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Etiuda&Anima musicly

Six days of festival is not only movie screenings meetings with moviemakers and trade workshops. Etiuda&Anima invites for special music events, which are in this year’s programme.

Concert of band SIBIGA


Collective began working at the beginning of 2014. To group belong three people: Krzysztof Repeć (gituars, spaces and noises), Bartosz Odrzywołek (synthesizers, loops, guitar, production) and Tomasz Starzyk (lyrics, guitar, vocals, synthesizers). Music they make is honest and very personal. Electro pop sound is supported by guitars as live instrumentation. Latest plans are publishing full LP called Leopold and premiere of single with the video. Cooperation between members and similar attitude towards making music causes that their tracks take listeners to different place for moment, let for moment of thinking and emotion.

ROTUNDA Cinema, Small room
November 25th (wednesday), start 10:30 pm


Silent Snow white and loud Miss God

This will an evening of silent cinema and music played live. One of most interesting represetative of young Polish music stage – Miss God – is going to play to movie Snow White (2012) by director Pablo Berger.

Śnieżka_16.11Snow White

(Dir., screenplay.: Pablo Berger, photos.: Kiko de la Rica, starring: Macarena García, Maribel Verdú, Daniel Giménez Cacho, Sofía Oria, Spain/France/Belgium 2012, 104’)

It’s story about brothers Grimm’ Snow White told in new way – in version of silent cinema. Action of Berger’s movie takes place in 1920s in Sevilla. Little Carmen never had a chance to meet her beautiful mother, who died early. Her father, former famous torreador, is neglecting his daughter subjecting himself to bad influence of new wife. Soulless step-mother hates Carmen and one day she decides to get rid of Carmen once and forever. But the girl manages to run away. She meets happy company of dwarves – little torreadors, who take her to their goup and give name Snow White. Soon the girl tries herself in corridas.


Miss God  is a vocalist, composer and music producer. She combines subtle electronics with nice bass, ethnic inspirations and vocal experiments. Consciously and in her own way. According to Agnieszka Szydłowska from Third programme of Polish Radion – separate and her own artist. Finalist of first Skoda and radio Three contest and contest „Make it louder T – Mobile Music. Artist played at filmPolska Festival in Berlin, created music for international dance appearance Le Flux, which premiere took place in Paris in 2014, in July 2015 she played two concerts in London, one of them as headliner Ambition Festival. In Poland she could be heard at Opener, Festival Soundrive in Gdańsk or Miss God_16.11Festival Firmament in Katowice. Miss God also took part in Piotr Stelmach’s programme Offensive, and her music can be heard in theatre plays and guestly with other artists: Lukasyno, Ladies Midday. By music site of Interia.pl she was named as one of most promising music debutes of 2013. Till now she made two Eps: I see you (2013) and Water (2014).


Screening of movie Snow White with live music by Miss God

November 27th (Friday), start 8:00 pm

Galactic Meander * Expanded Cinema – Andrzej Jacek Bronikowski + Paweł Kaczmarczyk music live

 We invite you for music Interstellar. Galactic Meander * Expanded Cinema is multimedia show of mulitiscreenings of author animated movies by Andrzej Jacek Bronikowski, integrated with arrangement of big format scrolled graphics treated as screens. Sound layer of project is made by improvised live music by Paweł Kaczmarczyk.

Presented at this year’s International Film Festival Etiuda&Anima in Kraków project Galactic Meander * Expanded Cinema by Andrzej Jacek Bronikowski with improvised live music by Paweł Kaczmarczyk was specially arranged for cinema and concert space of Rotunda. It’s next stage of evolution of this experimental project connectd with experience and perception of animated graphics of archetypical images of Space – as special kind of audiovisual practices’ creation. This movie media and animation art have special and priviliged place that that wider and deeper vison of Space could be expressed fully.

Paweł Kaczmarczyk_16.11Paweł Kaczmarczyk (born 1984 in Kraków) – jazz musician, one of the best pianists of young generation, composer, solist and sideman. Named as revelation of Polish and european jazz market. Valued for virtuosity, creativity and very mature technics.

November 27th (Friday), start 10:00 pm