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International Film Festival

Krakow 21-26 XI 2023


Women make animations – Tricky Women

Added: November 23, 2016

We invite you to the unique meeting with the animated art created by women. The Tricky Women Festival, hosted in Krakow by Etiuda&Anima, will present female animations in a programme under a meaningful title "Turbulent Times & Familiar Places".

„From Love to Transformation“ was the title of the first film program sent around the world by Tricky Women and the Austrian Federal Ministry for Europe, Integration and Foreign Affairs. The program is now continued with „Turbulent Times & Familiar Places“.


Photo from the film "Princess Disaster Movie"

With this title the program once again combines current positions of Austrian female artists in animation film and gives an insight into the many techniques and work processes, with which the filmmakers shift the attention to relevant and unprecedented topics: the question where and why you feel at home (Home Statements), what it is like to arrive in a new city where interpersonal relationships first have to be established (Shut up Moon) and mystical city observations in reference to discarded and newly picked up things (Taipei Recyclers). The greed with which both social and ecological consciousness is shifted from commonality to singularity (Princess Disaster Movie and YachaY). Biographical details (Garten & Schnaps), effects of boredom and opportunities (or lack of) on the periphery (Ginny) and how a woman takes life into her own hands (Two Melons – Birth of an Artist). The unpredictability and predictability of love around the globe and in the neighborhood (Follow You and The Cook in Love). The program further includes films that exploit reduced forms using excessive sound (Three Suns) and challenge the mechanisms of cinema and its perception (Machine).


Photo from the film "The Cook in Love"

The animation technologies presented in both analog and digital form range from drawings and claymations to computer generated abstractions.

We wish you a wonderful experience and many turbulent moments with this program!

Birgitt Wagner, Waltraud Grausgruber
and Tricky Women-Team


Turbulent Times & Familiar Places - Tricky Women Festival presents Austrian Female artists’ animated films

24th November (Thursday), 9:00 PM
Małopolska Garden of Arts – Small Room

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