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International Film Festival

Krakow 21-26 XI 2023

We know verdict of 22nd IFF Etiuda&Anima!

Added: November 28, 2015

„400 Bags” (dir. Fernanda Valadez, Mexico) is the Winner of Golden Dinosaur, and „Erlking” (dir. Georges Schwizgebel, Switzerland) is the Winner of Golden Jabberwocky!

400maletas 2In ETIUDA competition took part 34 students’ movies from 12 countries, selected from 531 send. Jury (Stanislava Přádná – chairwoman, Mátyás Prikler, Henryk Sawka, Agnieszka Woszczyńska) honoured Golden Dinosaur and money award of 10 000 zł movie “400 Bags” (dir. Fernanda Valadez) from Mexico for:

its unpretentious, humanistic message. The film shows social problems of the residents of a poor country, who risk all and leave in search of a better life. The atmosphere of the story is highlighted by an evocative soundtrack

Silver Dinosaur went to "Story of an Object"  (dir. Carlota Castells Puig) from Spain for:

“its formal sophistication and intelligent humour”

Bronze Dinosaur was awarded to movie “Under the Robes” (dir. Michel Zarazir) from Lebanon for

an apt, satirical look at monastic life and a grotesque presentation of several themes in one short, absurd situation

Sous les soutanes 3Jury of ETIUDA awards also prize of Special Golden Dragon for movie school, which sent the best set of movies for festival. This year for quality of presented movies were honoured Centro de Capacitación Cinematográfica from Mexico. Jury members decided to give honour diplomas to three films: “Death & the Maiden” (dir. Yael Lotem, Izrael-Germany), „Snails” (dir. Grzegorz Szczepaniak, Poland), „The Way You Die” (reż. Manuel Vogel, Germany).

Students’ jury also announced its verdict – Konrad Dębowski, Karolina Styczeń, Monika Żelazko awarded short movie “Onno The Oblivious” (dir. Viktor van der Valk, the Netherlands). In their turn representatives of International Federation of Movie Discussion Ckubs (Janine Andersson, Sebastiono Caroni, Jacek Dziduszko) gave Don Kichot award to “All We Share” (dir. Jerry Carlsson, Sweden). The audience award winner is Polish short movie “Debut – Love” (dir. Sylwia Rosiak).

579 Niebieski pokoj_4And in the ANIMA competition 69 movies from 24 countries were rivalising (to selection came as much as 936 movies), made by both students and already awarded creators. By decision of jury composed of: Thomas Renoldner (chairman), Svietlana Filippova, Teresa Glad, Cecilia Traslaviña, winner of competition and Golden Jabberwocky and 15 000 PLN became a movie “Erlking” (dir. Georges Schwizgebel, Switzerland) for:

  the intelligent and artistic way of talking about the dialectic of life and death

Silver Jabberwocky went to Polish animation “A Blue Room” (dir. Tomasz Siwiński),

because it offers a strong reflection how memories work in a traumatic situation

Bronze Jabberwocky went to „Bokus Mang” (dir. Sasha Svirsky, Russia) for:

its brilliant graphic intuition

Special Golden Jabberwocky and 2000 PLN for best student animated short movie was presented to “Fish What I Desire” (dir. Yao Xiang, Great Britain) for:

keeping us in a feeling of deep loneliness of human existence

933 Fish is what I desireHonour distinctions went to five films: „The Deal” (dir. Ewa Smyk, Great Britain), „4 min 15 in the Developer” (dir. Moïa Jobin-Paré, Canada), „Soot” (reż. David Doutel & Vasco Sá, Portugal), „Life with Herman H. Rott” (dir. Chintis Lundgren, Estonia), „The Sleepwalker” (dir. Theodore Ushev, Canada).

Students’ jury (Błażej Święcicki, Weronika Kuc, Alicja Łuczyńska) awarded “A Documentary Film” (dir. Marcin Podolec, Polska), audience gave a prize to Estonian "Life with Herman H. Rott” (dir. Chintis Lundgren).

 Kraków, November 28th 2015

Welcome to screening of awarded films on Sunday, 29th November.

 Post – festival Sunday:

Prizewinners of competition ETIUDA 2015

Rotunda (large screening room)
29th November (Sunday), 6 p.m.

  • Grand Prix - Złoty Dinozaur oraz 10 000 złotych/The Golden Dinosaur and
    PLN 10 000: 400 MALETAS / 400 TOREB, reż/dir.: Fernanda Valadez, Centro de Capacitación Cinematográfica, MEX, 2014, 18’
  • Srebrny Dinozaur/The Silver Dinosaur: HISTÒRIA D’UN OBJECTE / HISTORIA PRZEDMIOTU, reż/dir.: Carlota Castells Puig, Screen Academy Scotland, UK, 2014, 10’18’’
  • Brązowy Dinozaur/The Bronze Dinosaur: SOUS LES SOUTANES / POD SUTANNAMI, reż/dir.: Michel Zarazir, Academie Libanaise Des Beaux-Arts, 2015, LEB, 19’45’’
  • Wielki Niedoceniony w konkursie Etiuda/The Great Underestimated in Etiuda Competition: DRUGIE ŻYCIE, reż./dir.: Eugeniusz Pankov, Łódzka Szkoła Filmowa, PL, 2015, 20’


Prizewinners of competition ANIMA 2015

Rotunda (large screening room)
29th November (Sunday), 8 p.m.

  • Grand Prix - Złoty Jabberwocky oraz 15 000 złotych/The Golden Jabberwocky
    and PLN 15 000: ERLKÖNIG / KRÓL OLCH, reż/dir.: Georges Schwizgebel, CH, 2015, 6’
  • Srebrny Jabberwocky/The Silver Jabberwocky: NIEBIESKI POKÓJ, reż/dir.: Tomasz Siwiński, PL/FR, 2014, 15’
  • Brązowy Jabberwocky/The Bronze Jabberwocky: BOKUS MANG, reż/dir.: Sasha Svirsky, RU, 2014, 10’
  • Specjalny Złoty Jabberwocky dla najlepszej animowanej etiudy studenckiej/The Special Golden Jabberwocky for the best school film FISH IS WHAT I DESIRE / CHCĘ RYBĘ, reż./dir.: Yao Xiang, UK, 2015, 7’27’’
  • Wielki Niedoceniony w konkursie Anima/ The Great Underestimated in Anima Competition: RELIGATIO, reż./dir.: Jaime Giraldo, CAN, 2014, 3’23’’


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