Regulations of the competition - Anima


ANIMA festival competition allows the applicants to submit animated films (including professional and independent films as well as student etudes) which do not exceed 30 minutes in length and were made between years 2016-2018. The preview copies of the films should be submitted to the Festival Organization Office in the form of a digital file (mp4, mov or a link to the film available on an open-access video platform).


The Festival Office shall collect the incoming competition registrations from 1st March until 30th June, 2018. The Festival organizers recommend to submit films for the preview through Filmfreeway – www.filmfreeway.com. It is also possible to submit a film by completing a registration form at www.etiudaandanima.com and sending a public or private link (with or without password) to the film (e.g. Vimeo, Youtube, etc.) with no expiration date and no territorial limits, accompanied by a film summary and a dialogue list in English, promotional materials including screenshots, and the director’s bio and photograph. Films without filled-in online entry form will not be accepted. Festival does not charge any fee for the submitting of the film.


The decision whether the film shall be accepted into the competition will be made by the Artistic Director of the Festival when the Selection Committee finish their work. The applicants will be informed about their films being accepted into the competition via email and on www.etiudaandanima.com until 15th September 2018.


Authors whose films are accepted into the competition are obliged to deliver to the Festival Organizers, at their own expense, the screening copies of their films in the following formats: DCP, Blu-ray or a link to a digital file (DCP, mov, mp4) until 30th September 2018. Failure to deliver a screening copy of a film before the deadline will result in withdrawing it from the competition.


The competition films are evaluated – foremostly on the basis of the artistic criteria – by the international Jury, headed by the Chairman of the Jury, selected by Festival Directors from among the members of the Jury. The Jury work and make decisions in accordance with the Jury Proceedings Regulations formulated by the Chairman of the Jury with the consent of the other members of the Jury and the Festival Directors. The Secretary of the Jury, who is appointed by the Directors of the Festival, facilitates the proceedings of the Jury.


The following Prizes will be awarded at the ANIMA 2018 competition:
  1. Grand Prix – Golden Jabberwocky and a cash prize
  2. Silver Jabberwocky
  3. Bronze Jabberwocky

Special Golden Jabberwocky for the best student animation of the Festival. The Jury have also the right to award the Honorary Diplomas.


The Directors of the Festival shall decide on the right and mode of awarding the Special Awards, including the Audience Award and the Student Jury Award. Under certain artistically justified circumstances, the Artistic Director of the Festival also reserves the right to award a “The Great Underestimated” Prize to the most undervalued film of the competition.


The official verdict of the Jury will be announced on 24th November 2018, at the official closing ceremony of the festival during which all prizes will be awarded. Should the winners be absent from the ceremony, the awards will be sent by post or handed over to them in a different manner within a month after the end of the Festival.


The Festival Office deems itself responsible to conform to all the rules concerning the exploitation of the films accepted into the competition.


The submission of the film for the Festival competition is equivalent to the agreement for three screenings of the film during the Festival and – if the given film is awarded a prize – screenings at the “Travelling Etiuda&Anima 2018” event, which is organized throughout Poland and abroad and presents the prizewinning films of the Festival. What is more, the Festival organizers have the right to use, free of charge, promotional materials and parts of the film (a trailer or 2-minute part of the film) in any promotional activities connected with the organization of the Festival.


All transportation costs as well as any other shipment costs of the film copies submitted to competition shall be covered by the applicants, who are also responsible for paying all customs costs outside Poland. Applicants are obliged to observe customs regulations related to film transport. A pro forma invoice amounting to max. EUR 15 should be attached to all non-EU film shipments. Packages should be provided with the following sentence “For cultural purposes only – no commercial value”.


DCP and Blu-Ray discs shall be returned at the Organizer’s expense within 4 weeks from the closing date of the Festival to the address specified by the applicant. A notice should be given to the Festival Organizers about any changes in the return address not later than one week before the commencement. The Organizer is not responsible for damages resulting from giving a wrong address. The Festival is obliged to return the film copy in a condition not worse than due to a standard use. The Organizer of the Festival shall assume financial liability for the submitted film copies, for the duration of the event in question, up to the amount specified in the entry form.

  Kraków, 28th February 2018

Directors of the 25th IFF Etiuda&Anima 2018

Katarzyna Surmacz Bogusław Zmudziński


ANIMA contest – What’s new in animation? The…

This year’s edition of ANIMA contest means another matched record, but also exoticism and youth’s attack.

The number of movies applied to the ANIMA contest grows by the year: this year we have received 1126 applications, from which the contest commission appointed 68 positions from 30 different countries. Only six percent were selected to be the lucky laureates – this means that 16 authors were applying for each place. Many colleges would be envious of this score.


Photo from the film Blind Vaysha

We were very happy to discover, that nearly half of them are student’s movies. This implies that the young generation becomes a worthy opponent of professional animators. Beside the well-known artists, we are going to meet plenty of young talents and find out, if their innovative ways aren’t already more interesting than the ones created by old masters. Among the greatest we’ll see: Koji Yamamura (“Parade” de Satie), Bill Plympton (The Loneliest Stoplight), riding high on the international festivals Igor Kovalyov (Before Love) and Theodore Ushev (Blind Vaysha), and also Paul Bush (The Five Minute Museum), Ülo Pikkov (Tik Tak) and Vladimir Leschiov (Waiting for the New Year).

Let’s be honest – November is a hard time of year and the ANIMA contest makes it possible to survive. Our own places are kind of gloomy and untidy (Penelope), whether you live on a camp (A Long Holiday) or in aerial tram (9 Chemin des Gauchoirs). There is no point in wandering around the city like the Scapegoat, especially since strolling can be really dangerous (Hallux, Le Promeneur). Traffic jams are everywhere (Cachorro Loko) and you can’t trust the lights (The Loneliest Stoplight). Even a transparent trains are minacious (Locus), and by boat you can reach an unhandy nook (Perched) or catch something fishy (Castillo e il Armado). Rapid moves require a good coordination (Vivir), and dancing can get you really tangled (Music Dances). Danger everywhere.


Photo from the film The Loneliest Stoplight

That is why sitting among the viewers and diving into the colorful world of contest’s animation would be the safest option. And then… we’ll bring back the magic of old radio (Distances are overcome, Radio Wave), we’ll see the sound (Composition), take a peek of freaky fortunes of fairytale characters (Merlot) or a passionate relations between men and women (XOXO – Hugs and Kisses, Amélia & Duarte). We can glance into the future and past at the same time (Blind Vaysha). Anyone we need: a watchmaker (Tik Tak), a firefighter lady (Wildfire), an ethnographer (Colector), a fly trainer (Three Fitted Flies), and even a scarecrow (Scarecrow, Au revoir Balthazar). We’ll manage even unwanted guests (Batfish soup).

Here we have some exotism: we can offer you an expedition to Singapore, Taiwan, Brazil, Colombia. Wild West maybe? China, Japan and South Korea are also available. We can also offer space flights, but it is not actually the most optimistic picture of future (Black).

Let’s fight this horrible November weather with vibrant colours of the ANIMA contest.

I ANIMA SCREENING: 23rd November (Wednesday), 5:15 PM, Małopolski Ogród Sztuki (Large Hall) II ANIMA SCREENING: 23rd November (Wednesday), 9:00 PM, Małopolski Ogród Sztuki (Large Hall) III ANIMA SCREENING: 24th November (Thursday), 3:00 PM, Małopolski Ogród Sztuki (Large Hall) IV ANIMA SCREENING: 24th November (Thursday), 7:15 PM, Małopolski Ogród Sztuki (Large Hall) V ANIMA SCREENING: 25th November (Friday), 3:00 PM, Małopolski Ogród Sztuki (Large Hall) VI ANIMA SCREENING: 25th November (Friday), 9:00 PM, Małopolski Ogród Sztuki (Large Hall)

ETIUDA Competition – Sink into cinema!

