/ETIUDA&ANIMA for kids


Sunday at the festival is full of attractions for children. We invite the youngest guests (and also the older ones) to the screening of “”My Life as a Zucchini” by Claude Barras and a series of animation “Out of competition – ANIMA for kids”.

My Life as a Zuccchini”
For Kids 8+

Based on “Autobiography of a Zucchini” by Gilles Paris. Courgette is an intriguing nickname for a 9-year-old boy, yet his unique story is surprisingly universal. After his mother’s sudden death, Courgette is befriended by a kind police officer Raymond, who accompanies Courgette to his new foster home full of other orphans his age. At first Courgette struggles to find his place in this, at times, strange and hostile environment. Yet with Raymond’s help and his newfound friends, Courgette eventually learns to trust, finds true love and at last a new family of his own. It is not an ordinary cheerful story, but rather a story about children experienced by traumatic events caused by their loved ones. With the use of animation and colour, the film’s authors succeeded in conveying a whole spectrum of moods of the protagonists, and with the use of subtle tips such as a scar, the viewer can figure out what the children must have gone through when they were little. Screened in Cannes, the film achieved international recognition. It also won numerous awards from the audience, among others, at festivals in Annecy and in San Sebastian.


Photo from the film „My Life as a Zuccchini”

Ma Vie de Courgette, reż. Claude Barras, Switzerland/ France 2016, animation, 66 min. /for kids 8+, Polish voice-over/

27th November (Sunday), 10.00 AM
Kijów Centrum – Main Room


Out of ANIMA Competition
For Kids 6+

Among more than a thousand films watched by the selection committee of the ANIMA competition, as every year, there were many films worth noticing, maybe even participating in the competition; however, due to various reasons, they were not shortlisted for the fight for awards. Among them we can find, inter alia, children’s films which, this time as well, have a chance to arouse interest, and, were the rules of the competition different, would have an opportunity to participate in a separate competition. This year we have decided to highlight a group of outstanding films in this category by presenting them during one, out-of-competition screening. As usual in such a case we hope that they will attract interest of children and their parents alike.


Photo from the film „Hey, Deer!”


Bat Time, dir. Elena Walf, GER 2015, 3’59’’
Crocodile, dir. Julia Ocker, GER 2015, 3’48’’
Hey, Deer!, dir. Örs Bárczy, HU 2015, 6’17’’
In a Cage, dir. Loic Bruyere, FR 2016, 6’
Joining Dots, dir. Fiona Ryan, IE 2016, 3’09’’
The Little Shoemaker, dir. G. Alais, T. Bonvard and others, FR 2015, 5’32’’
Octopus, dir. Julia Ocker, GER 2015, 3’48’’
The Kid and the Hedgehog, dir. Marc Riba&Anna Solanas, ES 2016, 3’
The Teeny-weeny Fox, dir. Sylwia Szkiladz&Aline Quertain, FR 2015, 8’22’’
Wolf, dir. Julia Ocker, GER 2015, 3’48’’
The Short Story of a Fox and a Mouse, dir. C. Chaix, H. Jean, J. Jourdan, M. Pillier, K. Roger, FR 2015, 6’18’’
Sweet Dreams, dir. Dinko Kumanović, HR 2015, 11’45’’
First Snow, dir. Lenka Ivančíková, CZ 2015, 13’34’’
Catch it, dir. P. Bar, M. Demaret, N. Forner, P. Marty, J. Robyn, J. Soler, FR 2015, 5’22’’
/for kids 6+, Polish voice-over/

27th November (Sunday), 1.00 PM
Kijów Centrum – Studio Room

Discount ticket (children, teenagers, students): 9 PLN
Regular ticket: 12 PLN