/Etiuda&Anima. Pulsating with cinema

Etiuda&Anima. Pulsating with cinema

Etiuda&Anima in a word:

Etiuda&Anima is all about cinema pulsating with life. Bold documentaries, captivating animations, moving features. Films that are short and good.


Photo from the film ”Rocks in My Pockets”


Etiuda&Anima in a few words:

Etiuda&Anima shows the best animated, feature and documentary films. The festival keeps its finger on the pulse of the bold cinema. It organizes two international competitions: ETIUDA – for the best student short film and ANIMA – for the best animation. Etiuda&Anima is an unconventional cinema in motion: live animation shows, performances, filmmaking workshops.

Alternative, artistic, absorbing. On the highest level for 23 years.


Main hall of the Małopolski Ogród Sztuki


Etiuda&Anima word by word:

Etiuda&Anima is a festival that you can never get enough of. 225 films in 6 days. 34 artists with boundless imagination. Artistically uncompromising and commercially untouched films. E&A is the oldest and biggest festival of student and animated films. Etudes created by rebellious young filmmakers, animations made by the greatest visionaries, documentaries truer than life. Cinema in its live version: live animation shows, alternative music concerts, workshops conducted by stars.

The festival refreshes our idea of cinema and explores its most fascinating dimentions: short films, animated documentaries, found footage, video-art. Etiuda&Anima shows cinema pulsating with life.