Films that are taking part in this year's Etiuda Competition present a panorama of themes which are of particular interest to the young filmmakers. They tell stories about universal human experience and reflect on contemporary global issues, showing not only great hearts of their creators, but also revealing their sensitivity and empathy.

etiuda_11 Photo from the film „Piter Patter Goes My Heart”

From Wednesday (November 23) till Saturday (November 26), viewers will be able to experience a whole range of cinematic emotions at the screenings of the competition entries in Małopolska Garden of Arts. 40 student films from all over the world will compete for the main prize – the Golden Dinosaur and 2500 euro. Film school that submitted at least three films for the competition will also be awarded.

On the screen, we will see the characters embracing Eros and Thanatos (“Opposite of Orange”),  experiencing a sensual love regardless of age (“Eva”, “Riphsime and Shota”) or putting their feelings to the test (“Die Stille”). We will find out if it is possible to find the way to our loved one's heart through the... varicose veins (“Piter Patter Goes My Heart”). We will also confront some eschatological issues (“De Profundis”), ardent faith (“Promised Daughter”) and a secret (“Clara’s Rage”). Finally, we will embark on an Antonioni-style film journey, together with the characers of the intriguing “Cross-Country Ride”.

The young adepts of film art eagerly turn their cameras at their peers. They show their struggle in a tough job market (“Freelance”), frequent housing problems (“Tenants”) and even – in a playful way – their attemps to cut the cord (“Nabelshnur”) and create a serious relationship (“Clean Sex”). They also look into the process of growing up, like in a lyrical documentary “Urban Cowboys” or in a teenager's tale “Dummy”.

With an equal zeal, filmmakers engage in the political situation in the world and comment on the current reality through their films. They shed light on the immigration problem in Europe (“Boat People”, “Samira”) and the ups and downs of emmigration (“Maman and the Ocean”, “Travelling On One Leg”, “Sightseeing”). They show war-affected areas (“Shujayya”) as well as ethnical and ideological conflicts (“Star David”). Thanks to them, we will be able to watch the documentaries featuring, among others, members of Indian opposition Kabir Kala Manch (“Forbidden Notes”) and Czesław Kiszczak (“Say It Again, Grandad”).

etiuda_2 Photo from the film „Say It Again, Grandad”

Screenings of the competing student short films give us the chance to explore the new film trends, innovative ideas and fresh cinematic techniques. It is a unique opportunity to see the first works of the most talented young filmmakers from all over the world, whose great adventure with a “big cinema” is just about to start.

The students etudes will compete for the Golden, Silver and Bronze Dinosaur. The verdict will be announced on Saturday, November 26. Schools competing for the title of the Best Film School of the Festival are: Centro de Capacitación Cinematográfica from Mexici, Deutsche Film und Fernsehakademie from Berlin, Hamburg Media School, The Film School in Łodz and The Shota Rustaveli Theatre and Film Georgia State University.

  I SCREENING ETIUDA: 23 November (Wednesday), 15:00,  Małopolska Garden of Arts (MOS), Main Room II SCREENING ETIUDA: 24 November (Thursday), 17:00, Małopolska Garden of Arts (MOS), Main Room III SCREENING ETIUDA: 24 November (Thursday), 21:00, Małopolska Garden of Arts (MOS), Main Room IV SCREENING ETIUDA: 25 November (Friday), 17:15, Małopolska Garden of Arts (MOS), Main Room V SCREENING ETIUDA: 25 November (Friday), 19:00, Małopolska Garden of Arts (MOS), Main Room VI SCREENING ETIUDA: 26 November (Saturday), 14:00, Małopolska Garden of Arts (MOS), Main Room VII SCREENING ETIUDA: 26 November (Saturday), 16:00, Małopolska Garden of Arts (MOS), Main Room

We already know the results of the selection…

Gaidot Jauno gadu/Waiting For the New Year, reż./dir. Vladimir Leschiov List of films accepted to the competition in  Anima contest 2016  competing for awards of Golden Jabberwocky (15,000 PLN), Silver Jabberwocky, Bronze Jabberwocky and Special Golden Jabberwocky:

  • 9, chemin des Gauchoirs, reż./dir. Lyonel Charmette, Vanilla Seed, Francja/France, 13’
  • Aftermath, reż./dir. Layla Atkinson, Trunk Animation, Wielka Brytania/UK, 2’30’’
  • Afternoon Class, reż./dir. Oh Seoro, Korea, 3’50’’
  • Albert, reż./dir. Felix Weisz, Austria, 7’10’’
  • Amélia & Duarte, reż./dir. Alice Guimarães, Mónica Santos, Portugalia, Niemcy/Portugal, Germany, 8’30’’
  • Au revoir Balthazar, reż./dir. Rafael Sommerhalder, freihändler Filmproduktion GmbH, Switzerland, 9’30’’
  • Batfish Soup, reż./dir. Amanda Bonaiuto, California Institute of the Arts, USA, 4’30’’
  • Before Love, reż./dir. Igor Kovalyov,  Rosja/Russia, 19’15’’
  • Books on books, reż./dir. Lei Lei, Chiny/China, 7’14’’
  • Borderlines, reż./dir. Hanka Nováková, FAMU, Czechy/Czech Republic, 4’53’’
  • Cachorro Loko, reż./dir. Igor Shin Moromisato, Niemcy/Germany, 5’30’’
  • Café froid/Cold Coffee, reż./dir. Stephanie Lansaque and Francois Leroy, Francja/France, 14’44’’
  • Castillo y el Armado, reż./dir. Pedro Harres, Brazylia/Brazil, 13’46’’
  • Chez moi/My Home, reż./dir. Mai Nguyen, Francja/France, 11’54’’
  • Ciało obce/Foregin body, reż./dir. Marta Magnuska, PWSFTviT, Polska/Poland,  7’
  • Czerń/Black, reż./dir. Tomasz Popakul, Polska, Japonia/Poland, Japan, 14’
  • Daljine su savladane/Distances are overcome, reż./dir. Jelena Milunović, Serbia, 3’                                                                                        
  • De longues vacances/A Long Holiday, reż./dir.: Caroline Nugues-Bourchat, Belgia/Belgium, 15’54’’
  • Fears, reż./dir. Nata Metlukh, Vancouver Film School (VFS), Kanada/Canada, 2’08’’
  • Feed, reż./dir.: Eri Okazaki, Tama Art University, Japonia/Japan, 6’53’’
  • Fenwick Island, reż./dir. Shane Beam, DePaul University, USA, 3’41’’
  • Figury niemożliwe i inne historie II/Impossible figures and other stories II,  reż./dir.  Marta Pajek, Animoon, Polska/Poland, 14’40’’
  • Flowers and Feathers, reż./dir. Jennifer Haugan, Royal College of Art, Wielka Brytania/UK, 3’32’’
  • Gaidot Jauno gadu/Waiting For the New Year, reż./dir. Vladimir Leschiov, Lunohod, Łotwa/Latvia, 8’11’’
  • Hallux, reż./dir. Henning Thomas, University of Fine Arts, Hamburg, Niemcy/Germany, 10’25’’
  • How Long, Not Long, reż./dir. Michelle Kranot and Uri Kranot, Dania/Denmark, 5’30’’
  • Illusions, reż./dir. Dominca Harrison, Edinburgh College of Art, Wielka Brytania/UK, 5’22’’
  • In the Distance, reż./dir. Florian Grolig, Niemcy/Germany, 7’
  • Kolekcjoner/Colector, reż./dir. Kamila i Mirek Sosnowscy, Polska/Poland, 7’09’’
  • Kompozicija/Composition, reż./dir. Mitja Manček, Słowenia/Slovenia, 3’34’’
  • Kovbojsko/Cowboyland, reż./dir. David Stumpf, Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava, Słowacja/Slovakia, 4’46’’
  • Kut/Corner, reż./dir. Lucija Mrzljak, Estonian Academy of Arts, Estonia, 2’06’’
  • Lak Boh Ki/Drop Nowhere, reż./dir. Qing Sheng Ang, Singapur/Singapore, 7’38’’
  • Living, reż./dir. Cesar Diaz Melendez, Hiszpania/Spain, 1’
  • Locus, reż./dir. Anita Kwiatkowska-Naqvi, WJTeam, Polska/Poland, 10’08’’
  • Löss, reż./dir. Yi Zhao, Andre Bos, Holandia/Nederland, 28’
  • Me Kafka Bogota, reż./dir. Camilo Cogua & Ricardo Arce, Kolumbia/Colombia, 7’
  • Merlot, reż./dir. Giulia Martinelli and Marta Gennari, Włochy/Italy, 5’40’’
  • Minotaurs, reż./dir. Karlis Vitols, Łotwa/Latvia, 8’30’’
  • Mr Sand, reż./dir. Soetkin Verstegen, Dania/Denmark, 8’15’’
  • Music Dances, reż./dir. Kirill Fessenko, Kanada/Canada, 1’54’’
  • Nighthawk, reż./dir. Špela Čadež, Słowenia/Slovenia, 8’50’’
  • Novembre/November, reż./dir. Marjolaine Perreten, La Poudrière, Francja/France, 4’
  • Parade de Satie, reż./dir. Koji Yamamura, Japonia/Japan, 14’12’’
  • Penelope, reż./dir. Heta Jäälinoja, Estonian Academy of Arts, Estonia, 4’23’’
  • Perched, reż./dir. Liam Harris, The National film and Television School, Wielka Brytania/UK, 10’30’’
  • Projection, reż./dir. Beryl Allee, Pacific Northwest College of Art, USA, 5’41’’
  • Radio Wave, reż./dir. Ryotaro Miyajima, Tokyo University of the Arts, Japonia/Japan, 3’09’’
  • Scapegoat, reż./dir. Gal Haklay, Izrael/Israel, 8’30’’
  • Ślady ulotne/Traces of Ephemeral, reż./dir. Agnieszka Waszczeniuk, Uniwersytet Artystyczny w Poznaniu, Polska/Poland, 7’49’’
  • Slinky, reż./dir. Rianne Stremmelaar, Artez Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Zwolle, Holandia/Netherlands, 5’
  • Šuma/Shuma, reż./dir. Lucija Mrzljak, Estonian Academy of Arts, Estonia, 6’12’’
  • The Five Minute Museum, reż./dir. Paul Bush, Ancient Mariner and Schattenkabinett, Wielka Brytania/UK, 6’30’’
  • The Loneliest Stoplight, reż./dir. Bill Plympton, USA, 6’18’’
  • The Scarecrow, reż./dir. Victoria Budgett, The Arts University Bournemouth, Wielka Brytania/UK, 3’50’’
  • Le Promeneur/The Walker, reż./dir. Thibault Chollet, Francja/France, 5’53’’
  • Tik Tak, reż./dir. Ülo Pikkov, Nukufilm, Estonia, 10’
  • Tres moscas a medida/Three Fitted Flies, reż./dir. María Álvarez and Elisa Morais, Wielka Brytania/UK, 7’47’’
  • Tu Tamo/Here There, reż./dir. Alexander Stewart, Bonobostudio, Chorwacja/Croatia, 4’40’’
  • Un plan d’enfer/One Hell of a Plan, reż./dir. Alain Gagnol, Jean-Loup Felicioli, Francja/France, 5’50’’
  • Vaysha l'aveugle/Blind Vaysha, reż./dir. Theodore Ushev, Kanada/Canada, 8’13’’
  • Vučje igre/Wolf Games, reż./dir. Jelena Oroz, Chorwacja/Croatia, 4’44’’
  • Wildfire, reż./dir. Hugues Opter, Pierre Pinon, Nicole Stafford, Valentin Stoll, Arnaud Tribout, Shang Zhang, Francja/France, 3’58’’
  • Without Tears, reż./dir. Amy Wang, Taipei National University of the Arts, Taiwan, 5’24‘’
  • Wonder, reż./dir. Mirai Mizue, Carte Blanche, Francja/France, 8’08’’
  • XOXO - pocałunki i uściski/XOXO – Hugs and Kisses, reż./dir. Wiola Sowa, SowaFilm, Poland, 14’
  • Zaczyn/Leaven, reż./dir. Artur Hanaj, PWSFTviT, Polska/Poland, 5’
  • 동물농장/Animal farm, reż./dir. Choi Nara, Korea, 6’15’’

