Stewart, who form the only group of this kind in the United States, which evokes the spirit of incredible performances consisting of music, acting, interacting with the audience and, most importantly, projected on the big screen images, made by one of the first projectors - the magic lantern. The performance was widely recognized by the audience and thus, it has a permanent place in the canon of American culture. The fact that, in addition to Borton’s group, there are two similar ones in the whole world only adds to its uniqueness. The film will be a great alternative for those viewers who won’t manage to see the live performance on Friday, Nov. 21, and for those who want to feel the spirit of the 19th century hidden in the magic lantern. This image captured in the frame by Giżycki and O'Neill will certainly stir the imagination of contemporary audience. The American Magic-Lantern Theater Show Nov. 21 (Friday), 6:00 pm, Cinema Rotunda A Magic-Lantern Life: The Story of the American Magic-Lantern Theatre MM Nov. 22 (Saturday), 5.00 pm, Cinema Rotunda

ETIUDA Competition

Jury Tadeusz Lubelski – in replacement of the head of the Jury, Józef Gębski, Paweł Łoziński, Dragomir Sholev Awards Grand Prix – Golden Dinosaur „100 dnů” /„100 Days”/, dir. Viera Čákányová, FAMU, Prague (Czech Republic) Silver Dinosaur „Regila”/„On Leave”, dir. Asaf Saban, Beit Berl College School of Art (Israel) Bronze Dinosaur „Lebendkontrolle”/„Outside”, dir. Florian Schewe, HFF „Konrad Wolf”, Potsdam-Babelsberg (Germany) Special Golden Dinosaur Award for the best film school of the festival Filmova a Televizni Fakulta Akademie Múzických Uměni – FAMU, Prague (Czech Republic) Honourable Mentions „Miodowy miesiąc”/„Honeymoon”, dir. Grzegorz Krawiec, PWSFTviT, Łódź (Poland) The Great (Un)Appreciated – the Award of the Art Director of the IFF Bogusław Zmudziński „Muñecas”/„Dolls”, dir. Miguel Selgado, Centro de Capacitatión Cinematográfica (Mexico) Student Jury Awards „Brzydkie słowa”/„Bad Lyrics”, dir. Marcin Maziarzewski, Radio and Television Faculty of the University of Silesia in Katowice (Poland) Audience Award „Zaćmienie”/„Eclipse”, dir. Paweł Maślona, Radio and Television Faculty of the University of Silesia in Katowice (Poland)

ANIMA Competition

Jury Paul Bush – head of the Jury, Tomek Ducki, Emily Hubley, Krzysztof Nitsch, Stanislav Ulver Awards Golden Jabberwocky „Schlaf”/„Sleep”, dir. Claudius Gentinetta, Frank Braun (Switzerland) Silver Jabberwocky „In a Pig’s Eye”, dir. Atsushi Wada (Japan) Bronze Jabberwocky „Sinna Mann”/„Angry Man”, dir. Anita Killi (Norway) Special Golden Jabberwocky Award for the best student film of the festival „Kto by pomyślał?”/„Who Would Have Thought?”, dir. Ewa Borysewicz, ASP, Cracow (Poland) Honourable Mentions „Big Bang Big Boom”, dir. Blue (Italy) „Aquatura”, dir. Marcin Giżycki (Poland) „Photograph of Jesus”, dir. Laurie Hill (UK) „Swimming Pool”, dir. Aleksandra Hetmerová (Czech Republic) The Great (Un)Appreciated – the Award of the Art Director of the IFF Bogusław Zmudziński „Googuri Googuri”, /dir. Joshiko Misumi (Japan) Student Jury Award „The Mask”, dir. Bracia Quay Audience Award „Staty twierdym”/„Become Tough”, dir. Stiepan Kowal (Ukraine) DON KICHOT Award – the Jury of FICC(International Federation of Film Societies) judged the films in the ETIUDA Competition and student animated films in ANIMA Competition „Wednesday Afternoons”, dir. Nora Alsharif, University of Westminster (UK)


