/Signe Baumane again in Kraków

Signe Baumane again in Kraków

We love Signe Baumane – for her talent, uniqueness, uncompromising sense of humour, vibrancy. We are happy to announce that this queen of female animation will be, again, the guest of IFF Etiuda&Anima.


We will meet Signe Baumane several times. This New-York based artist will present a subjective guide to the New York independent animation, entitled “Avoid Eye Conctact”. The title comes from the DVD collections (released in 2004 and 2005) of the most fascinating animated films created by New Yorkers.

Baumane’s presentation consists of three parts. Programme I covers 14 of the artist’s favourites films from both parts of “Avoid Eye Conctact”. These films may not be the latest ones (“One of Those Days” was created in 1988); however, since animation does not age to the same extend as other film genres, they still rank among classics.

Programmes II and III were prepared especially for Etiuda&Anima and include films that have never been screened at festivals before. There are some things worth pointing out here, e.g. the action of many of these animated shorts is set in weird and untypical locations, like in “Terrible Alpha 9”, ”Pangs”, ”Egg”, ”Mirage” and ”Wandering Eye”. This might be explained by the fact that New York is a strange place with its own set of rules – something which is not very clear to the newcomers at first and makes them feel as if they were living on a different planet.

Besides, the programme features several animations that talk about women and womanhood in a blunt, rebellious or even obscene way, e.g. “Teat Beat of Sex”, “Boobatary”, ”Cee Cee’s Bedtime Stories” and ”Everybody’s Pregnant”.

These three programmes show some of the best New York animated shorts created in the last 20 years. This is a unique chance to experience the mindset and lifestyle of New Yorkers and the city itself.

Avoid Eye Contact – Signe Baumane on New York independent animation

Programme I
24th November (Thursday), 5:30 PM
Małopolska Garden of Arts – Small Room

Programme II
25th November (Friday), 6:00 PM
Małopolska Garden of Arts – Small Room

Programme III
26th November (Saturday), 7:30 PM
Małopolska Garden of Arts – Small Room


We also invite you to the screening of Signe Baumane’s first full-lenght film “Rocks in my pockets” (2014). It is a personal story of the female line of the Latvian’s family. Women, sensitive and emotional, struggle with the feeling of disconnection that drives them into depression and madness. Signe Baumane’s Q&A session with Cracovian students will be held after the screening. The event is free of charge.

Signe Baumane and her crazy search for a common sense in Rocks in my pockets

AGH Faculty of Humanities MOVIE NIGHT
Under the patronage of the Dean of the AGH UST Faculty of Humanities

25th November (Friday), 8:00 PM
Kijów Centrum – Main Room