We already know the results of the selection…

Lokatorki/Tenants, reż./dir. Klara Kochańska

List of films accepted to the competition in  Etiuda contest 2016  competing for awards of Golden Dinosaur (15,000 PLN), Silver and Bronze Dinosaur:
  • Auf Überlandfahrt/Cross-Country Drive, reż./dir. Borbála Nagy, Deutsche Film- und Fernsehakademie Berlin, Niemcy/Germany, 20’43’’
  • Beneath the Wheel, reż./dir. Eun-mi Kwak, KAFA – Korean Academy of Film Arts, Korea/Republic of Korea, 20’48’’
  • Boat People, reż./dir. Paul Meschùh, Hochschule für Fernsehen und Film München, Niemcy/Germany, 28’49’’
  • Das Gegenteil von Orange/The Opposite of Orange, reż./dir. Christopher Kaufmann, Hamburg Media School, Niemcy/Germany, 11’42’’
  • De Profundis, reż./dir. Eugeniusz Pankov, Państwowa Wyższa Szkoła Filmowa, Telewizyjna i Teatralna w Łodzi, Polska/Poland, 21’31’’
  • Die Stille/Still, reż./dir. Lily Erlinger, Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg, Niemcy/Germany, 29’10’’
  • Dummy, reż./dir. Riyana Kasmawan, Swinburne University of Technology, Australia/Australia, 12’28’’
  • Dziadku, nie słyszę/Say it Again, Grandpa, reż./dir. Izabela Kiszczak,  Państwowa Wyższa Szkoła Filmowa, Telewizyjna i Teatralna w Łodzi, Polska/Poland, 21’29’’
  • Eva, reż./dir. Francisco Pareja, Escuela Nacional de Cine, Wenezuela/Venezuela, 12’04’’
  • Forbidden Notes, reż./dir. Sonam Singh, Film and Televison Institut of India, Indie/India, 15’
  • Freelance, reż./dir. Liliya Tkach, Ostankino Moscow Institute of Television and Radio Broadcasting, Rosja/Russian Federation, 16’52’’
  • Gemelos/Twins, reż./dir. Pablo Radice, Universidad de Buenos Aires – Facultad de Arquitectura Diseno y Urbanismo, Argentyna/Argentina, 13’01’’
  • Kis, reż./dir. Svetlana Bolycheva, Russian State University of Cinematography (VGiK), Rosja/Russia, 20’33’’
  • La Hija Prometida/The Promised Daughter, reż./dir. Fernando Rangel, Centro de Capacitación Cinematográfica, Meksyk/Mexico, 15’58’’
  • La rabia de Clara/Clara's Rage, reż./dir. Michelle Garza Cervera, Centro de Capacitación Cinematográfica, Meksyk/Mexico,  21’17’’
  • Le Steak De Tante Margaux, reż./dir. Sameh Alaa, EICAR – The International School of Film & Television Paris Francja/France, 11’21’’
  • Lokatorki/Tenants, reż./dir. Klara Kochańska,  Państwowa Wyższa Szkoła Filmowa, Telewizyjna i Teatralna w Łodzi, Polska/Poland, 29’40’’
  • Maman und das Meer/Maman and the Ocean, reż./dir. David Wagner, Hamburg Media School, Niemcy/Germany, 9’41’’
  • Nabelschnur/Umbilical Cord, reż./dir. Eliza Petkova, Deutsche Film- und Fernsehakademie Berlin, Niemcy/Germany, 27’13’’
  • Nauka/Education, reż./dir. Emi Buchwald, Państwowa Wyższa Szkoła Filmowa, Telewizyjna i Teatralna w Łodzi, Polska/Poland, 19’39’’
  • Neighbours, reż./dir. Gabriel Khotivari, The Shota Rustaveli Theatre and Film Georgia State University, Gruzja/Georgia, 14’32’’
  • Oto Polska, właśnie/Poland, My Beloved, reż./dir. Łukasz Perkowski, Akademia Multi Art, Polska/Poland, 5’48 ‘’
  • Pa'am Ahrona/One Last Time, reż./dir. Maayan Meya Cohen, Tel Aviv University, Izrael/Israel, 22’03’’
  • Pitter Patter Goes My Heart, reż./dir. Christoph Rainer,  Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg, Filmakademie Wien, Columbia University, Niemcy/Germany, 21’54’’
  • Riphsime and Shota, reż./dir. Lasha Basharuli, The Shota Rustaveli Theatre and Film Georgia State University, Gruzja/Georgia, 12’21’’
  • Samira, reż./dir. Charlotte A. Rolfes, Hamburg Media School, Niemcy/Germany, 16’19’’
  • Sexo limpio/Clean Sex, reż./dir. Maria Conchita Diaz, Centro de Capacitación Cinematográfica, Meksyk/Mexico, 13’36’’
  • Shujayya, reż./dir. Mohammed Almughanni,  Państwowa Wyższa Szkoła Filmowa, Telewizyjna i Teatralna w Łodzi, Polska/Poland, 21’01’’
  • Sightseeing, reż./dir. David Borbás, Budapest Metropolitan University, Węgry/Hungary, 29’45’’
  • Star David, reż./dir. Eugene Koshin, Higher Courses for Screenwriters and Directors, Ukraina/Ukraine, 16’01’’
  • Szczękościsk/Lockjaw, reż./dir. Kordian Kądziela, Wydział Radia i Telewizji Uniwersytetu Śląskiego, Polska/Poland, 30’00’’
  • The Truants, reż./dir. Aaron Dunleavy, University of Arts London, Wielka Brytania/United Kingdom, 12’22’’
  • Time to Die, Motherfuckers, reż/dir. Annika Sehn, Jonas Spriestersbach, Hochschule für Fernsehen und Film München, Niemcy/Germany, 15’05’’
  • Tobi, reż./dir.  Kristina Kean Shtubert, Deutsche Film- und Fernsehakademie Berlin, Niemcy/Germany, 5’40’’
  • Traveling on One Leg, reż./dir. Alexandru Petru Badelita, Le Fresnoy – Studio national des arts contemporains, Francja/France, 16’25’’
  • Tuta, reż./dir. Sandro Souladze, The Shota Rustaveli Theatre and Film Georgia State University, Gruzja/Georgia, 27’56’’
  • Urban Cowboys, reż./dir. Paweł Ziemilski, Wajda School, Polska/Poland, 29’02’’
  • Wert der Arbeit/Sweeper's Pride, reż./dir. Matthias Koßmehl, Hamburg Media School, Niemcy/Germany, 7’20’’
  • Werkzaamheid/Work, reż./dir. Oscar van der Kruis, 2015, AHK – Amsterdamse Hogeschool voor de Kunsten, 23’35’’
  • Worry Me in the Daytime, reż./dir. Sebastian Broadbent, School of Film & Television Victorian College of the Arts, Australia, 21’26’’
Schools competing for the Special Golden Dinosaur Award (for the best set of the films - minimum of 3 films in competition):
  • Centro de Capacitación Cinematográfica
  • Deutsche Film- und Fernsehakademie Berlin
  • Hamburg Media School
  • Państwowa Wyższa Szkoła Filmowa, Telewizyjna i Teatralna w Łodzi
  • The Shota Rustaveli Theatre and Film Georgia State University


