/Austria at 23. IFF ETIUDA&ANIMA

Austria at 23. IFF ETIUDA&ANIMA

We invite you to the screenings of the Austrian feature, documentary, animated and experimental films. Four screenings of the “Europe in the short film” series and the “Turbulent Times & Familiar Places” programme, prepared by the Tricky Women Festival, will give you a chance to explore the latest works of Austrian filmmakers and artists.

Europe in the short film: AUSTRIA

A series of four screenings of the most insteresting Austrian short films of the last 3 years is organised with the participation of the Austrian Cultural Forum which promotes cinematic achievements of its country.

This section is recommended by the Austrian director and screenwriter, Susanne Freund:

Combinations of this lesser-known film-type now fill entire evenings and travel around the world as ambassadors of our local short-film industry, thanks to the cooperation between the Austrian Federal Ministry for Europe, Integration and Foreign Affairs and the Austrian Film Academy. This is a wonderful development. What more do you need?


Photo from the film „Uncanny Valley”

Programme of the screenings:

Austria (I) – 23rd November (Wednesday), 4.00 PM, Malopolska Garden of Arts (Small Room)

  • Alles wird gut | Everything Will Be Ok, dir. Patrick Vollrath, A 2015, 30′
  • Babash, dir. Lisa Truttmann, Behrouz Rae, A|USA|IR 2014, 9′
  • Carte Noire, dir.: Michaela Grill, A 2014, 2′
  • Domino, dir. Anna Vasof, A 2014, 2′
  • Eden’s Edge | Eden’s Edge, dir. Gerhard Treml, Leo Calice, A 2014, 20′
  • Esel | Carry On, dir. Rafael Haider, A 2015, 24′

Austria (II) – 24th November (Thursday), 4.00 PM, Malopolska Garden of Arts (Small Room)

  • Exhibition Talks, Sasha Pirker, Lotte Schreiber, A 2014, 9′
  • House and Universe, Antoinette Zwirchmayr, A 2015, 3’50”
  • Liebling | My Love, dir. Sebastian Schmidl, A 2015, 42′
  • Minor Border, Lisbeth Kovačič, A 2015, 25′

Austria (III) – 25th November (Friday), 4.00 PM, Malopolska Garden of Arts (Small Room)

  • Moon Blink, Rainer Kohlberger, A 2015, 10′
  • O Que Resta, dir. Jola Wieczorek, A|PT 2015, 39′
  • Odessa Crash Test, Norbert Pfaffenbichler, A 2014, 6′
  • Of Stains, Scrap and Tires, Sebastian Brameshuber, A 2014, 19′
  • Powder Placenta, Katrina Daschner, A 2015, 9′

Austria (IV) – 26th November (Saturday), 4.00 PM, Malopolska Garden of Arts (Small Room)

  • Schattenboxer | Shadow Boxer, dir. Jannis Lenz, A 2015, 18′
  • The, dir. Billy Roisz, Dieter Kovačič, Austria, 2015, 13′
  • The Exquisite Corpus, Peter Tscherkassky, A 2015, 19′
  • Tristes Déserts – a Robot’s Tale, Stephanie Winter, A 2015, 8′
  • Uncanny Valley, Paul Wenninger, A 2015, 13′
  • Zlaté Piesky Rocket Launch, Josef Dabernig, A 2015, 10′


Photo from the film „Powder Placenta”


Tricky Women Festival presents Austrian Female artists’ animated films

The Austrian Federal Ministry for Europe, Integration and Foreign Affairs, which aims to bring the general public’s attention to the female filmmaking and its promotion around the world, joined forces with the Tricky Women Festival. This collaboration led to the idea of a film programme that would present the most interesting achievements in the field of female animation. Its latest edition is called “Turbulent Times & Familiar Places” and gathers a series of excellent animated productions from eminent Austrian female filmmakers. This selection should raise viewers’ awareness of how much it is still to discover in the field of female animation.


Photo from the film „Two Melons – Birth of an artist”

“Turbulent Times & Familiar Places” assembles contemporary works of Austrian female animation filmmakers and offers an insight into the various techniques and work processes with which the artists shift the attention to relevant and unprecedented topics, such as the question of where and why you feel at home (“Homestatements”) or what it is like to arrive in a new city where interpersonal relationships have to be established first (“Shut up moon”). Among other films selected for the programme are: a mystical city observation where discarded objects get a chance for a second life (“Taipei Recyclers”), animations about the greed with which both the social and ecological consciousness is shifted from communality to singularity (“Princess Disaster Movie”, “YachaY”), films full of biographical details (“Garten & Schnaps”), stories about effects of boredom and (the lack of) opportunities on the periphery (“Ginny”) or about what happens when a woman takes her life into her own hands (“Two Melons – Birth of an artist”). The programme also includes films about the un/predictability of love around the globe and in the neighborhood (“Follow you”, “Der Verliebte Koch”) as well as stories exploiting minimalistic forms by using excessive sound (“Three suns”) or challenging the mechanisms of cinema and its perception (“Machine”).

Turbulent Times & Familiar Places – Tricky Women Festival presents Austrian Female artists’ animated films

24th November (Thursday), 9:00 PM
Małopolska Garden of Arts – Small Room