/3 x Plympton

3 x Plympton

Bill Plympton is a legendary figure of American independent animation. His colleagues consider him a real oracle and a pillar of art in New York.

This is what our this year’s special guest, Signe Baumane, says about him:

I don’t know any independent NYC animator who hasn’t looked at Bill and, at least once in their life, said, “That looks easy, I can do it.”  (…) No one else can do what Bill does (he is unique) but thanks to his example and our aspirations to be like him we have a lot of independent animated films made in New York.


Bill Plympton is an animator, graphic designer, cartoonist and filmmaker. In 1987, he was nominated for the Academy Award for his animated short “Your Face”. He has created over 40 animated short films and six animated features. He has also published a comic book “The Sleazy Cartoons of Bill Plympton”.  He lives in New York.

He was born in 1946 in Portland, Oregon. At the age of 14, he sent Disney some of his cartoons and offered up his services as animator. They wrote back and told him that he was too young, but his drawings showed promise. After graduating from high school, he moved to New York and started working as illustrator, cartoonist and layout designer in magazines. His works have been published in such titles as: The New York Times, Vogue, House Beautiful, Penthouse, Rolling Stone and Glamour.


During this year’s edition of the festival, we will watch three of Bill Plympton’s works:

“Hitler’s Folly” – a mockument; a satirical reimagining of the life and dreams of the Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler. The film explores Hitler’s unfulfilled animation career, involving creating a Disneyland-like place called Nazi-land.

“Cop Dog” – Plympton’s latest short animation; a continuation of the series “Guard Dog”, “Guide Dog”, “Hot Dog” and “Horn Dog”.

“The Loneliest Stoplight” – a short animation taking part in this year’s ANIMA Competition. Voiced by Patton Oswalt, the film depicts the life and times of a neglected stoplight.

Cop Dog
Hitler’s Folly
27th November (Sunday), 6:00 pm
Kijów Centrum – Main Room

The Loneliest Stoplight
IV screening of the ANIMA Competition
24th November (Thursday), 7:15 pm
Małopolska Garden of Arts (MOS) – Main Room