Farewell to master – Marek Serafiński’s animations

Marek Serafiński left us this year. To commemorate his creations, at Etiuda&Anima there will be screening of his great works.     He was extremely verstile person: he was a director, screenplaywriter, painter and graphic, and also working for animation envoirment in Poland. In his movies he showed social changes that happed in our country. He was able to show in short movies many important problems, which are in society. He was combining grotesque with extraordinary form. He debuted at beginning of 1980s with movie "Speaker" (1980) and already then showed his involvement in politics, because he portraited problem of authority that lost contact with people. Critic of system appears also in "Concert" (1987), where need of changes was bluntly showed. In "Professional" (2004) director made critic of populistic and empty slogans made by people in power. It is possible to see those and other excellent Marek Serafiński's movies during first day of festival.  

Aleksandra Lasota

  Marek Serafiński - In memoriam 21st November (Tuesday), 05.00 p.m. Malopolska Garden of Arts - Small Screening Room    

Themersons – masters of world avant garde and…

We are reminding about creative achivements of avant-garde Polishartists - Stefan and Franciszka Themerson. On Małopolska Garden of Art movies directed by couple will be screening. Also in Pauza in Garden exhibition called “Franciszka and Stefan Themerson. The urge to create visions – scene 5” is available to visit till 30th of November.     Stefan (b. 1910) and Franciszka (b. 1907) Themerson met in Warsaw in the late 1920s. Franciszka had graduated in painting at Warsaw Fine Art Academy and Stefan had studied physics and architecture. They married in 1931, and apart from a break in 1940-42, the remainder of their lives involved a succession of remarkable collaborations. Around 1930 they started to collaborate in experiments in photography and film, and became pioneer members of the Polish cinematic avant-garde. Their early works, many of which are now lost, combined an innovative use of photograms, photography and photo-collage techniques. Among their many artistic achievements, the films of Stefan and Franciszka Themerson stand out as significant contributions in the history and development of European experimental cinema. During the festival we are going to show You four of Themerson's movies: “The adventures of a good citizen” (1937), “Calling Mr Smith” (1943), “The Eye&The Ear” (1945), “Stephan + Franciszka” (1975), and a documentary of Erik van Zuylena “Stefan Themerson and language”' (1976).   25th November (Saturday), 08.00 pm. Malopolska Garden of Arts – Small Screening Room    

Exhibition “Franciszka and Stefan Themerson. The urge to create visions – scene 5”

The exhibition presents the film output of Franciszka and Stefan Themerson, the most important representatives of the film avantgarde of 1930s and 1940s. The exhibition comprises photograms and collages (made since 1928) from which it all started.   2-30 November 2017 Pauza In Garden, 12 Rajska Street    

Georges Méliès and others

Screenings of silent films with live accompaniment are already the tradition of our festival. In this edition for films of the cinema pioneer Georges Méliès and two anonymous films from that period, all of them from the collections of Národni Filmový Archiv in Prague, will play guitarist Kuba Duda.   Georges Méliès   We propose films of Georges Méliès from the collection of Narodni Filmovy Archiv, as a part of wide production of the great film innovator. From the films straightly inspired by his former illusionnist career to subtle and then new optical tricks, the films attest of the genius of invention and imagination of the filmmaker. Jeanne Pommeau     Kuba Duda is a young guitarist and the author of instrumental music, which leaves a space for your thoughts and imaginations to flow freely. His cloudy noir style of playing reminds masters of improvised solo guitar like Marc Ribot. https://kubaduda.bandcamp.com/   Georges Mélies and others from the archive of Národni Filmový Archiv in Prague 24th November (Friday), 10.30 pm. Kijów Centrum – Large Screening Room    

Janusz Korosadowicz’s Top 10

Screening of ten movies choosen by authority according to theme key is the stable point of Etiuda & Anima festival programme. This year Janusz Korosadowicz, creator and head Poland's Independent Animated Movies Festival OFAFA, will show ten movies from animations awarded during 20th edition of the festival.