64 - Collectors Running time: 5’ Country: Switzerland Prod.: Marcel Hobi, Looping Animations, Schweizer Radio und Fernsehen Dir.: Marcel Hobi Mus.: Mario Batkovic Year: 2013 No. 64 Whether it's antiques, insects, autographs or adventures – collecting is a passion. Internet users collect friendships, state leaders collect arsenals of weapons, founders of religions collect believers, and millionaires collect art, women and yet more millions. 
388 - du velger selv Running time: 15’ Country: Norway Prod.: Mikrofilm AS Dir.: Kajsa Næss Mus.: Kim Hiorthøy Year: 2013 No. 388 “In kindergarten, everybody else’s dads are not in prison. That’s the problem.”  An animated documentary about growing up with a father in jail.
02 close up of drunk.mov Running time: 3’30’’ Country: USA Prod.: Bill and Sandrine Plympton Dir.: Bill Plympton Mus.: Jonathan Rosen Year: 2013 No. 391 An adaptation of Walt Curtis's poem, "The Time The Drunk Came To Town And Got Drunker Than A Skunk, or So He Thought", about a Cowboy town that torments the local drunk.
324-parasit Running time: 8’ Country: Austria, Germany Prod.: Fiesfilm Dir.: Nikki Schuster Mus.: Billy Roisz Year: 2013 No. 324 Fast forward. A camera rushes across Argentina´s stone desert toward a cactus and crashes headfirst through an opening into the plant´s interior. There, a view opens up of an eerie universe.
56-Nightingales Running time: 3’ Country: Canada Prod.: Festival du nouveau cinéma de Montréal Dir.: Theodore Ushev Mus.: Spencer Krug Year: 2011 No. 56 This metaphorical surrealist tale is an allusion, a trip into the memories, and the fields of the current realities. What if the Nightingales were working, instead of singing and going south? Is the innocence the only saviour of birds' songs? There are no Nightingales in December... What is left is only the history of our beginning, and our end.
289 -La fille aux feuilles Running time: 6' Country: Switzerland Prod.: Marina Rosset Dir.: Marina Rosset Mus.: Valérie Niederoest Year: 2013 No. 289 One fish dies, a man advances between the trees and strange things are happening in the forest. But in the end, everything is going to be all right.
360- el ruido del mundo Running time: 13’ Country: Spain Prod.: Coke Riobóo, Lourdes Villagómez Dir.: Coke Riobóo  Mus.: Coke Riobóo  Year: 2013 No. 360 A composer is afflicted by a strange illness: he can hear every noise in the world. Through his music, he will find a way to keep the noise under control.  Short film animated frame by frame with plasticine drawings on under-lit glass.
194-Mero Mero - Madly in love Running time: 4’20’’ Country: Japan Prod.: Ikue Sugidono Dir.: Ikue Sugidono Mus.: Ikue Sugidono Year: 2013 No. 194 This world is expanded a possibility of calculation that use the "zero". What does she use for?
108-boles Running time: 12’30’’ Country: Germany, Slovenia Prod.: No History Dir.: Špela Čadež Mus.: Tomaz Grom Year: 2013 No. 108 Filip lives in a poor neighbourhood. He dreams of writer’s glory and luxurious lifestyle in a more prosperous part of town. One day Filip gets a knock on the door. His neighbour Tereza, an older prostitute that Filip tries to avoid by all means, asks him to write a letter for her fiancé.
178-Astigmatismo Running time: 4’ Country: Spain Prod.: Nicolai Troshinsky Dir.: Nicolai Troshinsky Mus.: Shogun Kunitoki Year: 2013 No. 178 A boy, having lost his glasses, can only see one thing in focus at a time. His sight gets attracted by the sounds that surround him. He will have to explore a blurry world of unknown places and strange characters.
346-woman's letters Running time: 11’ Country: France Prod.: Gilbert Hus - Pictor Media Dir.: Augusto Zanovello Mus.: Christian Perret Year: 2013 No. 346 On the battle fields of the First World War, the nurse Simon patches up the shattered faces of the infantrymen with love letters. These words from beloved women have the power to heal the wounds of these paper soldiers.
142 - Lay bare Running time: 6’ Country: United Kingdom Prod.: Ancient Mariner  Dir.: Paul Bush Mus.: Andy Cowton Year: 2012 No. 142 It is only shallow people who do not judge by appearances wrote Oscar Wilde. LAY BARE is a composite portrait of the human body, revealing it as it is only rarely seen in the most intimate relationships we have with our family or our lovers - erotic and comic, beautiful and vulnerable.
165 - My little underground Running time: 6’43’’ Country: Canada Prod.: National Film Board of Canada Dir.: Elise Simard Mus.: Rebecca Foon Year: 2012 No. 165 To find light, we must first journey through the darkness. So begins Elise Simard’s My Little Underground, a sombre and beautiful autobiographical story that follows a young girl’s bus ride home in winter.
243- ASCENSION Running time: 6’50’’ Country: France Prod.: Supinfocom Arles Dir.: Thomas Bourdis, Martin de Coudenhove, Caroline Domergue, Colin Laubry, Florian Vecchione Mus.: N/A Year: 2013 No. 243 In the early years of the 20th century, two climbers make the traditional ascent, carrying a statue of the Virgin Mary to the top of the mountain.
13 - The Gravedigger’s Tale Running time: 13’06” Country: United Kingdom Prod.: The National Film and Television School Dir.: Min Young Oh Mus.: Finn McNicholas Year: 2013 No. 13 The gravedigger leads a solitary existence, so far from the living, yet so close to the dead. Her loneliness is soothed every night by a haunting melody that floats in from the edge of the forest. It is death himself who serenades her. This is their story, a love story
471 - El canto Running time: 8’30’’ Country: France Prod.: Les Films De L'arlequin Dir.: Ines Sedan Mus.: Robert Marcel Lepage Year: 2013 No. 471 A woman is forced by her husband to be silent forever. But then, when listening to nature, she finds her own song and a hopes for a new life.
24-Saga Running time: 6’ Country: Lithuania Prod.: Valentas Aškinis Dir.: Ieva Mikinyté Mus.: Egidija Medekšaité Year: 2012 No. 24 A metaphorical journey of a red button.
274-frombald2 Running time: 3’ Country: United Kingdom Prod.: Abigail Addison for Animate Projects Dir.: Elizabeth Hobbs Mus.: Bradley Miles Year: 2013 No. 274 The true story of Imperial Provisor Frombald, a very composed and efficient administrator who is asked to travel deep into the Serbian countryside to resolve a spot of eighteenth century vampire hysteria . Hand carved rubber stamps printed on 35mm film.
