/From Stockholm with Love. Focus on Sweden

From Stockholm with Love. Focus on Sweden

The Vikings, Dala horses, Stockholm syndrome, cool blondes or reindeer?This year’s edition of Etiuda&Anima will cause that soon Sweden will start to be associated primarily with the cinema! In the series of screenings Bergman’s homeland will reveal its varied cinematographic face.

 From a pencil to puppets. One Hundred Years of Swedish Animation

            A comprehensive collection of Scandinavian shorts produced in the twentieth and twenty-first century will be presented as part of a two-part show ‘One Hundred Years of Swedish Animation’. In addition to traditional animation there will also appear animated documents, and experimental miniatures from the early twentieth century and productions combining animation and  traditional feature films.

Focus na Szwecję1_14.11

            A boy, in whose head nails are painfully hammered, is trapped in a maze of nightmares and  macabre hallucinations. Several persons evokes in a memory their first sex. Lonely man decides to make friends with an owl, although the bird is not at all interested in this friendship. Portrait painter must overcome charges from some animated captain of strong character. The wealth of intriguing and visually inebriating paintings guarantees everyone fun at the highest level.

One Hundred Years of Swedish Animation I
25th November (Wednesday),  7.00 pm.

One Hundred Years of Swedish Animation II
26th November (Thursday), 7.00 pm.


Shakespeare and ecology. The Journey to Melonia

            Feature-length animation will be represented by “the Journey to Melonia”, a work nowadays considered to be a classics of Scandinavian cinema for whole families. The film was awarded by Swedish film industry, Guldbagge Awards for animation and music. Its author, Per Ǻahlin, is compared to Hayao Miyazaki, the Japanese animation master and founder of Studio Ghibli, due to a similar sensitivity to the problems of man and nature.

            The Journey to Melonia was based on Shakespeare’s story ‘The Tempest’. TheFocus na Szwecję2_14.11 eponymous island is inhabited by the wizard Prospero and his daughter Miranda, Ariel albatross, good-natured gardener with a vegetable face, Caliban and poet William. A few miles from Melonia lies the island of Plutonia ruled by greedy capitalists, Slug and Slagg where children are forced to slave labor in the production of weapons. When natural resources of Plutonia are depleted, its leaders start to look with a greedy eye on the Melonia. Although the film was created for the youngest viewers, it is worth to pay attention to it the universal and extremely current diagnosis included in the film, diagnosis of the risks of over-exploitation of the environment, economic exploitation, and finally – destructive effects of totalitarianism.

The Journey to Melonia / Resan till Melonia
(dir. Per Ǻahlin, Sweden/Norway 1989, 104 min.)

28th November (Wednesday), 11.00 am,

Buy insurance. Roy Andersson’s ads

            When we say the Scandinavian sense of humor, we think of him. Roy Andersson is without doubt one of the most original European directors, and the style of his bittersweet comedies combined with dramas like his Songs from the Second Floor is recognizable at first glance. The last feature film by Andersson, A Pigeon Sat on a Branch Reflecting on Existence, won the Golden Lion for best film at 72. IFF in Venice.

           Focus na Szwecję3_14.11 Between 1975-1999 Andersson created mainly advertising films of Air France, Lotto, Volvo, Citroën among others. His ‘filmography’ includes social spots, which provocative form caused as much enthusiasm as disapproving. It is amazing that even at such particular, often only few seconds long miniatures on order, Andersson managed to remain faithful to his own sad grotesque aesthetics, which we can see clearly in the most recent full-length movies by Swede. Andersson’s ads are like sketches, which, while retaining the main features of the final work, can be distinguished by additional exceptional subtlety and, what is rare in the case of commercials, not intrusive information. IFF Etiuda & Anima will show the choice of the rich collection from the years 1977-2014.

 Roy Andersson’s ads

28th November (Wednesday), 6.30 pm.