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International Film Festival

Krakow 21-26 XI 2023

Time to start the Festival!

Added: November 23, 2015

Etiuda&Anima in Cracow is one of the most important festivals of Polish new cinema. Energy, freshness, innovativeness, invention – six days of festival is going to be an explosion of talents from all around the world. We are going to see hundreds of movies – animations, documentaries and feature films, outlining new directions for cinema, like Kuba Czekaj’s Baby Bump, awarded at this year’s Film Festival in Venice.


The Festival is a great opportunity to meet both mature, experienced artists and debutants. We are going to see Signe Baumane, Kaspar Jancis, Cecilia Traslaviña González, Teresa Glad, Maciej Dygas and Mirosław Dembiński. With us in spirit there are going to be also Timothy and Stephen Quay and Christopher Nolan, author of the documentary about Brothers’ output. William Kantridge are going to be our special quest – he is going to receive prestigious ASIFA award on the first day of Etiuda&Anima Festival.

Despite the gloomy November weather outside, we are going to travel to hot places of our071 PILTS 001 planet – we are going to visit animated Brazil (Between Frames. The Art of Brazilian Animation) and Colombia (Colombian animations by professionals and by students), documentary Istanbul, Kolkata and Baku (serie World from Dawn till Dusk). We are going to glance at Spain, Belgium, Switzerland and Romania (Europe in Shorts) and Netherlands (Netherlandse Filmacademie etudes). We are also going to discover Sweden as we have never known it with Journey to Melonia, screenings of Swedish animation (Hundred years of Swedish animation) and Roy Andersson’s commercials. We are also going to drop by Japan (Giovanni’s Island) and by our neighbours from South (Little from the Fish Shop).

During the festival we are going to get some musical and visual experiences from Miss God (screening of Snow White with live music), collective SIBIGA, Andrzej Jacek Bronikowski and pianist Paweł Kaczmarczyk (Galactic Meander).

Etiuda&Anima makes also a great opportunity to participate very useful and interesting workshops: professional 3D animation workshops arranged in cooperation with Autodesk, CadSoft and Platige Image; Baby Bump or how to make a film in a year – case study with Kuba Czekaj’s movie producers; Hee Hee Hatty workshops for children.

Find a detailed programme of E&A 2015:


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