/Big names in the ANIMA Competition

Big names in the ANIMA Competition

Every year, the art school students and beginning filmmakers enter the ANIMA Competition side by side with the acclaimed directors from all over the world. This proves the level of competition and its international outreach. During the upcoming edition, Koji Yamamura (“Parade” de Satie), Bill Plympton (The Loneliest Stoplight), Igor Kovalyov (Before Love), Theodore Ushev (Blind Vaysha), Paul Bush (The Five Minute Museum), Ülo Pikkov (Tick Tack) and Vladimir Leschiov (Waiting for the New Year) will compete for the Golden Jabberwocky and 15 000 PLN.


The Japanese  Kōji Yamamura has been making art since the 1980s. His 2002 movie Mt. Head (Atamayama) won the Short Film Award at Annecy and receieved a nomination for the Academy Award. In 2007, Yamamura won the Ottawa Grand Prix with his animated adaptation of Franz Kafka’s A Country Doctor (Inaka Isha).

 “Parade” de Satie, dir. Koji Yamamura, JP 2016, 14’12’’
I ANIMA SCREENING: 23rd November (Wednesday), 5:15 PM, Małopolska Garden of Arts (Main Room)


Bill Plympton is an animator, graphic designer, cartoonist and filmmaker. In 1987, he was nominated for the Academy Award for his animated short “Your Face”. He has created over 40 animated short films and six animated features. He has also published a comic book “The Sleazy Cartoons of Bill Plympton”. He has collaborated with The New York Times, Vogue, House Beautiful, Penthouse, Rolling Stone and Glamour.


The Loneliest Stoplight, dir. Bill Plympton, USA 2015, 6’18’’
IV SCREENING ANIMA: 24th November (Thursday), 7:15 PM, Małopolska Garden of Arts (Main Room)


Igor Kovalyov is an animator, designer and filmmaker of Ukrainian origin. He is a co-founder of the legendary Moscow Pilot School of Animation. In the 1990s, he started working in Hollywood, in  Klasky Csupo Studio. His films received award nominations in Cannes and Chicago. He was also awarded in the festivals in Hiroshima, Ottawa and Kraków.

Before Love, dir. Igor Kovalyov, RU 2015, 19’15’’
I ANIMA SCREENING: 23rd November (Wednesday), 5:15 PM, Małopolska Garden of Arts (Main Room)


Theodore Ushev, a Bulgarian-born artist, moved to Canada after achieving a huge success in numerous art contests. He creates animations, illustrations, graphics and art installations. In 5 years, he made several films which he uploaded to the Internet. He triumphed at i.a. Annecy with his  Gloria Victoria.


Blind Vaysha, dir. Theodore Ushev, CA 2016, 8’13’’
V ANIMA SCREENING: 25th November (Friday), 3:00 PM, Małopolska Garden of Arts (Main Room)


British Paul Bush creates films that challenge the boundaries of experimental animation and documentary. In 1988, his The Albatross won the Special Award at Annecy. At Etiuda&Anima 2012, he received the Special Golden Dinosaur which is awarded to an outstanding artist turned pedagogue.

The Five Minute Museum, dir. Paul Bush, UK 2015, 6’30’’
V ANIMA SCREENING: 25th November (Friday), 3:00 PM, Małopolska Garden of Arts (Main Room)


Estonian artist,  Ülo Pikkov, is a renowned director and screenwriter. He also writes and illustartes children books. He acts as a producer of documentary and animated films. His most awarded film is Body Memory (2011) which was appreciated in i.a. Germany, Canada and France.

Tick Tack, dir.: Ülo Pikkov, EE 2015, 10’
V ANIMA SCREENING: 25th November (Friday), 3:00 PM, Małopolska Garden of Arts (Main Room)


Vladimir Leschiov is a Latvian designer and director. He worked for the TV production and created several videoclips and commercials. Since 2007, he has been running his own animation studio Lunohod. In 2012, he co-created a film with Estonian  Kaspar Jancis, entitled Villa Antropoff. In 2005 and 2012, he was awarded at Kraków Film Festival. He was a member of the Jury at Etuida&Anima. In 2009, he was awarded an honorary distinction by the International Federation of Film Societies (FICC) Jury at our festival.


Waiting for the New Year, dir. Vladimir Leschiov, LV 2016, 8’11’’
VI ANIMA SCREENING: 25th November (Friday), 9:00 PM, Małopolska Garden of Arts (Main Room)