/Etiuda&Anima for children

Etiuda&Anima for children


During this year’s Etiuda&Anima there also will be attractions for the youngest viewers. We want to invite you to three special events dedicated to children:

Screening of the film „The Journey to Melonia” (dir. Per Ǻahlin, Sweden/Norway 1989, 104’)

28th November (Saturday) at 11:00 a.m.

„The Journey to Melonia” is one of the classics of children’s animation. The movie was honored by the swedish film industry awards- Guldbagge Awards- for animation and music Per Ǻahlin in his movie refers to „The Tempest” by William Shakespeare. Melonia is a paradise Island on which live a wizard Prospero with his daughter Miranda, Arliel albatros, gardener Caliban and poet William. A few miles from Melonia lies the island called Plutonia and ruled by greedy capitalists, Slug and Slagg. Plutonia is perceived as a hell on earth, where children are forced into slave labor in the production of weapons. When natural resources of Plutonia are depleted, its leader are using a giant drill to take over a beautiful Melonia. One day, during a storm off the coast of Melonia, crashes a ship with little Ferdinand who escapes from Plutonia. Mirand and Prospero seve the boy and help him with his recovery. All together with their eccentric friends  are facing the evil intentions of Slug and Slagg to save his beloved Island.

Per Ǻahlin is often compared to Hayao Miyazaki – master of Japanese animation, founder of Studio Ghibli. Both of them have similar sensitivity to the problems of man and nature. The message of „The Journey to Melonia” is still valid. The film warns us against the effects of over-exploitation of the environment that threatens ecological disaster, draws attention tothe economic exploitation, and also shows the destructive effects of militarism.


Screening of the film „Houdini” (dir. Cédric Babouche, France 2014, 52’)

 Małopolski Ogród Sztuki (duża sala)
26th November (Thursday), 10.00 a.m.


 Recommended for children aged 6-12 years

 „Houdini” is a story about one of the most famous illusionists in history- Harry Houdini (1874-1926). Houdini (truly Erik Weisz) was son of Jewish Rabbi, who emigrated from Hungary to USA with his family. Young Erik, also called „Harry” by his friends, began his career as a magician in a new country. At the beginning he focused on traditional card tricks. Soon he became famous for his spectacular escapes: freeing himself from the shackles, chains, straitjackets, tightly closed crates. Cédric Babouche, french animator focuses on the childhood of the future king of illusion. 12 year old Harry fascinated by magic lives with his parents in a small town Appleton, where he is practicing his tricks. One day he takes part of the big competition organized by the mayor of New York on the occasion of the inauguration of the Statue of Liberty. And there he meets the great „magician” Tesla…