/ANIMA contest: final is coming

ANIMA contest: final is coming

Every adventure comes to an end. Last five days were full of emotions and unusual, unexpected spectacles for the audience of International ANIMA Contest. We have seen many movies, that were short, but we are will remember them for a long time. Tonight we are going to see the last screenings of this year’s edition. The contest made an occasion to clash of the cultures, sensibilities, aesthetics, world views. The viewers could have pick from loads of different things only the ones that personally affects them. It is the highest value of the contest. And for the authors it was a great opportunity to show their works to other people. Etiuda&Anima Festival is a completely unusual cultural event, that brings the role of indie animation to the fore. After the contest’s screenings we are even more sure, that this part of culture is absolutely underrated.

At this year’s edition of ANIMA Contest there will be presented overall 69 movies from all around the world. They prove, that one-reelers are perfect for showing very intimate expressions presenting the world seen from very subjective point of view. At the same time they let us see all the endless opportunities of animation as a medium. Authors by using many different techniques are able to touch the questions, that could be difficult to show with just words. Movies – like Kaspar Jancis’s ‘Piano’, that tells a story of ‘tiny huge’ tragedies of several people concentrated around the titular instrument or like dedicated to the fear of non-acceptance Jessika Poon’s ‘April 21’ – leaves unbelievably deep imprint on our sensibility. We hope to see plenty little masterpieces next year; meanwhile, we are waiting for a final verdict and invite you to participate the last screenings of the Festival’s movies.

VI SCREENING ANIMA: 27TH November (Friday), 5 p.m.

Małopolska Garden of Arts (large hall)