/Creative power of women at ETIUDA&ANIMA

Creative power of women at ETIUDA&ANIMA

We are happy that during this year’s edition of the festival we will be able to showcase the works of so many female artists.


Photo from the film  “Homestatements”

The guest of Etiuda&Anima is, again, Signe Baumane – queen of the independent female animation, an audience’s favourite and a colourful figure of the New York artistic bohemia. Baumane will tell us about remarkably rich and thriving animation scene in New York and meet the festival goers and Cracovian students during the screenings of her full-length “Stones in my pockets”.

Another important spot on the map of the festival’s attractions is a screening of “Turbulent Times, Familiar Places” from Tricky Women, the international festival organised in Wien, which is the first (and, so far, the only) artistic event in the world fully dedicated to the animation films created by women.

We would like to emphasize the participation of women-directed films in the festival’s competitions. A significant part of the films qualified for the ANIMA Competition come from female filmmakers, including as many as six from Poland: Anita Kwiatkowska-Naqvi, Kamila Sosnowska, Marta Magnuska, Agnieszka Waszeniuk, Wiola Sowa and Marta Pajek. In the ETIUDA Competition we will see the films of thirteen female directors, including two Poles – Klara Kochańska (“Tenants”) and Izabela Kiszczak (“Say It Again, Grandad”)



Signe Baumane invites the festival’s participants to the series of talks on the phenomenon of the New York independent animation scene – “Avoid Eye Contact”. Each of the three lectures will be illustrated by the artist’s favourite films.

“If you can’t come to New York, then New York will come to you! These three programmes show some of the best New York animated shorts created in the last 20 years. This is a unique chance to experience the mindset and lifestyle of New Yorkers and the city itself. These shorts will make you laugh and cry, and we hope that you will leave the screenings feeling inspired to make a film on your own.”

Signe Baumane

Avoid Eye Contact I
24 November (Thursday), 5:30 PM
Małopolska Garden of Arts – Small Room

Avoid Eye Contact II
25 November (Friday), 6:00 PM
Małopolska Garden of Arts – Small Room

Avoid Eye Contact III
26 November (Saturday), 7:30 PM
Małopolska Garden of Arts – Small Room




Photo from the film  “Rocks in my pockets”

Signe Baumane will be also present at the screening of “Rocks in my pockets” which is her “crazy search for a common sense”. This animation is based on Baumane’s family story. It is a tale of five women from one family, including the director herself, who struggle with depression and madness.  “Rocks in my pockets” was selected as the Latvian entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the Academy Awards in 2015. We invite you for a Q&A session after the screening.

Rocks in my pockets
25 November (Friday), 8:00 PM
Kijów Centrum – Main Room



The Austrian Federal Ministry for Europe, Integration and Foreign Affairs, which aims to bring the general public’s attention to the female filmmaking and its promotion around the world, joined forces with the Tricky Women Festival. This collaboration led to the idea of a film programme that would present the most interesting achievements in the field of female animation. Its latest edition is called “Turbulent Times, Familiar Places” and gathers a series of excellent animated productions from eminent Austrian female filmmakers. This selection should raise viewers’ awareness of how much it is still to discover in the field of female animation.



Photo from the film  “Shut up moon”

“Turbulent Times, Familiar Places” assembles contemporary works of Austrian female animation filmmakers and offers an insight into the various techniques and work processes with which the artists shift the attention to relevant and unprecedented topics, such as the question of where and why you feel at home (“Homestatements”) or what it is like to arrive in a new city where interpersonal relationships have to be established first (“Shut up moon”). Among other films selected for the programme are: a mystical city observation where discarded objects get a chance for a second life (“Taipei Recyclers”), animations about the greed with which both the social and ecological consciousness is shifted from communality to singularity (“Princess Disaster Movie”, “YachaY”), films full of biographical details (“Garten & Schnaps”), stories about effects of boredom and (the lack of) opportunities on the periphery (“Ginny”) or about what happens when a woman takes her life into her own hands (“Two Melons – Birth of an artist”). The programme also includes films about the un/predictability of love around the globe and in the neighborhood (“Follow you”, “Der Verliebte Koch”) as well as stories exploiting minimalistic forms by using excessive sound (“Three suns”) or challenging the mechanisms of cinema and its perception (“Machine”).

Turbulent Times, Familiar Places – Tricky Women Festival presents Austrian female animations
24 November (Thursday), 9:00 PM
Małopolska Garden of Arts – Small Room