370 - Carrotrope Running time: 8’ Country: Portugal Prod.: BANDO À PARTE Dir.: Paulo D'Alva Mus.: André Natanael Year: 2013 No. 370 Carrotrope is a new optical toy. It represents the cyclic movements of life. Meanwhile, a man drinks and the time passes at 24 frames per second.
103 - ab ovo Running time: 5’18’’ Country: Poland Prod.: Marcin Malatyński, PWSFTviT Dir.: Anita Kwiatkowska-Naqvi Mus.: George Antoniv Year: 2012 No. 103 Imagine that someone starts to live inside of you and takes up more space until he almost makes you explode. Would you be able to love him?
372-THROUGH  YOU Running time: 7’55’’ Country: Netherlands Prod.: il Luster Films Dir.: Lucette Braune Mus.: Han Otten Year: 2013 No. 372 On her way for a simple grocery, a girl literally has to struggle through her fellow beings. Some of those people tend to leave a mark, but only one person leaves a mark that sticks.
384-but milk is important Running time: 10’38’’ Country: Norway Prod.: Volda University College Dir.: Anna Mantzaris, Eirik Grønmo Bjørnsen Mus.: Philip Brookes Year: 2012 No. 384 A man with social phobia gets followed by a naive and clumsy creature...
276 - The End Running time: 6’ Country: Estonia Prod.: Nukufilm, Andrus Raudsalu Dir.: Ülo Pikkov Mus.: Mirjam Tally Year: 2012 No. 276 The End, an experimental reflection on the item used as a carrier in filmmaking. Although the optical film remains a timeless symbol of attachment to tradition, it is slowly becoming the relic of the old times.
82-Dentsdelait Running time: 4’05’’ Country: Canada Prod.: Mel Hoppenheim School of Cinema Dir.: Julie Charette Mus.: Julia Mermelstein Year: 2013 No. 82 The loss of a tooth, combined to a greater one, totally shake a young boy's world and make him grow up faster than he wishes.
59-father Running time: 16’30’’ Country: Bulgaria, Croatia, Germany Prod.: Compote Collective Dir.: Ivan Bogdanov, Moritz Mayerhofer, Asparuh Petrov Mus.: Petar Dundakov Year: 2012 No. 59 When did you last talk with your father? Will you ever ask him about those things that hurt you? In FATHER the reality of life is turned upside down to create an impossible dialogue - the dialogue between a child and a father that never happens.
374-a direct film farewell Running time: 5’38’’ Country: Netherlands Prod.: il Luster Films Dir.: Oerd van Cuijlenborg Mus.: Jeroen van Vliet Year: 2012 No. 374 A homage to celluloid and direct filmmaking. A universe in which frivolous figures like butterflies float around between lines, droplets and chemical reactions.  
6-Sisters Running time: 8’ Country: Belgium, Serbia Prod.: KASK Royal Academy of Arts, Lea Vidakovic Dir.: Lea Vidakovic Mus.: Hrvoje Radnic Year: 2012 No. 6 The sisters are trapped in melancholy, facing the loss and emptiness over the missing one.
61 - LE COSMOS SAUVERA LE PEUPLE Running time: 7’ Country: Canada Prod.: Productions Tuya  Dir.: Patrick Lapierre Mus.: N/A Year: 2013 No. 61 One night, passing through her childhood home of Russia, a woman reminisces about faraway landscapes.
205-FRAU SCHWEIN GEHT IN DIE SCHEISSEDISKO Running time: 7’58’’ Country: Germany Prod.: HAW Hamburg  Dir.: Mathias Barth & Christian Hippchen Mus.: Philipp Kessling Year: 2012 No. 205 Saturday night, 8 o‘clock. Register‘s clear. Knocking off. Now heading home. Hotting up and drinking wine. Noise, stench and lots of dirt. We‘re almost done. And then it‘s time. Mrs Swine goes to the Scheissedisko.
125 - Palmipedarium Running time: 10’25’’ Country: France Prod.: Papy3D Productions Dir.: Jérémy Clapin Mus.: François-Eudes Chanfrault Year: 2012 No. 125 Simon knows about ducks quite well. They make noise, fly, swim, some even roll. Sometimes, it's a bit confusing and Simon gets lost.
486 - futon Running time: 6’ Country: Japan Prod.: Yoriko Mizushiri Dir.: Yoriko Mizushiri Mus.: Dark End rearranged by Seiji Toda Origina Year: 2012 No. 486 Wrapped in the futon... Memories are coming up to the mind, the future is imagined, senses are recaptured, physical feelings as a woman are deeply ingrained...Everything melts pleasantly all together. In the futon, the body wonders seeking for these sense...
21-Obida Running time: 9’ Country: Russia Prod.: Ural -Cinema  Dir.: Anna Budanova Mus.: Larisa Woroncowa Year: 2013 No. 21 Little girl`s resentment is embodied in a shaggy creature that becomes her best friend. And they grow side by side. Densely settled in the minds of his mistress, resentment starts to completely control her life.
209 - my baby don't love me Running time: 2'43'' Country: Finland Prod.: Turku Arts Academy/Eija Saarinen Dir.: Heta Jäälinoja Mus.: Robert Johnson Year: 2012 No. 209 Woke up this morning. There's nothing left but a taste of coffee.
99-Ziegenort Running time: 19’ Country: Poland Prod.: Piotr Szczepanowicz, Nolabel Sp.  Dir.: Tomasz Popakul Mus.: Stuart Dahlquist, Paweł Cieślak Year: 2013 No. 99 Summer in the fishing village of Ziegenort. Early in the day, an introverted boy and his father go fishing. He struggles with his fears and constant rejection. He is as trapped as the fish he sees gasping for air. Animation about teenage angst with a number of magical, surreal scenes.
119 - allez-hop Running time: 7’30’’ Country: Belgium, France Prod.: Les Films du Nord, Arnaud Demuynck Dir.: Juliette Baily Mus.: Falter Bramnk Year: 2012 No. 119 A young woman on a diving board hesitates to jump. What's holding her back? She jumps. Whoa! It's over and done. Until...
105-Toto Running time: 12’ Country: Poland Prod.: Tomasz Wolf Dir.: Zbigniew Czapla Mus.: Maja, Małgorzata Kleszcz, ISPHORDING Year: 2013 No. 105 A story of a sensitive boy, raised by a lonely and hard working mother somewhere in a far province. The young protagonist is being deceitfully seduced by a shady “master”. In consequence of the mystery the world of his unconcerned childhood falls apart
180 - I am Tom Moody Running time: 6’55’’ Country: United Kingdom Prod.: Edinburgh College of Art Dir.: Ainslie Henderson Mus.: Peter Deane Year: 2012 No. 180 A surreal trip through the subconscious of a stifled musician as he struggles to sing.
390- a little pound by the great wall Running time: 6’ Country: China, Russia Prod.: Zheng Liguo Dir.: Dmitry Geller Mus.: Artem Fadeev Year: 2012 No. 390 A small pond lies at the foot of a large wall. The large wall is situated in the middle of mountains. The mountains are only a small detail of the landscape.
446-On Loop Running time: 5’ Country: United Kingdom Prod.: Royal College of Art Dir.: Christine Hooper Mus.: Tom Lock Griffiths Year: 2013 No. 446 Four in the morning, crapped out, yawning.
