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International Film Festival

Krakow 21-26 XI 2023

Competition ANIMA: The madness of diversity

Added: November 24, 2015

Have you ever walked out of the cinema with the feeling that the film was about nothing? Probably more than once. In this year's edition of the ANIMA there is no such danger. These videos are about everything!

This year's edition of the international competition of professional and student short animated films host 69 titles from 24 countries. That's about as much time as we spend to watch six feature films. Indeed, life is too short to fill it watching full length films.

347 Bloquejats03

The formula of the competition, that compares recognized films along with academic productions of young artists, is a great opportunity for reflection. What are the points of contact for works of the old and the young? Which elements from the canon of world animation are being used by young animators and which have been discarded? Will the latest achievements of the Great and Recognized withstand a collision with the young artists' energy? Will the champions continue to delight us and avoid making the monumental bronze pose on their pedestals? All this you will be able to observe during the ANIMA competition projections.

Next to the young, their latest productions will present recognized animators such as Georges Schwizgebel (Erlkönig), Andreas Hykade (Nuggets) Konstantin Bronzit (We can not live without cosmos) Riho Unt (The Master) and Priit and Olga Pärn (Pilots on the Way Home), or the already awarded in the competition ANIMA Claudius Gentinetta (Islander's Rest), Theodore Ushev (Sonambulo), Don Hertzfeld (World of Tomorrow) and Daniel Šuljić (Transparency).

936 ErlkonigAs always, we will see a full spectrum of various animation techniques: from the classic animation, through cut-outs, videos, dolls, clay, rotoscoping pixels, computer animations, 2D and 3D, to abstract impressionistic paintings and even film painted on subsequent pages of old books spread side by side.

The international competition event will sooner or later raise questions about the condition of local film productions against foreign competition, the "ANIMA 2015 and the Polish question". All the voices that have announced a few years ago the rebirth of the Polish animation are still present. The competition has a list of ten domestic productions. Alongside interesting offers from Polish film and art school students, we will see the already recognized in many festivals Wojciech Sobczyk's Summer 2014 and Blue Room of Thomas Siwiński, the music video for Renata Przemyk's song (Sculpture of Monika Kuczyniecka), as well as the Andersen' fairy tale This is a message told by Jerzy Sthur and illustrated with oil paintings by Joanna Jasinska-Koronkiewicz.

And what about foreign productions? I think everyone dreams about the great migration, because someone constantly goes on a journey: one cannot stay on the same place (We can not live without Cosmos Bronzit), other is sad in space (Missing one player Lei Lei), some are making fun ships in a bottle (Islander's Rest Gentinetta), and others attach them to whales (Levitation Marko Mestrovic). Can you make friends with a mosquito at sea? (Sailor's Yarn Julia Munz and Claudia Wirth). Trains are hard to trust (Fongopolis Joanna Sheepskin, Soot David Doutel and Vasco), so you can try riding on a bike – you may just manage to get one pipe (Velodrool Sander Joon), although you can also get yourself in trouble (Super 8 Rim Sharafutdinov). Aircrafts fail (Pilots on the Way Home Priit and Olga Pärn, Go to city Ele Li Wenyu), so maybe you could finally start up the engine? (Roadtrip Xaver Xylophon). You can also try to fly into the sky on your own, just remember not to lose power (Golden Shot Gökalp Gönen), though it may be still better than an uncontrolled atom (Lucens Marcel Barell).

126 The Shop of SongBirds_07This crazy journey doesn't lack original creatures or ideas (The Story of Precival Pilts by Janette Goodey & John Lewis) as for example the Estonian inventiveness of riding on keyboard instruments (Piano Kaspar Jancis). And if you are not interested in travelling in space, you can also travel in time (the World of Tomorrow Hertzfeld).

Is that all? Of course not. A lot of fascinating stories are still waiting, and besides them there are some films that do not pay attention that much to the plot, but captivate your attention with visual arts, movement and music. We will be honoured with the presence of the great composers: Schubert, Liszt (Erlkonig Schwizgebel), Tchaikovsky, Vivaldi, Bach, Beethoven, Granados (Life with Herman H. Roth Chintis Lundgren) and Richard Strauss (World of Tomorrow Hertzfeld).

From Tuesday to Friday, the last fight for the winged Jabberwocki award and 2,500 euros - do not miss this rivalry!

I COMPETITION SCREENING ANIMA: 24th (Tuesday), 5 p.m. MOS (large room)

II COMPETITION SCREENING ANIMA: 24th (Tuesday), 9 p.m. MOS (large room)

III COMPETITION SCREENING ANIMA: 25th (Wednesday), 5 p.m. MOS (large room)

IV COMPETITION SCREENING ANIMA: 25th (Wednesday), 9 p.m. MOS (large room)

V COMPETITION SCREENING ANIMA: 26th (Thursday), 5 p.m. MOS (large room)

VI COMPETITION SCREENING ANIMA: 27th (Friday), 5 p.m. MOS (large room)

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