/Latest feature animations at 22nd IFF Etiuda & Anima

Latest feature animations at 22nd IFF Etiuda & Anima

Among entertaining productions of big studios, whose promotion has firepower of atomic bomb, artistic and non – commercial animations often are left unnoticed. Our festival gives viewers a chance to see great animated movies of last years. This year we present two titles from different cultural circles – Czech Little one from fish shop by Jan Balej and Japanese Giovanni’s Island by Muzho Nishikubo.

Andersen at our southern neighbors – Little one from fish shop (2015)

Despite the fact Czech republic doesn’t have access to sea, Czech creators can tell beautiful stories happening in the sea scenery. Jan Balej uses tale Han Christian Andersen’s tale Little mermaid about love of seas’ king’s daughter to human. He moves it to fishermen port, where life is dreary and dark and his citizens cynical. Title Little One, innocent being with crystal heart, falls in hopeless love with owner of the night club.

Maleńka ze sklepu rybnego, Jan Balej, Mała Syrenka

Czech creator’s work, created on ground of rich tradition, charms with animation. It’s one of the first of feature movies made in Czech republic that combined dolls with digital animation (stop motion and CGI). Balej creates grotesque, bizarre world, in which sensitive Little one lives her first, tragic love. The movie is completed by mood music of French composer Chapelier Fou.

Little From the Fish Shop
(dir. Jan Balej, Czech/Slovakia/Germany 2015, 72’)

November 26th (Thursday), 9 pm., Małopolski Ogród Sztuki – Big room

Anime tale on exile – Giovanni’s Island (2014)

In hands of Japanese animation becomes a language able to tell inexpressible in other way trauma. Creators of anime can tell in their movies about painful moments from their homeland’s history. Polish viewers know productions of Ghiblii Studios, which in very moving way show experiences of Japanese m. al. : Grave of the Fireflies  (1988) by Isao Takahata, movies by Hayao Miyazaki – Hauru Moving Castle ( 2004), Ponyo (2008). This year at Etiuda & Anima will be shown Mizuho Nishikubo’s Giovanni’s Island from 2014, fits in wave of anime movies for adults, which Giovanni’s Island tell a story inspired by true events. Action of Nishikubo’s movie takes place shortly after World War II and concerns conflict between Japan and Russia about Kuril Islands, which Shikotan island belongs to. Main characters of the movie are two brothers, Junpei and Kanta, living on the island, whose life will be marked by experience of conflict between two countries. Movie story repeatedly alludes to extremely popular in Japan fairy tale novel by Kenji Miyazawa – Night on the Galactic Railroad.

Giovanni Island, anime

Giovanni’s Island
(dir. Mizuho Mishikubo, Japan 2014, 102’)

November 27th (Friday), 9 pm., Małopolski Ogród Sztuki – Big room