Picture from the film „Tunning the Instruments” (2000), dir. Jerzy Kucia

  The origins of the OFAFA (seated in Krakow at the “Wrzos” cinema), an annual review of Polish animated film, whose jubilee and the last, so far 20th edition took place in 2015, date back to 1993. The competition was open for films by professional artists, etudes by students from film and art schools, as well as amateur productions. The jury were awarding the following prizes: the Golden, Silver and Bronze Lines for the best professional films as well as the Special Award and Main Awards for student and amateur films. The Audience Award was also granted. The festival’s mission was to promote Polish animated film: the output of Polish artists and animation studios as well as art and film schools. During the festival, the achievements of Polish original animated film from the past year were compared, and the historical achievements of Polish and world animation were presented. The OFAFA festival used to provide a summary of the then present artistic condition of Polish animated film, allowed the audience to follow new trends and film as well as artistic and technical forms. OFAFA also played popularizing and pedagogic functions; it created opportunities to present animated film to mass audience, mainly to young people. The Krakow audience witnessed the birth of new Polish animation talents, amateurs were becoming gifted students, students, noticed by producers, were starting their professional careers, and renowned artists shared their knowledge with young adults and children during workshops. Throughout the decades, the All-Poland Original Animated Film Festival was the most important (in the competition part) event devoted to Polish animated film in our country.   Here are 10 films selected by Janusz Korosadowicz from among the animations awarded during 20 editions of All-Poland Original Animated Film Festival OFAFA:   - „All This Dough” (1995), dir. Tomasz Głuc - „Barber” (1997), dir. Robert Sowa - „Man and Bread” (1997), dir. Ryszard Czekała - „Pictures From Fairy Tales” (1998), dir. Marek Skrobecki - „Tunning the Instruments” (2000), dir. Jerzy Kucia - „Ot the Quarrel Of All Quarrels” (1999), dir. Zbigniew Kotecki - „Refrains” (2007), dir. Wiola Sowa - „Witness 1919-2004” (2008), dir. Krzysztof Kiwerski - The Lost Town Of Świteź” (2010), dir. Kamil Polak - „The Rolling Stones” (2013), dir. Krzysztof Kiwerski     10/20/70 or 10 films selected by Janusz Korosadowicz from among the animations awarded during 20 editions of All-Poland Original Animated Film Festival (OFAFA) in years 1993 – 2015 26th November (Sunday), 02.00 pm. Kijów Centrum –  Large Screening Room    

Kōji Yamamura in 24. IFF Etiuda&Anima

We are pleased to introduce this year’s guest Kōji Yamamura – japanese independent animator, Oscar-nominated for the short film „Mount Head”. We invite you for a retrospective of his cinematic works and an incredible live performance „Muybridge's Strings and the Rhythm of Motion” directed on the initiative of the Matsushita sisters, leaders of japanese band TORANOKO Performing Arts Company.   Kōji Yamamura, one of the most outstanding contemporary animation artists in the world, is a guest of our festival for the third time. He visited us for the first time in 2006 as an acclaimed author of the famous and successful film “Mt. Head” (“Atama Yama”, 2002) to take part in the 1st edition of “Self-portraits” of Animation Authors. He again participated in the festival two years later as a chairman of the ANIMA competition jury in 2008. Our festival also prides itself on the awards granted to the artist’s films. In 2005 his “Mt. Head” won the Silver Jabberwocky, in 2007 “Franz Kafka’s A Country Doctor” (2007) won the Golden Jabberwocky – Grand Prix in the ANIMA competition at the 14th IFF E&A, and “Muybridge’s strings” (2011) received The Great Underestimated – the award granted by the Artistic Director of the 18th festival E&A 2011.  

