/Lucija Mrzljak

Lucija Mrzljak

(born in 1990 in Zagreb) Croatian animation film director and illustrator, based in Estonia. She started to draw her first animated flipbooks as a child and as a teenager joined a film laboratory where she made her first experimental films on 8 mm and 16 mm analog film. She studied animation at the Academies of Fine Arts in Zagreb, Krakow, Prague and Tallinn. After completing her MA of Animation in Estonia as a student of Priit and Olga Parn, she decided to stay in Tallinn and since then works in Joonisfilm Studio. Her student films Shuma and Kut were screened at numerous film festivals around the world. During 2016 Etiuda&Anima festival those films brought her the Great Underestimated prize granted by the artistic director of the festival. In 2018, she won the Golden Jabberwocky for the film A Demonstration of Brilliance in Four Acts, which she made with Morten Tšinakov. Besides animation, she works as a freelance illustrator for children books and international political magazines.