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International Film Festival

Krakow 21-26 XI 2023


Added: November 21, 2016

Cheaper festival passes until midnight today only!

Regular pass for 99 PLN, student pass for 79 PLN!

How to get a discount pass?

--> Go to the Kijów Cinema and buy it at the box office (ticket office is open from 10 am to 10 pm).


--> Transfer the money to our bank account: 93 1030 0019 0109 8533 0002 9052 (addressee: Stowarzyszenie Rotunda, ul. Oleandry 1, 30-060 Kraków). You will be able to collect the pass at the festival's reception desk in Małopolska Garden of Arts from Tuesday, 4 p.m., onwards. Make sure that you have a confirmation of bank transfer and your identity card with you.

Remember that the festival pass entitles to admission to all film screenings and concerts as well – Bovska, Nik Phelps and Stanisław Sowiński Quintet, REBEL BABEL, L.U.C., Bisz with The AGH UST Orchestra.

See informations about the festival on Facebook:

Do not hesitate! Take this chance!



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