The Jury Janez Lapajne – Chairman, Leszek Dawid, Anita Piotrowska, Ondřej Vavrečka Werdykt Grand Prix – Golden DinosaurTrzy dni wolności” / “3 Days of Freedom”, dir. Łukasz Borowski, Mistrzowska Szkoła Reżyserii Filmowej Andrzeja Wajdy, Warsaw (Poland) Silver DinosaurPia Mater”, dir. Pablo Delgado Sánchez, CCC, Mexico City (Mexico) Bronze Dinosaur “Audition”, dir. Eti Tsicko, Tel Aviv University (Israel) Special Golden Dinosaur Award for the best film school of the festival Mistrzowska Szkoła Reżyserii Filmowej Andrzeja Wajdy, Warsaw (Poland) Honourable Mentions “The Multitude is Feverish”, dir. Vika Kirchenbauer, HFF „Konrad Wolf”, Potsdam – Babelsberg (Germany)Urodziny” / “Birthday”, dir. Maciej Sobieszczański, Mistrzowska Szkoła Reżyserii Filmowej Andrzeja Wajdy, Warsaw (Poland) “Decrescendo”, dir. Maria Minorowicz, Mistrzowska Szkoła Reżyserii Filmowej Andrzeja Wajdy, Warsaw (Poland) “Teheran Kitchen”, dir. Pola Schirin Beck, HFF „Konrad Wolf”, Potsdam – Babelsberg (Germany) Award Given by Festival`s Artistic Director ANIMA Competition Wielki (Nie)Doceniony – Nagroda Dyrektora Artystycznego Festiwalu Le jour où le fils de Räiner s’est noyé” / “The Day When Raïner's Son Drowned”, dir. Aurélian Vernhes-Lermusiaux, Le Fresnoy, Tourcoing (France) THE STUDENT JURY’S VERDICTApele tac” / “Silent River”, dir. Anca Miruna Lazarescu, University of Television and Film Munich (Germany) VIEWERS’ CHOICE AWARDApele tac” / “Silent River”, dir. Anca Miruna Lazarescu, University of Television and Film Munich (Germany)


The Jury

Hieronim Neumann – Chairman, Claudius Gentinetta, Mati Kütt, Jonathan Hodgson, Wendy Tilby


Grand Prix – Golden Jabberwocky

Snępowina” / “Sleepincord”, dir. Marta Pajek (Poland) Silver Jabberwocky “Twins”, dir. Peter Budinský (Slovakia) Bronze Jabberwocky “The Renter”, dir. Jason Carpenter (USA) Special Golden Jabberwocky for the student creating the best animated etude of the festivalAbuelas” / “Grandmothers”, dir. Afarin Eghbal, National Film and Television School, Beaconsfield (Great Britain) Honourable Mentions „Keha mälu” / “Body Memory”, dir. Ülo Pikkov (Estonia) “Moxie”, dir. Stephen Irwin (Great Britain)

“Luminaris”, dir. Juan Pablo Zaramella (Argentyna)

“Visitation”, dir. Suzan Pitt (USA)

Award Given by Festival`s Artistic Director ETIUDA Competition Wielki (Nie)Doceniony – Nagroda Dyrektora Artystycznego Festiwalu “Muybridge’s Strings”, dir. Koji Yamamura (Japan) THE STUDENT JURY’S VERDICTDrżące trąby” / “Shivering Trunks”, dir. Natalia Brożyńska (Poland) VIEWERS’ CHOICE AWARDŚwiteź”/ “The Lost Town of Świteź”, dir. Kamil Polak (Poland) Nagroda DON KICHOTA – Jury Międzynarodowej Federacji Klubów Filmowych FICC – Jury oceniło filmy w konkursie ETIUDA oraz animacje studenckie w konkursie ANIMALes enfants de la mère” / “Children of the Sea”, dir. Annabel Verbeke, School for Audiovisual and Performing Arts – Techniques RITS, Bruksela (Belgium)

