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International Film Festival

Krakow 22-27 X 2024


Added: April 10, 2015

23RD–28TH NOVEMBER, 2015

The applicants in the competition may submit student films made during the didactic process (excluding animated films) which should not exceed 30 minutes in length, should be produced between years 2013–2015, and should be recorded on the 35mm film tape, the Betacam SP magnetic tape, Digital Betacam, Blu-ray, DVD –video or digital carriers. The same film cannot enter the competition twice.

The Festival Office shall collect the registration forms online www.etiudaandanima.com until 31st July 2015. Prior to that date the applicant is obliged to send to the Festival Office the DVD-video with the film, the English dialogue list, additional promotional materials with film frames to the address:
IFF Etiuda&Anima
ul. Oleandry 1, 30-060 Kraków, Poland
Other accepted formats ONLY for preview screenings – public or private video link with or without password with no expiration date (e.g. Vimeo, Youtube, etc.) Preview screeners shall not be accepted without filled in online entry forms.
Festival does not charge any fee for the submitting of the film. You cover the cost of sending the preview copy. Preview copy shall not be returned.

The decision whether the film shall be accepted into the competition will be made by the Director of the Festival, who will consult the members of the Selection Committee. The applicants will be informed about their films being accepted into the competition until 30th September 2015.

The applicants are obliged to deliver, at their own expense, the 35mm film tape, the Betacam SP magnetic tape, Digital Betacam, Blu-ray or two DVD-video copies of the accepted film before 15th October 2015. The films sent after the deadline shall be withdrawn from the competition.

The competition films are evaluated by the international Jury, who will take into consideration mainly the artistic criteria. The Jury is headed by the Chairman of the Jury, selected by the Director of the Festival from the members of the Jury. The Jury works and makes decisions in accordance with the Jury Proceedings Regulations formulated by the Chairman of the Jury with the consent of the other members of the Jury. The Secretary of the Jury, who is appointed by the Director of the Festival, facilitates the proceedings of the Jury.

The following Prizes will be awarded at the “Etiuda 2015” competition:
Grand Prix – Golden Dinosaur and cash prize
Silver Dinosaur
Bronze Dinosaur
Special Golden Dinosaur for the Best Set of Films (at least 3 films in the competition), submitted by one of the Film Schools.
The Jury has also the right to award the Honorary Diplomas.

The Director of the Festival shall decide on the mode of awarding the Special Awards, including the Audience Award and the Student Jury Award. The Director of the Festival reserves also the right to award “The Great Underestimated” Prize to the most undervalued film of the competition.

The official verdict will be announced on 28th November 2015, at the official closing ceremony of the festival. Should the winners be absent from the ceremony, the awards will be sent by post within a month after the end of the Festival.

The Festival Office deems itself responsible to conform to all the rules concerning the explotation of the films accepted into the competition.

The submission of the film for the Festival competition is equivalent to the agreement for three screenings of the film during the Festival and – if the given film is awarded a prize – screenings at the “Travelling Etiuda&Anima 2015” event, which is organized throughout Poland and abroad and presents the prizewinning films of the Festival. The Organiser has the right to use parts of the film shown at the festiwal (trailer or 2-minute long part of film duration) and promotional materials for subsequent editions of the Festival.

Entrants shall cover transport costs of DVDs submitted to selection, competition films and any other shipment costs. Entrants are responsible for all customs costs outside Poland. Entrants are obliged to observe customs regulations related to film transport. A pro forma invoice amounting to max. EUR 5 should be attached to all non-EU film shipments. Packages should be provided with the following sentence “For cultural purposes only – no commercial value”.

35mm, the Betacam SP magnetic tape, Digital Betacam and Blu-Ray discs shall be returned at the Organiser’s expense within 4 weeks from the closing date of the Festival. Notice should be given to the Festival Organisers about any changes in the return address not later than one week before the commencement. The Organiser is not responsible for damages resulting from giving a wrong address. The Festival is obliged to return the film copy in a condition not worse than due to a standard use. The Organiser of the Festival shall assume financial liability for the film copies submitted, for the duration of the event in question, up to the amount specified in the entry form.

Kraków, 20th March 2015

Directors of the 22nd IFF Etiuda&Anima 2015
Katarzyna Surmacz
Bogusław Zmudziński

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