/Ederly – a dream of Piotr Dumała

Ederly – a dream of Piotr Dumała

Ederly is a mysterious place where everything can happen and nothing may be for real. The latest live-action film by Piotr Dumała, a renowned artistic animation director, is at once intriguing and disturbing. “Ederly” received the Golden Claw Award in the Visions Apart Competition at Gdynia Film Festival.

Piotr Dumała – a highly regarded and known worldwide author of animations has taken his place behind the camera to make a feature film for the second time. After The Forest (Las), made in 2009, in 2015 he created Ederly. Not giving up the idea of making animations this time (among others Hippopotamuses / Hipopotamy, 2014) the artist embarked on the new course of his original artistic work.


As Dumała himself claims, his inspiration to make Ederly was his childhood dream. Some influence can be also tracked down to magic realism of the Latin American literature, especially in the works by Gabriel Garcia Marquez and Julio Cortazar, who were carefully read by the artist some years ago. The title EDERLY is a city existing beyond time, on the border between reality and dream. It may seem that it only exists to let the protagonist – Słow – enter it at some point in time. The main character – like the author himself – is a fine arts conservator who enters this strange place to renovate the works of art in the local church. He spends the nights in a neighbouring house, where he is taken for the hosts’ child gone missing years ago. Nobody knows why it will be easier for him to play the imposed role that to defend his own identity.

Ederly, fitting into the artist’s output to date, described as surreal and associated by some critics with The Tenant by Roman Polański and Eraserhead by David Lynch, won the Golden Claw Award (ex aequo with Karolina Breguła’s film Office for Monument Construction) in the Visions Apart competition at this year’s Film Festival in Gdynia.

dir.: Piotr Dumała, Poland 2016, 87 min.

27th November (Sunday), 4.00 PM
Kijów Centrum – Large Room