Accompanying events

Oficjalne rozpoczęcie festiwalu Opening screenings

  • „Le voyage dans la lune” / “A Trip to the Moon”, dir. Georges Méliès (France)
  • “The First Interview”, dir. Dennis Tupicoff (Australia)
  • „Le chat du rabbin” / “The Rabbi's Cat”, dir. Joann Sfar, Antoine Delesvaux (France)
Review of polish graduates 2011 Etiudy studentów Burry’ego Purvesa 18-te urodziny konkursu ETIUDA – projekcje laureatów Grand Prix
  • „Ki”, reż. Leszek Dawid (Polska), (z udziałem artysty)
  • „Chrzest”, reż. Marcin Wrona (Polska), (z udziałem artysty)
  • “Personal Baggage” / „Bagaż osobisty”, reż. Janez Lapajne (Słowenia), (z udziałem artysty)
Filmova a Televizni Fakulta Akademie Múzických Uměni – FAMU Praga (Czechy) – prezentacja 10 najlepszych belgijskich filmów animowanych wg. Raoula Servais’ego Ścieżka mistrza – od animacji do fabuły – Andriej Chrzanowski Prowokacje Gerrita van Dijka Projekcje studenckich etiud z audiodeskrypcją Tomasz Kozak – od animacji do found footage i z powrotem (z udziałem artysty) 25-lecie Dziecięcej Wytwórni Filmowej w Galerii Entropia – 25 latek na sekundę Self-Portraits of Animation Authors
  • Wendy Tilby & Amanda Forbis
  • Suzan Pitt
  • Barry Purves
Classics of European Animation
  • Raimund Krumme (z udziałem artysty)
  • Nedeljko Dragić
  • Stefan Schabenbeck
Festivals of the Old and New Media Present
  • Molodist – Kiev
  • Międzynarodowy Festiwal Filmów Krótkometrażowych w Uppsali
  • Międzynarodowe Biennale Sztuki Mediów WRO – wykład Piotra Krajewskiego
  • London International Animation Festival
Premieres of full length animated films from all over the world
  • „Gadkij utjonok” / “The Ugly Duckling”, dir. Garry Bardin (Rosja)
  • “Sky Song” / „Podniebna piosenka”, reż. Mati Kȕtt (Estonia), (z udziałem artysty)
Krótko po hiszpańsku
  • Kraj Basków – Kimuak
  • Wyspy Kanaryjskie – Canarias en corto
  • Madryt – Madrid en corto
Promocja książki
  • Ilaria Floreano „Concerto per macchina da presa. Musica e suono nel cinema di Krzysztof Kieslowski” / „Koncert na kamerę. Muzyka i dźwięk w kinie Krzysztofa Kieślowskiego” (z udziałem autorki i Zbigniewa Preiznera)
TVP Kraków i SWM Młodzi Światu przedstawiają Media dla Milenijnych Celów Rozwoju Making of: Švankmajer & Tupicoff Polska Szkoła Animacji, jej satelici i kontynuatorzy Rzeczy filmowe” – Dyskusja zorganizowana wspólnie z redakcją „Kwartalnika filmowego” Animowane warsztaty filmowe, z udziałem pedagogów: Suzan Pitt, Ron Diamond, Alicja Jodko Oficjalne zakończenie festiwaluMusique de tables” / „Muzyka stołów”, reż. Thierry de Mey (Belgia)Musique de tables” w wykonaniu Amadrums Trio Po Etiudzie & Animie: „Objazdowa Etiuda & Anima”


Jury Daniel Szczechura – head of the Jury, Tomasz Dettloff, Maria Oleksiewicz, Grażyna Stachówna Awards Grand Prix – Golden Dinosaur „V tichu pokoje” / „Quiet in the Room”, dir. Andrej Žumbergar, FAMU - Film and TV School of the Academy of Performing Arts, Prague (Czech Republic) Silver Dinosaur „Octane 96”, dir. Oded Davidoff, Jerusalem Film and Television School (Israel) Bronze Dinosaur „Stupajkop 1”, dir. Andrzej Zaręba, Academy of Fine Arts in Kraków (Poland) Honourable Mention „Jezevec nosi pochybnosti” / „The Badger Makes You Doubt”, dir. Jasmina Bralić, FAMU, Praga (Czech Republic) Annotation: Jury particularly appreciated films from FAMU for their outstanding variety of subjects and creative individuals.

Accompanying events

The Polish National Film, Television and Theatre School, Łódź, Poland – retrospective Krzysztof Kieślowski – etudes and documentaries (screenings in the presence of the author) Kraków Academy of Fine Arts Animated Film Workshop – etudes 1981 – 1992

Festival events

Studio Filmové a Televizni Fakulty FAMU – Prague (Czech Republic) – presentation Die Hochschule fȕr Film und Fernsehen “Konrad Wolf” – Potsdam – Babelsberg (Germany) – presentation Wydział Radia i Telewizji Uniwersytetu Śląskiego in Katowice (Poland) – presentation Studio of Animated Films in Kraków presents Ryszard Czekała’s works