/Undiscovered South America: animations from Brazil and Colombia

Undiscovered South America: animations from Brazil and Colombia

Few people know, that Ice Age 2 (2002) or Rio (2011) – animated movies that are very popular with both children and adults – were made in South America. Not many people know also that story of cartoon cinema on the sunny continent dates from the early years of XX century.

This year’s edition of Etiuda&Anima festival is going to provide a great opportunity to get acquainted with Brazilian and Colombian animation. European viewers are rarely aware that Brazil is one of the world’s frontrunners in animating. South American animation has been evolving for almost hundred years. In 1917 Alvaro Marins made a short animated film The Kaiser. Its inception appointed a new field of interests for Brazilian creators. You cannot ignore the feats of the animators from Brazil, especially as they are so appreciated in contests, festivals and reviews. In a world of animation there is also more and more place for Colombians. We are going to present a panorama of Colombian animation in two blocks – professional and student-made.

Age of animation in Brazil


Eduardo Calvet’s documentary Between Frames. The Art of Brazilian Animation is made to pay homage to all the creators that contributed to Brazilian animation development. While watching the film we come to know a fascinating and unusual story. In Between frames… we have a chance to see and hear many of Brazilian actors like Carlos Saldanha (Ice Age 2 and Rio), Mauricio de Sousa (Monica’s Gang), Andres Lieban (My Big Big Friend) and Cecilia Catunda (Fishtronaut).

The film contains a reconstruction of remaining extract of The Kaiser. It is a kind of compliment from eight animators to the father of South American animated movies – Alvaro Marins. In Calvet’s documentary there are also other old movies appearing – like The Adventures of Virgulino (1930), Amazon Symphony (1951) and Piconzé (1971) and the latest output – cartoons Fishtronaut and My Big Big Friend that won childrens’ hearts all around the world.

Between frames… was presented at many film festivals all around the world like Anima Mundi in Brazil, Annecy International Animated Film Festival in France, Palm Beach Film Festival in United States, Animation Film Festival in Netherlands. It won many awards and commendations. The authors assert: ‘We promise that you’ll never watch Brazilian animation with the same eyes again!’.

Between Frames. The Art of Brazilian Animation
(directed by Eduardo Calvet, Brazil 2013, 99’)

Małopolski Ogród Sztuki – small hall
24th November (Tuesday), 5:00P.M.

Colombia gets to speak


History of Colombian animation is not long but very quickly and intensively progressing. At first animated movies from Colombia were patterned on the ones from USA and made only as an entertainment. Soon after that artistic animations started to come out. For several years many interesting authorial animations characterized by its original, peculiar style have been made there. They all have one thing in common – its unique flavour. You can feel a little uncomfortable while watching them, because they are kept in disturbing mood that express itself in characters behaviour and colours and textures, often trying to intimate some abstract ideas.

At this year’s edition of Etiuda&Anima audience is going to have a chance to see professional works as well as the most interesting student-made projects.

Student animations from Colombia

Małopolski Ogród Sztuki (big hall)
26th November (Thursday), 3:30P.M.

Professional animations from Colombia

Małopolski Ogród Sztuki (small hall)
27th November (Friday), 6:00P.M.