/Jayne Pilling

Jayne Pilling

She spent 11 years at the British Film Institute, then worked as Director, Cardiff International Animation Festival (1993-1995). .Has since worked as an animation specialist and historian, and film curator for festivals and museums, and has served on over 35  international festival juries. Founder/director of  the British Animation Awards, 1996-2018.

Curator, publisher and distributor of  over 20 DVD collections of British and international independent animation, both. Has taught at the Royal College of Art, London, in Europe, the USA and Asia and was Animation Research Fellow at Norwich School of the Arts, East Anglia University.

Member of the Commission de Selection, for the l’Abbaye Fontrevaud Animator in Residency Programme, France, 2009 -2016.

Directed Channel 4 TV series about European animation. Books include Animating the Unconscious: Desire & Sexuality in Animation: 2D & Beyond; A Reader in Animation Studies; Cartoons & the Movies; Women & Animation: A Compendium. These books are on the syllabus as required reading on university courses around the world, and regularly cited in reference bibliographies in books by academics and PhD students. Also commissioned to write articles for publications in France, China, Italy, Taiwan, Austria, Switzerland, Spain.

Recipient of the Zagreb International Festival World Council’s Award for Contribution to Animation Studies, 2019.