/Erotics in animation – before Etiuda&Anima at Forum Przestrzenie

Erotics in animation – before Etiuda&Anima at Forum Przestrzenie

Before 22nd Etiuda&Anima International Film Festival starts, you need to see most erotic animations of last years.

What can be done with elastic body? What woman need a prince on white horse for? How satan will punish you, if you break your parents’ sexual rules? What is sex in middleeuropean style?

A bit of perversion, much of irony and loads of crazy humour. Carnality, erotics and sexuality in animated and no strings attached version.


Vladimir Leschiov & Kaspar Jancis_Villa Antropoff_2


In programme among others:

  • “Tram”, dir. Michaela Pavlátová, Czech Republic 2012.
  • “Teat Beat of Sex”, dir. Signe Baumane, USA, Latvia 2007.
  • “Five Fucking Fables”, dir. Signe Baumane, USA 2002.
  • “Villa Antropoff”, dir. Kaspar Jancis, Vladimir Leschiov, Estonia 2012.
  • “Laska”, dir. Michał Socha, Poland 2008.
  • “Pilots on the Way Home”, dir. Olga Pärn, Priit Pärn, Estonia, Canada 2014.
  • “Futon”, dir. Yoriko Mizushiri, Japan 2013.
  • “Hipopotamus”, dir. Piotr Dumała, Poland 2014.


We highly recommend 😉


Erotics in animation // before Etiuda&Anima
Forum Przestrzenie
November 20th (Friday) at 7 pm