/22nd IFF Etiuda&Anima: finale soon, soon

22nd IFF Etiuda&Anima: finale soon, soon

Before us last day of Etiuda&Anima Festival 2015. The evening full of emotions awaits for us: glamorous Closing Ceremony, on which we will know this year’s winners of ETIUDA competition and ANIMA competition. This year for rivalization for Golden, Silver and Bronze Dinosaur (ETIUDA) compiteted 38 movies from around the world and for awards of Golden, Silver and Bronze Jabberwocky (ANIMA) 72 creators are fighting. Also there will be an award of Special Golden Dinosaur for best film school of the festiwal and Special Golden Jabberwocky for best student animated short movie of the festival. Beside prestigious distinctions winners will also get money rewards: 10 000 PLN (ETIUDA) i 12 000 PLN(ANIMA). Competition movies are awaiting for other distictions (Great (Un)Apprecited given by head of festival Bogusław Zmudziński) and audience award – for many creators the most precious trophy.

During Closing Ceremony we will see winning movies.

Certain amount of tickets for Closing  Ceremony will be avaiable for viewers.

We kindly invite!

Festival closing. Presentation of the awards and screening of awarded films

28th November (Saturday), 7.30 p.m.