Anca Damian

Anca Damian studied at the Academy of Theatre and Film Arts where she obtained a diploma in Cinematography and a Doctor’s degree in Arts, Cinema and Media. After graduating, she worked as a director, screenwriter and producer for several documentaries on art related topics, and also as a director of photography for two long feature films, and many other documentaries and shorts.

In 2008, she made her first long feature film as a director, screenwriter and co-producer, “Crossing Dates” (2008), a layered story that made Jay Weissberg write in Variety “keep your eyes on Anca Damian”. The film was selected in international film festivals like Busan, Chicago, Goa, Cottbus, Goteborg and Rome.

In 2012, her second feature as Director, screenwriter and producer, “Crulic – The Path to Beyond”, came to the international attention with great impact. Both the autobiographic narration and the experimental form ensured the Kafkaesque movie favour of many festival selectors – Locarno, Telluride, BFI London Film Festival, Annecy, Busan, New Directors/New Films in New York among others 250 festivals. The movie got more than 35 international prizes, among which the Cristal for Best Feature Film Award in Annecy.

In 2013, her next feature, “A Very Unsettled Summer” was an English-speaking film with international cast: Kim Bodnia, Jamie Sives and Ana Ularu. An innovative look upon a Pirandellian love triangle was brought in this Romanian, Swedish, Czech and UK coproduction.

In 2015, her second animated feature “The Magic Mountain” continues to establish Anca Damian’s visual innovation style combined with strong topics. The story of a Don Quixote in Afghanistan is also the second film of a trilogy that started with Crulic. It had the world premiere in Annecy, and the international premiere in Karlovy Vary IFF international competition. It was selected in more than 60 festivals, such as San Sebastian, Leipzig, Amiens, Busan and won 11 international prizes. She was also the first to receive the Audentia Award in 2016 offered by Eurimages, which intends to celebrate women who have had the courage to make that choice of pursuing a career in film directing, by giving their work greater visibility and inspiring other women to follow in their footsteps.

In 2018, her most recent live action feature “Moon Hotel Kabul” premiered in Warsaw IFF, where it received the Best Director accolade, while her latest short animated feature “The Call” travelled the world in over 50 international festivals, among which Annecy, Toronto, Sundance, Hong Kong, and won 9 international prizes.

She was awarded the Mirada International Award in Madrid International Film Festival 2018 – New Directors Platform, for being “a total creator, a true landmark and an unchallenged inspiration for new directors.” – as stated by the organisers.

In 2019 she premiered Marona’s Fantastic Tale in Annecy, followed by long festival selection in festivals like Rotterdam IFF, Tokyo IFF and a lot of accolades like European Film Awards nomination, Grand Prize for a feature film & Audience Award – BIAF 2019, Special Jury prize in Animation is Film Los Angeles, BETV award in Anima. The film has a worldwide distribution in US, France, Sweden, China, Japan, Korea, Spain Turkey, Poland…

Andrzej Pągowski

Anima Competition Jury

Born in 1953 in Warsaw, is a graduate of the National Higher School of Fine Arts in Poznań (with a diploma from prof. Waldemar Świerzy’s studio). He works in the field of functional graphics and is widely known for his film, theatre and festival posters, as well as his socially and politically engaged graphic works.

He has been succesful both in Poland and abroad and as a representative of yet another generation of the Polish poster school, he has received a number of awards, among others in competitions for the best poster announced by ”The Hollywood Reporter” in Los Angeles (the so-called Oscar posters). Having already had a considerable artistic output from the period before Poland’s political transformation, he knew how to adapt to the new economic reality and the world of commercial advertising and make use of the possibilities created by new technologies. Andrzej Pągowski was the author of the  26th Edition of International Film Festival Etiuda&Anima 2019 poster.

Dahee Jeong

Jury Anima Competition

Born in South Korea, studied Communication Design in Seoul. After working in advertising, got a Master’s in Animation at the ENSAD in Paris. Since 2013 Dahee has been working as an independent animation film director and producer. 

Her first film, Man on the Chair(2014) won the Cristal at the Annecy Int'l Animated Film Festival. The Empty(2016) won the Grand Prix at the Hiroshima Int'l Animation Festival. Her latest film, Movements(2019) was presented at the Directors' Fortnight of the Cannes Film Festival. She is a member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. 