232-Lady number 4 Running time: 2’17’’ Country: Israel Prod.: Bezalel Academy of Arts & Design Dir.: Tal Hadar Mus.: Roy Yahalomi Year: 2013 No. 232 A lady enters the ladies room and gets carried away into an endless choreography of self-criticism in front of the mirror following the other ladies.
124-EDMOND WAS A DONKEY Running time: 15’04’’ Country: France, Canada Prod.: Papy3D Productions - NDB Canada Dir.: Franck Dion Mus.: Pierre Caillet Year: 2012 No. 124 A small, quiet man, Edmond has a wife who loves him and a job that he does extraordinarily well. He is, however, very aware that he is different. When his co-workers tease him by crowning him with a pair of donkey ears, he suddenly discovers his true nature...
334- LES MOTS DE LA CARPE Running time: 4’ Country: France, Portugal Prod.: La Poudriere School Dir.: Lucrèce Andreae Mus.: Mathieu Tiger Year: 2012 No. 334 A round room, tables for two, couples facing one another. And after a few minutes... switch! The rule is to keep changing riders.
418-maze king Running time: 7’01’’ Country: Japan Prod.: Tokyo University of the Arts Dir.: Hakhyun Kim Mus.: Shota Kowashi Year: 2013 No. 418 We cannot stay here any longer. We must leave tomorrow morning. A clown convinces and hurries the residents of an amusement park, a girl, a gay, a soldier, a dog, to be in time for the trip.
63-CHEMIN FAISANT Running time: 4’ Country: Switzerland Prod.: Rita Productions Dir.: Georges Schwizgebel Mus.: Jacques Robellas Year: 2012 No. 63 Through paintings that interact on the principle of Russian dolls, we are drawn along the swirling path of the thoughts of a pilgrim, a solitary walker.
341 - The Hopper Running time: 17’ Country: Denmark, Germany Prod.: Alex Brüel Flagstad Dir.: Alex Brüel Flagstad Mus.: N/A Year: 2012 No. 341 The Hopper is not your average clay-animation story. 16 year old Dexter lives with his grandmother in west Baltimore, Maryland. One night Dexter and his friend Kevin rob local drug dealers, but things do not work out as planned and violence spins out of control.
*** Local Caption *** Trespass, , Paul Wenninger, A, 2012, V'12, Kurzfilme Running time: 10’ Country: Austria Prod.: Paul Wenninger, Kabinett & Co Dir.: Paul Wenninger Mus.: Nik Hummer, Michael Moser Year: 2012 No. 326 In English, “trespass” means to intrude, but it could also be an unauthorized entry, or in legal jargon, a “domestic disturbance. This ten-minute real-animation film plays with all of these meanings in a technically impressive, varied, and precise tour de force.
98-Do serca twego Running time: 9’59’’ Country: Poland Prod.: Animaso Dir.: Ewa Borysewicz Mus.: Michał Augustyniak Year: 2013 No. 98 And there He is. Dreamed of, prayed for, long awaited, hypnotic - He was handsome, had raven-black hair and stood by a swing. When he smiled, eyes would stand on end. Life with him was colourful – when he gave rein to his paranoia, she would do whatever he said.
33-Alzheimer Running time: 8’08’’ Country: Iran Prod.: Alireza Hashempour Dir.: Alireza Hashempour Mus.: selected Year: 2012 No. 33 This is the story about an old man who suffers Alzheimer and lives with his dog. The film shows in a humorous way a day of the life of the two, when causes become consequences and vice versa.
364-Daybreak Running time: 6’45’’ Country: Canada Prod.: Field Seven Films inc.  Dir.: George Ungar Mus.: Normand Roger, Denis Chartrand, Pierre Yves Drapea Year: 2013 No. 364 It is an experiment in extreme miniature drawing and non-narrative filmmaking.
132-rabbit and deer Running time: 16’45’’ Country: Hungary Prod.: Moholy-Nagy University Of Art And Design Dir.: Péter Vácz Mus.: Máté Hámori Year: 2012 No. 132 The friendship of Rabbit and Deer is put to the test by Deer's new obsession to find the formula for the 3rd dimension.
381-Waiter Running time: 8’59’’ Country: Japan Prod.: Tama Art University Department of Graphic Design Dir.: Ryoji Yamada Mus.: Makoto Takahashi Year: 2013 No. 381 The waiter felt the limit for the work which carries coffee for a petty visitor. Although the sad waiter who serves a visitor opened the store in quest of a dose suitable for himselves, he did not notice his own value.
344- a thing so small Running time: 8’48’’ Country: Israel Prod.: Sapir College, School of Audio and Visual Arts Dir.: Mizmor Watzman Mus.: Alberto Shwartz Year: 2013 No. 344 A Thing So Small is about life in the face of death and the struggle between childhood and adulthood. It takes the spectator into the internal world of a four-year-old girl who encounters death for the first time.
203-DER KLEINE VOGEL UND DAS BLATT Running time: 4’ Country: Switzerland Prod.: Ruedi Schick Dir.: Lena von Döhren Mus.: Christof Steinmann Year: 2012 No. 203 It’s winter. At the end of a branch hangs a single leaf. A little black bird comes along to water the leaf, but it falls off. The wind lifts the leaf and dances with it through the snowy wood. The little bird joins in, delighted. But the fiery red fox behind the tree is already licking his lips.
250 - Jorka Running time: 8’ Country: Netherlands Prod.: Photon Films Dir.: Michiel Wesselius Mus.: Paleis van Boem Year: 2013 No. 250 Everybody once had thoughts about their own death and what it will cause to our loved ones. Jorka portrays the aftermath of the process of loss. After a tragic accident of the protagonist, we see the departed coping with his demise.
300-Animo Resistente Running time: 4’30’’ Country: Italy Prod.: Simone Massi Dir.: Simone Massi Mus.: Simone Massi Year: 2013 No. 300 Around May 1944 on Mount Sant’Angelo, a house that falls asleep and begins to dream.
393 - The mole at the sea Running time: 5’ Country: Russia Prod.: Lyubov Gaidukova/School-Studio "SHAR" Dir.: Anna Kadykova Mus.: Alexey Chizhik Year: 2012 No. 393 Mole who went to look for a beach of his dream but found a lot of asses and no free space.
513 - gloria victoria. Running time: 7’ Country: Canada Prod.: National Film Board of Canada, Marc Bertrand Dir.: Theodore Ushev Mus.: Olivier Calvert Year: 2012 No. 513 Recycling elements of surrealism and cubism, focuses on the relationship between art and war. Propelled by the exalting “invasion” theme from Shostakovich’s Leningrad Symphony (No. 7), the film presents imagery of combat fronts and massacres, leading us from Dresden to Guernica, from the Spanish Civil War to Star Wars.


