/Hitler draws at Bill Plympton’s

Hitler draws at Bill Plympton’s

Imagine that Adolf Hitler didin’t become of Third Reich and didn’t start Second World War. He established his own studio, where he was making animations as great as those from Walt Disney. He opened also big entertaiment park called Naziland, not to kill  others, just to make them happy. 


It’s hard not to believe Signe Baumane when she says that “We in New York have the beacon of independent animation – Bill Plympton”. Plympton is the unquestionable leader of the American, maybe even world independent animation. We agreed that this year, again after several years, he would visit our festival. He surprised us: unexpectedly, he preferred the Thanksgiving to the festival Etiuda&Anima held at the same time. As consolation, he offered to show us his latest films. In the absence of Bill Plympton, we invite you to watch Cop Dog and Hitler’s Folly (Szaleństwo Hitlera).

Hitler’s Folly
dir.: Bill Plympton, USA 2016, 67 min.

27th November (Sunday), 6.00 PM
Kijów Centrum – Large Room