/Accompanying Events

Accompanying Events

Before Etiuda Festival: VI Animation Workshop in Kraków (27.10 – 3 11. 1998)

Jerzy Kucia – 25th anniversary of the presence in the film industry

10 milestones in the history of the animation selected by Jerzy Kucia

Bogdan Dziworski – presentation in the presence of the artist

The National Film and Television School, Beaconsfield (UK) – presentation

50 years of the The Polish National Film, Television and Theatre School, Łódź, (Poland) – cinematographer etudes

Student music videos and commercials – presentation

Old and new film trailers

Paul Driessen – presentation in the presence of the artist

After Etiuda Festival: Walerian Borowczyk – retrospective (9th – 18th November 1998)