FABLE OF A BLOOD DRAINED GIRL Running time: 24’33” Country: Mexico School: Centro de Capacitación Cinematográfica Dir.: Alejandro Iglesias Mendizábal Ph.: Pamela Albaraán Mus.: Carlo Ayhllón Cast: Virginia Araujo, José Carlos Rodríguez, Meraqui Rodríguez Year: 2012 Type of etude: fiction No.: 100 Gizella turns 15. Her rich parents have organized a fancy dinner-party to celebrate this occasion in a circle of friends. Gizella is to perform during the party. However, things are getting complicated.
Cisza Running time: 6’ Country: Poland School: WRiTV UŚ Dir.: Zofia Goraj Ph.: Zofia Goraj Year: 2013 Type of etude: documentary No.: 21 A portrait of a young sound engineer who, while working everyday on big film sets, meets famous directors and actors. Her getaway from this pleasant but hard and demanding work is a completely different and surprising activity.
Murder in Junin Running time: 10’ Country: Argentina School: Universidad del Cine del Buenos Aires Dir.: Andrew Sala Ph.: Andrew Sala Mus.: Chiara Ghio Cast: Guillermina Pico, Javier Barrio, Sebastián Elsinger, David Maruchniak Year: 2012 Type of etude: fiction No.: 40 A seemingly ordinary country road where nothing happens. However, for a few minutes, the spectator will become a privileged witness to some mysterious events.
"Panache" INIS-2013_#42 Running time: 16’27” Country: Canada School: L’inis Dir.: Emilie Baillargeon Ph.: François Messier-Rheault Mus.: Nemo Babin Cast: Luc Proulx, Rosalie Julien, Michel-Olivier Girard Year: 2013 Type of etude: fiction No.: 230 Roland is feeling quite old. He has to say goodbye to the things which connect him to his youth. However, giving away the love of his life is not easy. A story for motorcycle lovers.
DWAND 5 Running time: 12’30” Country: India School: Film and Television Institute of India Dir.: Abhilash Vijayan Ph.: Sahil Bhardwaj Mus.:  NIL Cast: Jaswinder Singh, Swapnil Kotriwar Year: 2012 Type of etude: fiction No.: 91 After a bloody suppression of a rebellion, an army commander comes to a hairdresser who sympathises with the rebels. The hairdresser faces a dilemma about whether to fulfil his duties or use the occasion.
Kolorowe dni (3) Running time: 18’28” Country: Poland School: PWSFTviT Dir.: Tomasz Jeziorski Ph.: Kajetan Plis Cast: Maria Ciunelis, Miłogost Reczek, Bartłomiej Nowosielski Year: 2012 Type of etude: fiction No.: 258 Ewa is retiring. She is struggling to find herself in this new reality, trying to awaken her long-lost passions. How far will Ewa go to break life’s routine?
VLOEIBAARSTAAL0days of steel Running time: 23’ Country: Netherlands School: De Nederlandse Film Academie Dir.: Flynn von Kleist Ph.: Koen van Bergen Mus.: Kristijan Krajnčan Cast: Elise van ‘t Laar, Reinout Bussemaker, Chiem Vreeken Year: 2013 Type of etude: fiction No.: 84 Franka, a 17-year old girl, lives in Hoogovens, in the shadow of steelworks chimneys, and looks after her father. When she falls in love with a carefree surfer Kes, she starts to revalue her relationship with her father.
Zabicie ciotki Running time: 30’ Country: Poland School: WRiTV UŚ Dir.: Mateusz Głowacki Ph.: Kacper Sędzielewski Cast: Marek Kossakowski, Ewa Kolasińska, Aleksandra Pisula, Maciej Ferlak Year: 2013 Type of etude: fiction No.: 9 A young boy lives with his aunt who does her best to provide him with everything he may need. Tired by the stability and security of life under constant care, he decides to change his fate. The film is based on the unfinished novel ‘Killing Auntie’ by Andrzej Bursa.
GoodNight2small Running time: 27’23” Country: United Kingdom School: The London Film School Dir.: Muriel d'Ansembourg Ph.: Arturo Vasquez Gontscharenko Mus.: Jody K Jenkins Cast: Anna Hogarth, Rosie Day Year: 2012 Type of etude: fiction No.: 50 Two teenagers are done with being innocent 14-year-olds. They head into town to break from their innocence. There, they have to face the reality.
WELCOME LOCI 2 Running time: 16’30” Country: Czech Republic School: FAMU Dir.: Natálie Císařovská Ph.: Klára Fantová Mus.: Raphael Dumas Cast: Hedi Tarkani, Agáta Dušková, Nina Divíšková, Zdeněk Year: 2012 Type of etude: fiction No.: 123 Magda is Czech and her boyfriend Loic is French. They live together in Paris. It is time to introduce him to her family. Will the grandma’s delicious cooking prevent everyone from the impending catastrophe?
ROGALIK Running time: 17’ Country: Poland School: PWSFTviT Dir.: Paweł Ziemilski Ph.: Maciej Twardowski Year: 2012 Type of etude: documentary No.: 263 Traveling among people and objects. we discover a world usually considered as ugly and unattractive. This journey is somewhat dream-like. Who are the people in this „big aquarium”? And what is our position towards them?
NEWTON'S FIRST LAW 1 Running time: 19’40” Country: Italy School: Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia Dir.: Piero Messina Ph.: Pasquale Remia Mus.: Giacomo Corzani Cast: Cosimo Cinieri, Anna Orso Year: 2012 Type of etude: fiction No.: 282 A body persists in its state of being at rest or moving uniformly unless it’s compelled to change its state by force impressed. But rest and motion are relatively distinguishable; and moreover, bodies that are commonly considered to be at rest aren’t always so.
LECIEĆ NIE LECIEĆ (1) Running time: 18’ Country: Poland School: PWSFTviT Dir.: Aniela Gabryel Ph.: Zuzanna Pyda Mus.: Łukasz Plenikowski Year: 2013 Type of etude: documentary No.: 255 Working on a thin strip of land between the sea and the lake, researchers conduct their research. Trapped between the sky and the earth, they try to uncover the secrets hidden by wild nature.
SILVER WEDDING 10 Running time: 27’25” Country: Estonia School: Tallin University Baltic Film and Media School Dir.: Katrin Maimik, Andres Maimik Ph.: Mihkel Soe Mus.: Trisekele, Magnetic Band Cast: Eero Spriit, Anne Reemann, Loore Martma Year: 2013 Type of etude: fiction No.: 234 A tragicomic story of a middle-aged couple who decides to celebrate their forthcoming silver wedding anniversary on a grand scale. Everything seems to run smoothly at first but then the flawless facade starts to crumble and years of suppressed conflicts, fears and complexes come to light.
przytrzymać światło Running time: 8’ Country: Poland School: Akademia Multi Art Dir.: Kajetan Pochylski Ph.: Kajetan Pochylski Mus.: Bartosz Jaworski Year: 2013 Type of etude: documentary No.: 302 A short story about making stained-glass windows. The part and parcel of every stained-glass window is colour and light which must be controlled in order to achieve the intended artistic effect.
FOTO_ESCENAS_PREVIAS_1 Running time: 27’20” Country: Cuba School: EISCTV Dir.: Aleksandra Maciuszek Ph.: Javier Labrador Year: 2012 Type of etude: documentary No.: 245 In a ramshackle house, a grandfather cares for his grandson. One week passes and nothing is going to be the same again. With aesthetic inspired by Ars Moriendi - medieval manuals for a good dying, this documentary proposes a disturbing vision of death, which always - and in the most unexpected ways - nurtures life.
TOUCH OF SILLENCE STILLER LOWE 1 Running time: 5’58” Country: Germany School: Hamburg Media School Dir.: Sven Philipp Pohl Ph.: Stefan Bühl Cast: Sonja Gerhardt, Eyk Kauly, Roben Fröhlich Year: 2013 Type of etude: fiction No.: 189 Severin enters a club and is carried away by the heat of the moment: the pulsating bass, hot lasers and seductive flirt with a gorgeous blonde. However, later that evening, the atmosphere will change dramatically.