Picture from the film "Muybridge’s strings"

  The circumstances of the Japanese artist’s third visit in Krakow are extraordinary. Sisters Matsushita, who lead the Japanese group TORANOKO Performing Arts Company, are artists of Polish and Japanese roots, educated in art schools in Great Britain, Thailand and Poland and fascinated with one of the latest Yamamura’s films. They asked for consent to use the artist’s film to create a performance by the group they lead, which performs an original kind of performative art, on the border of theatre, film and artistic exhibitions.   In their next project the artists wanted to highlight and develop in their performance, presented with “Muybridge’s strings” screened in the background of it, some certain motives from that film, namely: “captured moments”, “transience of the moment”, “stopping the motion”, “time running backwards”, and, finally, “eternity”, as well as the title “strings”, both real and symbolic. The result of these efforts – the performance presented in Krakow in the presence of Kōji Yamamura, in which a group of teenage female performers will take part with live music played by Japanese artists, will with no doubt be one of the most attractive events of this year’s Etiuda&Anima festival.     Performance “Muybridge’s strings and the rhythm of movement” 24th November (Friday), 07.30 pm. Małopolski Ogród Sztuki – Large Screening Room   Kōji Yamamura – a retrospective 24th November (Friday), 08.30 pm. Małopolski Ogród Sztuki – Large Screening Room

Etiuda&Anima for children

Our festival does not forget about its youngest viewers. As in previous years, we have prepared a wide range of events for children. Our programme includes screenings of full-length animations and workshops.  

Full-length animations: “In the Forest of Huckybucky” and “Richard the Stork”

  „In the Forest of Huckybucky” (2016) O czym szumi las The Huckybucky forest is a nice place to live for all animals. Among them there is quite a large group of mice supported by Claus Climbermouse and Morten Wood Mouse. However, the forest is governed by the brutal law of nature and smaller animals need to watch out for much bigger predators. Particularly dangerous is Marvin, the fox, who loves to hunt – seemingly – defenseless mice. Animation that teaches solidarity, friendship and empathy. A family film for kids over 6. Dyrene i Hakkebakkeskogen dir. Rasmus A. Sivertsen, sc. Karsten Fullu, Norway 2016, animation, 75 min.   23rd November (Thursday), 10.00 am. Kijów Centrum – Large Screening Room 25th November (Saturday), 11.00 am. Kijów Centrum – Large Screening Room     „Richard the Stork” (2017) Riko prawie bocian Orphaned as a chick and raised by storks, Riko, a sparrow, firmly believes that he himself is... a stork. He discovers the truth about his origin only in the migration season, when his foster parents – worried that Riko will not survive the journey – forbid him to fly to Africa. This, however, does not discourage Riko, who decides to show the world that he really is a stork and follows the flock. New friends will support him on the way south – an eccentric owl Olga, and a narcissistic parrot Kiki, who dreams about becoming a disco star. In their company "the smallest stork in the world" will discover that small sparrows are created to aim high!   A family film with Polish dubbing.   Richard the Stork dir. Toby Genkel, Reza Memari, sc. Reza Memari, mus.: Éric Neveux, Belgium, Luxemburg, Germany, Norway, USA 2017, animation, 85 min.   24th November (Friday), 10.00 am. Kijów Centrum – Large Screening Room 26th November (Sunday), 10.00 am. Kijów Centrum – Large Screening Room    

Workshops for children

  Toranoko P.A.C. workshops Cultural exchange for kids (8–13 years)   During the workshop led by Toranoko P.A.C. (among others Erika Matsushita, Julia Matsushita and kids) participants are going to watch “Muybridge’s Strings”  by Koji Yamamura, listen to live music by Marter and Yusaku Yoshimura (Toranoko musicians), touch the Japanese culture in, among others, origami, Japanese writing andgames and participate in the acting workshop with kids performing in Toranoko P.A.C. Number of seats limited!   Sign up at: warsztaty@etiudaandanima.com   25th November (Saturday), 10 a.m – 12 p.m. Małopolski Ogród Sztuki – Large Screening Room Rajska 12 street     Animation workshops for children   The workshops run by Piotr Szczepanowicz will be devoted to stop motion animation (cut outs, plasticine) made in front of the camera. We would like to present children of all ages the possibilities of creating animated worlds, on their own or together with others, and to encourage them to be creative in the field which gives them unlimited possibilities of artistic expression. During the workshops the children will learn about the possibilities of animation and the ways they could use them at their own homes on the basis of selected film examples. Together we will also make our own animated production.   Group from 5 to 7 years Younger children will be shown how to make a stop motion animation with the use of a phone or tablet. Together we will make a short film, in which the characters will be the Moomins (the latest production of the Animoon Studio Moomins at Christmas)   Group from 8 to 10 years Older children will be shown the whole variety of creative possibilities. Every child will have a chance to become a Youtuber and make a film which will best describe him or her (a kind of a vlog on Youtube).   Sing up at: warsztaty@etiudaandanima.com till 24.11.2017. Number of seats limited! 26th November (Sunday), 10 a.m.–1 p.m.; 2–5 p.m. Kamienica Szołayskich plac Szczepański 9