Mariusz Wilczyński

A self-taught artist who has been creating animated auteur cinema for over twenty years.

Retrospectives of his films were held, among others, at MoMA in New York, National Museum of Brasília, Tokyo International Forum and The National Museum in Warsaw.

Mariusz Wilczyński Picture: Janusz Marynowski

His animations were shown at the National Gallery in London and at Berlinale.

He also realises improvised live animation performances which he co-creates with symphony orchestras from Hong Kong, Paris, Tokyo, Geneva, Lviv and Warsaw.

In 2007, the New York Times called him “one of the most important contemporary creators of artistic animation.”

For the last 14 years, he has been working on “Kill It and Leave This Town.”

He is a professor of animation at the Film School in Łódź.

Kill It and Leave this Town

An autobiographical impression, a reminiscence of images from childhood, which revives the memory of the author’s deceased parents and his hometown of Łódź. Wilczyński made this film with the help of a team of talented animators including: Agata Gorządek, Jakub Wroński, Marta Pajek, Agnieszka Borowa, Marta Magnuska, Joanna Jasińska-Koronkiewicz, Paweł Walicki, Kacper Czyczyło, Agnieszka Konarska and Anita Kwiatkowska-Naqvi.

One of the most widely-acclaimed Polish animated films in recent years, it won the prestigious jury award at the International Animated Film Festival in Annecy. Mariusz Wilczyński's film had its premiere at the 70th Berlin IFF, and was also the only Polish film in this year's competition.

A feature-length film by a Łódź-based director, animator, painter and performer, whose production took for 14 years, is an autobiographical story takeing place over many decades. The film delighted the world's critics - Peter Bradshaw of The Guardian described Wilczyński's film as a raw, intense dream, bordering on genius. David Ehrlich from Indiewire, on the other hand, points out the honesty that shines from the screen, emphasizing at the same time that the film is a dreamlike, crazy ride through Wilczyński's mind.

Zabij to i wyjedź z tego miasta / Kill It and Leave this Town

Direction:  Mariusz Wilczyński
Screenplay: Mariusz Wilczyński
Music:  Tadeusz Nalepa
Voices: Anja Rubik, Andrzej Wajda, Krystyna Janda, Andrzej Chyra, Maja Ostaszewska, Małgorzata Kożuchowska, Barbara Krafftówna, Anna Dymna, Marek Kondrat, Gustaw Holoubek, Irena Kwiatkowska, Tomasz Stańko
Production:  Bombonierka, Agnieszka Scibor, Extreme Emotions, Ewa Ppuszczyńska, IAM, Łódź Miasto Kultury, Letko, Di Factory, Gigant Films, PISF
Country: Poland
Year: 2020
Running time: 88 min.

Schedule time:
17th November 2020 (tuesday), 8 PM – VOD (PPV)

Anima.PL competition – list of selected films –…

List of international films qualified for the Anima.PL 2020 competition:

  1. Agatka i liście/Aggie and Leaves, reż./dir. Andrzej Piotr Morawski, Polska/Poland 2019, 10’
  2. Ajtia o tym dlaczego diabeł kuleje/Story About Why Devil Limps, reż./dir. Kasia Zimnoch, Paweł Kleszczewski, Polska/Poland 2020, 5’21’’
  3. Antropocen/Anthropocene, reż./dir. Agata Zych, Polska/Poland 2020, 4’37’’
  4. backstage.episodes, reż./dir. Marcin Wojciechowski, Polska/Poland 2020, 11’
  5. Bajka o Starej Babci i Molu Zbyszku/A Tale of Old Granny and Cloth Moth Zbyszek, reż./dir. Mirosława Krymska, Polska/Poland 2020, 11’
  6. Ciałość/Lushfulness, reż./dir. Weronika Szyma, Polska/Poland 2020, 5’39’’
  7. Cykl/Cycle, reż./dir. Julia Benedyktowicz, Polska/Poland 2020, 5’29’’
  8. Drzemka/The Snooze, reż./dir. Katarzyna Kurop, Polska/Poland 2019, 6’16’’
  9. Dynasonic-D6, reż./dir. Karolina Głusiec, Polska/Poland 2020, 4’10’’
  10. Filmiki Ze Zwierzątkami [ZOBACZ TERAZ]/Best Animal Videos [WATCH NOW], reż./dir. Katarzyna Miechowicz, Polska/Poland 2019, 6’27’’
  11. I coś jeszcze/And Something Else, reż./dir. Olga Kłyszewicz, Polska/Poland 2020, 6’41’’
  12. Jestem tutaj/I'm Here, reż./dir. Julia Orlik, Polska/Poland 2020, 15’
  13. Kobieta z kamyczkiem w sercu/A Woman with a Pebble in Her Heart, reż./dir. Karyna Piwowarska, Jakub Wroński, Polska/Poland 2020, 14’
  14. Łowy/The Hunt, reż./dir. Mateusz Jarmulski, Polska/Poland 2019, 8’
  15. Marbles, reż./dir. Natalia Spychała, Polska/Poland 2019, 5’
  16. Metro, reż./dir. Natalia Krawczuk, Polska/Poland 2019, 10’44’’
  17. Millenium, reż./dir. Daria Godyń, Polska/Poland 2020, 8’17’’
  18. Oddychaj!/Breathe!, reż./dir. Kamila Jasińska, Polska/Poland 2019, 4’04’’
  19. Ostatnie Kino/The Last Cinema, reż./dir. Kajetan Pochylski, Polska/Poland 2019, 11’50’’
  20. Papierowy dom/Paper House, reż./dir. Martyna Holda, Polska/Poland 2020, 5’34’’
  21. Paradise Mall, reż./dir. Marta Wiktorowicz, Polska/Poland 2019, 3’
  22. Pierścionek prababci Elżbiety/Great-Grandma Elżbieta’s Ring, reż./dir. Daria Kopiec, Polska/Poland 2019, 2’57’’
  23. Plantarium, reż./dir. Tomek Ducki, Polska, Węgry/Poland, Hungary 2020, 7’
  24. Prawo i bezprawie/Law and Lawlessness, reż./dir. Maciej Wierzejski, Polska/Poland 2019, 7’44’’
  25. PrzywiązAnia/Bindings, reż./dir. Anna Jurga, Polska/Poland 2019, 5’50’’
  26. Psotnik w Szklanej Pułapce/Psotnik in the Glass Trap, reż./dir. Kamil Wójcik, Polska/Poland 2020, 2’44’’
  27. Punkt Obserwacyjny/Observation point, reż./dir. Aleksander Józefczyk, Polska/Poland 2019, 9’35’’
  28. Re-Cycle, reż./dir. Mateusz Lenart, Polska/Poland 2019, 6’
  29. Rodzina Treflików: Majster Klepka/The Treflik Family: DIY, reż./dir. Marek Skrobecki, Polska/Poland 2020, 8’30’’
  30. Roz-Poznanie/Co-Ognition, reż./dir. Przemysław Świda, Polska/Poland 2020, 6’
  31. Słuchaj/Now Listen, reż./dir. Kijek/Adamski, Polska/Poland 2020, 4’
  32. Srebro ryb/Under the Waterweeds, reż./dir. Anita Kwiatkowska-Naqvi, Polska/Poland 2020, 4’56’’
  33. Świetlikowy Gaj/The Firefly Grove, reż./dir. Tomasz Pilarski, Polska/Poland 2019, 5’24’’
  34. Takie piękne miasto/Such a Beautiful Town, reż./dir. Marta Koch, Polska/Poland 2019, 8’
  35. The Curse, reż./dir. Piotr Kabat, Polska/Poland 2020, 7’40’’
  36. We have one heart, reż./dir. Katarzyna Warzecha, Polska/Poland 2020, 11′
  37. Widzę Otchłań/I See the Abyss, reż./dir. Karolina Kajetanowicz, Polska/Poland 2020, 4’20’’
  38. Wielka Księga Uczuć – Tęsknota/The Great Book of Feelings – Longing, reż./dir. Wiola Sowa, Polska/Poland 2020, 7’
  39. Własne śmieci/Your Own Bullshit, reż/dir. Daria Kopiec, Polska/Poland 2020, 6’26’’
  40. Wyszła z brzegów/The Flood, reż./dir. Sofya Nabok, Polska/Poland 2020, 9’