Saturday 1 Running time: 24’35” Country: United Kingdom School: The London Film School Dir.: David Anderson Ph.: Benjamin Thomas Mus.: Joe Richardson Cast: Danny Husbands, Ian Jenkins, Nathalie Cox, David Stoller Year: 2012 Type of etude: fiction No.: 44 Sam is a football aficionado. He plays for a non-league club. One day he is faced with a difficult choice. Should he choose his passion or financial security?
Cebu Running time: 12’ Country: Cuba School: EICTV Dir.: Pablo Belaubre Ph.: Rafael Trindade Mus.: René A. Rodríguez Cast: Daylis García, Jorge Molina, Claudia Muñiz Year: 2012 Type of etude: fiction No.: 16 Marushka visits her lover, a butcher. Thus starts a ritual which mixes erotica, drama and horror.
Magma Running time: 30’ Country: Poland School: WRiTV UŚ Dir.: Paweł Maślona Ph.: Cezary Stolecki Mus.: Igor Kłaczyński Cast: Łukasz Simlat, Ewa Kaim, Adam Nawojczyk Year: 2013 Type of etude: fiction No.: 16 Janusz is a salesman in a furniture shop. One day he accidentally destroys a pillow. This is the first ‘accident’ in the company since very long time and he seems to be really upset about it. Or maybe there’s something else he’s upset about?
The Mass of man Running time: 16’55” Country: United Kingdom School: National Film and Television School Dir.: Gabriel Gauchet Ph.: Nick Cooke Mus.: Matt Kelly Cast: Peter Faulkner, Jane McDowell Year: 2012 Type of etude: fiction No.: 5 Richard, an unemployed 55-year-old man, arrives 3 minutes late for his appointment at a job centre. This unplanned delay starts a series of dramatic events. Do we have any influence on the system?
"Mauvaise Herbe" INIS-2013_#43 Running time: 15’20” Country: Canada School: L’inis Dir.: Francis Fortin Ph.: François Messier-Rheault Mus.: Pierre Desmarais Cast: Jocelyn Blanchard, Diane Jules, Judith Baribeau Year: 2012 Type of etude: fiction No.: 5 Luc is a passionate plant cultivator. He leads a quiet and well-organized life until he is visited by his… mother-in-law.
MARES AND PARAKEETS Running time: 30’ Country: Argentina School: Universidad del Cine del Buenos Aires Dir.: Natalia Garagiola Ph.: Fernando Lockett Cast: Julia Martínez Rubio, Guillermina Pico, Pilar Benítez Vibart Year: 2012 Type of etude: fiction No.: 38 What secrets are guarded by aristocratic girls? Three friends spend one day together before one of them gets married. This untypical hen party will change their relations forever. An intriguing tale full of ambiguities and allusions.
CHAINS OF LOVE (2) Running time: 5’43” Country: Germany School: Hamburg Media School Dir.: Martina Plura Ph.: Monika Plura Mus.: Richard Bretschneider Cast: Lotta Doll, Matthias Ludwig, Lena Röpert Year: 2013 Type of etude: fiction No.: 193 Hannah wants to surprise her lover. However, she gets an unpleasant surprise. She has to escape. And fast…
AUSCHWITZ ON MY MIND Running time: 16’07” Country: United Kingdom School: Met Film School Dir.: Assaf Machnes Ph.: Itay Gross Cast: Inbal Erez, Ron Gazit, Myrav Osofsky Year: 2013 Type of etude: fiction No.: 67 Roy, an Israeli teenager, visits Poland on a school trip to death camps and memorials. However, Roy also wants to get close to a girl from his class. The obsession of the Israeli society with its past clashes with teenage desires, creating a story which constantly shifts from the tragic to the entertaining.
coming of age Running time: 18’40” Country: United Kingdom School: The London Film School Dir.: Eli Kasavi Ph.: Arthur Mulhern Mus.: Selim Siyami Sümer Cast: Cem Özeren, Deniz Türkali, Esme Madra, Alper, Kut Year: 2012 Type of etude: fiction No.: 45 Dance is not a masculine activity. Especially in a conservative Turkish family who carefully guards its status and traditional roles of men and women. Everen, an 18 year old boy, decides to take part in a dance competition in spite of the plans regarding his future profession made by his worried family.
Zinneke_dog Running time: 19’33” Country: Belgium School: IAD Instituts des Arts de Diffusion Louvaine-la-Neuve Dir.: Rémi Allier Ph.: Erika Meda Cast: Nissim Renard, Sam Louwyck. Wim Willaert Year: 2013 Type of etude: fiction No.: 233 A young boy spends most of his time on a flea market observing various swindles of the sellers. His desire to become one of them leads him to a difficult situation which he will have to deal with
Simulacro Running time: 14’ Country: Argentina School: Universidad del Cine del Buenos Aires Dir.: Nicolás Torchinsky Ph.: Tebbe Schöningh Cast: Karen Avenburg, Pablo Chao, Héctor Drachtman, Sebastián Gallinal Alzaibar Year: 2012 Type of etude: fiction No.: 36 An orchestra is getting ready for a rehearsal. Tuning instruments is nothing unusual. This time, however, what counts most is the perfect sense of rhythm.
Au-dela de l'hiver Still 01 Running time: 18’35” Country: France School: Le Fresnoy, Dir.: Jow Zhi Wei Ph.: Angello Faccini Cast: HONG Lin-Chun, LUI Gen-Miao Year: 2012 Type of etude: fiction No.: 62 An old couple living in a small village goes through their everyday rituals in great peace. However, each day they seem to be waiting for something. A metaphorical tale of tumult and loneliness we live in.
Stuerzende Tauben Tumbling Birds 1 Running time: 19’28” Country: Germany School: Hamburg Media School Dir.: Esther Bialas Ph.: Martin Naumeyer Cast: Louis Nitsche, Finn Adler, Finni Maj Eckstein Year: 2012 Type of etude: fiction No.: 182 The beginning of summer is the end of Svenja’s childhood. The girl puts up with the harassment of her peers. What will the girl be willing to sacrifice to get some peace and acceptance?
Nasza zima zła Running time: 21’25” Country: Poland School: WRiTV UŚ Dir.: Grzegorz Zariczny Ph.: Weronika Bilska Cast: Lidia Olszak, Edyta Torhan Year: 2012 Type of etude: fiction No.: 15 Radka and Marzena rent a small apartament together. Both girls work as nurses at a special school complex, and after work they have an extra job at a detox ward. The girls stick together despite the growing number of problems they need to face.
The Swing of the Coffin Maker (1) Running time: 29’58” Country: Germany School: Internationale Filmschule Köln Dir.: Elmar Imanov Ph.: Driss Azhari Cast: Rasim Jafarov, Shamil Suleymanli Year: 2012 Type of etude: fiction No.: 147 Yagub and his mentally disabled adult son Musa lead a solitary life in a forgotten part of Azerbaijan. Their life will change when they receive an unexpected message.
Outland_Stills1 Running time: 19’ Country: United Kingdom School: The London Film School Dir.: Adina Istrate Ph.: Alexandru Grigoras Mus.: Adam Lori Cast: Anthony Green, Jamie Laird, Pippa Reid Year: 2012 Type of etude: fiction No.: 53 A reclusive lighthouse keeper spends the last night on watch. Overnight, a mysterious fog moves inland from the sea. The next day, he discovers what the real solitude is.
Oslo Running time: 13’12” Country: Cuba School: EISCTV Dir.: Luis Ernesto Doñas Ph.: Marcos Attila Mus.: Denis Colina Cast: Carlos Pérez Peña, Nilda Collado Year: 2012 Type of etude: fiction No.: 319 An old couple, Raul and Amanda, lives in a hot Cuban village. The woman dreams to soak in the cold. Will Raul succeed in making her dream a reality?
kojot2 Running time: 29’55” Country: Poland School: PWSFTviT Dir.: Jędrzej Bączyk Ph.: Tato Kotetishvili Mus.: Jędrzej Bączyk Cast: Michał Kopczyński, Marcin Cichończyk, Piotr Zwierzchowski Year: 2012 Type of etude: fiction No.: 257 „The sick think, the healthy do” – that’s the advice given to Coyote by his friend from a band named Distroj when he makes new attempts to overcome his shyness toward women. A career in music seems to be a perfect choice. We follow the story with bated breath and smile on our faces to exclaim at the end: PUNK IS NOT DEAD!