/Tony Palmer at the Etiuda&Anima Festival

Tony Palmer at the Etiuda&Anima Festival

Viewers of the Etiuda&Anima Festival will have an unique occasion to meet live Tony Palmer, legend of British music films, who encountered in his creative activity with giants of the 20th century’s rock music, i.a. members of The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Leonard Cohen, Jimi Hendrix, Frank Zappa, Eric Clapton.
Tony Palmer

On Wednesday, 22th of November at the Malopolska Garden of Arts we are going to show you two documents from the time when Tony Palmer was filming rock stars: „Bird on a Wire” (1972/2010), which show the light and dark moments of Leonard Cohen’s European tour of 1972. Considered lost for a long time, the film was restored from 296 film canisters found after many years in one of Hollywood’s warehouses. It presents the legendary poet and singer on tour promoting his great album ”Songs of Love and Hate”; and „The Beatles and War World II” (1972/2016) – Tony Plamer’s latest, pacifistic music film, which collect a group of all the most famous artist from the 1970s, such as Elton John, Tina Turner, The Four Seasons, Bee Gees, Bryan Ferry, Rod Stewart and make them sing the covers of the Beatles most famous songs.

At the same day we have for you an extraordinary surprise – our Special Guest couldn’t missed  opportunity to the most frequently connection with viewers of Etiuda&Anima, so he asked for possibility to announce his movie about Leonard Cohen „Bird on a Wire” (Wednesday, 07.00 pm.).

On Thursday, 23th of November we invite you to Malopolska Garden of Arts to watch the show of „All My Loving” (1968) – a groundbreaking documentary from the 1960s that initially sat on a shelf for quite some time only to be acclaimed as‘a psychedelic experience which 10 years from now will be the definitive document of its time’ already at the time of its original broadcast in 1968. The director cut juxtaposing interviews with Paul McCartney, Frank Zappa, Pete Townshend, Donovan, Eric Burdon and Jimi Hendrix with live, on the road and behind the scenes footage of the Beatles, Cream, Pink Floyd, the Who, Hendrix and, by way of a historic counterpoint, newsreel images of the Vietnam war.

After the screening of „All My Loving”, a conversation with Tony Palmer will be held and lead up by music journalist, Piotr Metz.

Therefore, we encourage you to reserve Wednesday’ and Thursday’ evening for the unique meeting with Tony Palmer and his fascinating film achievements.



Bird on a Wire

22nd November (Wednesday), 07.00 pm.
Małopolska Garden of Arts – Large Screening Room
Special Guest – Tony Palmer

The Beatles and War World II

22nd November (Wednesday), 09.00 pm.
Małopolska Garden of Arts – Large Screening Room

All My Loving

23rd November (Thursday), 08.30 pm.
Małopolska Garden of Arts – Large Screening Room
Special Guest – Tony Palmer
The screening followed by a discussion between Piotr Metz and Tony Palmer