Herz Frank’s documentaries

In 24. IFF Etiuda&Anima we are exploring anew the legacy of Herz Frank’s , one of the most interesting and original documentary filmmakers.   Herz Frank (b. in 1926 in Luga), is an outstanding Latvian documentary filmmaker regarded as one of the representatives of the Latvian “new wave” and the so-called Riga poetic documentary school.  The artist, who died in 2013 in Israel, made more than 80 documentary films and for the most part of his life spent in harsh Soviet reality, he was consistently devoted to the idea of the auteur cinema. In his personal films he was always treading a fine path between agitating subjects which he usually dealt with, the poetic atmosphere and fundamental ethical questions. He was a director and scriptwriter of his films, but he allowed their protagonists to participate in the filmmaking process, too. Like many other world documentary authors of the classical era, once he started working on an interesting theme, he remained open for its potential growth and further development throughout the whole filmmaking process since, as he claimed, it is not worth making a documentary if we know how it is going to end.   Starszy o 10 minut

Picture from the film "Ten Minutes Older"

  The three films presented as part of Herz Frank’s retrospective (“Ten Minutes Older”, “The Song of Songs”, “The Supreme Court”) are regarded as his greatest cinematic achievements. The most widely acclaimed “Ten Minutes Older” (1978) is a fantastic hymn of praise to child’s experience, emotional growth through contact with art. This unusual piece of work, which had its premiere many years ago at the Cannes festival, has influenced a number of generations of filmmakers seven of whom including Jim Jarmush, Wim Wenders, Aki Kaurismaki, Werner Herzog, Chen Kaige, Victor Erice and Spike Lee interpreted the concept of time in their own way remaining at the same time focused on the main issues dealt by Herz Frank, namely life, love and death.   23rd November (Thursday), 03.30 pm. Kijów Centrum – Large Screening Room    

Bodo Kox at Etiuda&Anima

We invite you to the screening of the latest Bodo Kox' film, “The Man with the Magic Box”, which will be highlighted by the meeting with the director. During 24th IFF Etiuda&Anima, this legendary artist of the Polish off scene will also appear in another role - as a member of the ETIUDA Competition Jury.   Bodo Kox got his diploma in journalism, and is a director, a scriptwriter and an actor by profession. For many years he continued to be one of the major representatives of the Polish off-cinema. Intially, he dreamed of a music career, but in the end he found himself working in the independent cinema. At first he used his nickname Bodo Kox to sign his off-cinema films but then in 2006 he officially changed his name Bartosz Koszała into Bodo Kox in the Registry Office. Having gained success in the independent film, he started directing studies in the Polish National Film School in Lodz, followed by scriptwriting course at the Wajda School in Warsaw. He made his debut in professional film with his well-received Girl from the Closet (Dziewczyna z szafy, 2012). The Man with the Magic Box, which is presented at this year’s E&A festival, is his second feature film.   Człowiek z magicznym pudełkiem “The Man with the Magic Box” is an unusual comedy about time travel and love that can conquest time and space. Warsaw, 2030. It may seem that in case of Adam, a better tomorrow already happened yesterday. The protagonist, suffering from a mysterious memory loss, has to make a fresh start.   The Man with the Magic Box Director and writer: Bodo Kox, cinematographers: Arkadiusz Tomiak, Dominik Danilczyk, composer: Sandro Di Stefano, cast: Piotr Polak, Olga Bołądź, Sebastian Stankiewicz, Agata Buzek, Helena Norowicz, Arkadiusz Jakubik, Wojciech Zieliński, Poland 2017, feature film, 103 min.   26th November (Sunday), 05.00 pm. Kijów Centrum – Large Screening Room Special Guest – Bodo Kox Meeting with Bodo Kox led by Łukasz Wojtusik