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Europe in Short Film

Etiuda&Anima hosts representatives of animation film festivals from Europe –  the Belgian Anima, the Norwegian Volda Festival and the Slovene Animateka. On this occasion will be screenings of films awarded and recommended by the organizers of the European animation Festivals.
 Ostatni autobus

Still from animation “Posledný autobus”, dir. Ivana Laučikova, Martin Snopek



Anima, the Brussels international festival of animation film, was established in 1982 as a showcase of the world’s finest animation films. With more than 300 films, the festival includes national and international competitions of short and feature-length films, retrospectives, tributes and special programmes as well as exhibitions, workshops and a sidebar programme for professionals: Futuranima. Anima’s extra bit: an audience of 42,000 people each year making a rush to enjoy the festival’s cosy and friendly atmosphere.

Anima is an Oscar© Qualifying Festival for the Short Animated Film Category. It is a founding member of the European Animation Awards (EAA) and is one of the European festivals of which the short films in competition are eligible for the Emile Awards.

This “carte blanche” compiles our favourite films of the latest edition of Anima : they represent our belief in the unlimited power of imagination of the art of animation.

Karin Vandenrydt


Anima On Tour 2017

24th November (Friday), 07.00 p.m.
Małopolska Garden of Arts – Small Screening Room




The festival AnimationVolda was a natural step to expand the international relationships of the university located in a small community between fjords and mountains on the western coast of Norway, which prides itself on its academic center educating in the field of media, including animation. The university, well-known for its practical approach in education about the media, opened its animation course in 1993 as the first one in Norway and it has been very international from the very beginning (one of the pedagogues working there is Peter Lord).

The aim of the festival from the start has been to create a meeting place for the Norwegian and international animation scene with the focus on student and professional films. The festival is run by the animation students which helps them to acquire professional experience in the areas that interest them. The school and the animation staff teachers are there to back the students, professionally and economically, but the students are in charge of programming, invitations, logistics and accounting. The best student film from the Nordic and Baltic countries (Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway and Sweden) are shown at the festival. A program of the best films are selected for the student Golden Gunnar Award at Fredrikstad Animation Festival. AnimationVolda also do the pre-selection for the best professional films from the Nordic and Baltic countries every year. FAF is a CARTOON d’OR-nominating festival.

The last AnimationVolda festival in September, the 11th, had ‘Women in Animation’ as thematic focus. All festival board members were females as well. The film program AnimationVolda will present in Krakow will hopefully show the diversity of both the animation course in Volda and the festival. There will of course be films by males and about males as well.

Gunnar Strøm


25th November (Saturday), 04.30 p.m.
Małopolska Garden of Arts – Small Screening Room





Film Festival Animateka was established in 2004 with the objective to improve the circulation and presentation of animated film production from Central and Eastern European countries. The important aim of our festival to become a relevant regional festival where selectors from western Europe and the rest of the world will be able to choose short animated films from countries of a low capacity production level, was fulfilled already after few editions. In 2010 we added two more competition programs to the festival – the European student short animated film competition and the International short animated films for children competition called The Elephant. Besides the competition programs we also feature special Jury programmes, a regional panorama program, the “Best of the World” program, national and personal retrospectives, a historical retrospective focused on an animation technique (stop-motion, experimental animation, 3D computer animation) or themes (animation and literature, animation and dance, animation, sound and music)  and a selection of feature animated films. In addition we organize exhibitions featuring art of festival guests. An integral part remains the education at all levels (children, youth, amateurs, professionals) therefore animation film workshops are organized prior and during the festival. Debates with visiting authors and round tables form a very important part of the festival, which from 2016 is named AnimatekaPRO.

The Animateka festival is also proud of it’s past jury members, who are carefully selected and are each of them crucially contributing to the quality of the festival with their film retrospectives, programme curatorships, exhibitions  and master classes.

We are proud to present to the Etiuda&Anima audience a strong selection of short animated films from Eastern European authors, that got prized at our festival, but also got many awards at other international venues.

Igor Prassel
Animateka programme director


Animateka International Animated
Film Festival: Close-up on Central and Eastern European animation

23rd November (Thursday), 07.30 p.m.
Małopolska Garden of Arts – Small Screening Room