/Anidocs: to animate document

Anidocs: to animate document

Uri Kranot, Israeli artist, who is lecturer and meritorical guardian of AniDox:Lab – programme supporting makers in realisation of animation document, in Małopolski Ogród Sztuki will present retrospective of most interesting documents from last years. We will see among others Lay Bare by Paul Bush, Centerfold by Ellie Lang, Still Born by Asa Sandzen, Marcel, the King of Tervuren by Tom Schroeder.  

Animated documentaries have been around for almost a century. The first film defined as one was Winsor McCay’s The Sinking of the Lusitania (1918), but Persepolis and Waltz with Bashir in the late-2000s marked a notable revival, inspiring many animated documentary films in the subsequent years. We have seen the documentary genre’s borders expand with animation,  contributing new visual tools of expression with the endless storytelling possibilities the medium has to offer.


Photo from the film “Marcel, the King of Tervuren”

Looking at what has been done and what is currently being made within this field, it seems hard to define what makes a film an animated doc. Some use real soundtrack, some involve real footage imagery, and some fabricate every aspect of the production. The one element that connects them all is the “seed of truth” – the feeling that something within the story is real. Manipulated – yes, of course, but telling a story that deals with reality to some extent.

From global to personal, from a wide perspective on our world to the narrow and intimate, the collection of animated docs presented in Etiuda and Anima 2016 gives a true overview on current streams in documentary and animation.

Uri Kranot

Anidocs – Uri Kranot presents animated documentaries
Special GuestUri Kranot

26th November (Saturday), 8:15 PM
Malopolska Garden of Arts – Big Room