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International Film Festival

Krakow 21-26 XI 2023

Tickets for individual cinema screenings and VOD of the 29th IFF Etiuda&Anima are now on sale

Added: November 19, 2022

Still from animation " My Love Affair with Marriage" opening the 29th E&A

We have started selling tickets for individual cinema and VOD screenings of the 29th Etiuda&Anima International Film Festival. All tickets available on the site Bilie24.pl. The prices are attractive and amount to:

– PLN 7 for a reduced VOD ticket and PLN 8 for a regular VOD ticket
– PLN 10 for a discount KINO ticket and PLN 12 for a regular KINO ticket

ATTENTION! Tickets for screenings on the VOD platform and for physical screenings (KINO) at the Małopolska Garden of Arts in Krakow are sold separately.


We would like to remind you that passes for all cinema and/or VOD screenings at the 29th Etiuda&Anima IFF are still on sale.


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