Biggest dream

Classic documentary from the time before the Prague Spring. In one interview, Jan Špáta, a cinematographer, said about his film debut: ”Questions asked in the documentary not only force the youth to communicate, but bother us, the older generation, as well. Moreover, they provoke us to express honest opinions. Using the filmmedium, I wanted to show the youth of today. Their new system of values is sometimes discredited. I’m not the only one pondering over this problem. I wish this documentary attracted interest not only of the “older” audience, but also of young people. So that they could identify with it. Through “Biggest Dream” I intended to move a survey towards film. I’m convinced that a survey which fails to present problems in a cinematographic way doesn’t have the right to exist. For this reason my documentary consists of both “classic shots” with a reporter holding a microphone as well as scenes far from this limited form. One needs to stress that the film does not have a pessimistic overtone and shouldn’t be interpreted in such a way. I admit that sad moments appear as well. I mean the scenes shot in Prague arcades, where it is difficult to talk about eloquence and noble ideals of the protagonists. They are a part of bored youth, who kill the time not knowing their way out of the emptiness they created for themselves. However, great majority of the filmed individuals have got the thing that constitutes the essence of today’s youth: sensitivity to truth and desire for justice.”   Největší přání dir. Jan Špáta, cinematography by Vladimir Skalský, Czech Republic 1964, documentary film, 31 min. 23rd November (Friday), 9.30 p.m.  Małopolski Ogród Sztuki – Small Screening Room

Miloš Forman: What doesn’t kill you…

In his documentary, Miloš Forman: What Doesn’t Kill You... (Miloš Forman: Co te nezabije…), Miloš Šmídmajer takes a closer look at 5 years of the director’s life, tries to decipher his way of thinking and shed some light onto some of the intimate episodes in his bio-graphy. Forman’s professional work had its natural inspiration in his personal life. This documentary does not present the biography in a typical way. Forman’s profile was interwoven into the frames of the “short story” of his filmmaking. This film makes us aware of the importance of the productions which translate emotions into the screen and touch the highest values, such as man’s freedom. And Miloš Forman exceptionally convincingly personified the value of individual freedom.
The film comprises interviews with the director’s friends and family as well as actors who cooperated with Forman in making his most famous titles. On the screen we can see, among others: Fahrid Murray Abraham, Oscar-winner for the role of the Italian composer Antonio Saleri in the music drama Amadeus, Oscar-nominee Woody Harrelson, who played the part of Larry Flynt, Louise Fletcher – Oscar-winner for the role of sister Mildred Ratched in One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, Natalie Portman and Javier Bardem (Goya’s Ghosts) and Anette Bening (Valmont).   Miloš Forman: co te nezabije... dir. Milošlav Šmídmajer, cast: Miloš Forman, Saul Zaentz, Paul Rassam, Michael Douglas, Jean-Claude Carriere, Martina Formanová, Petr Forman, Matěj Forman, Natalie Portman, Louise Fletcher, Woody Harrelson, F. Murray Abraham, Theodor Pištěk, Javier Bardem, Czech Republic 2009, documentary film, 100 min. 21st November (Wednesday), 4 p.m.  Kijów Centrum – Large Screening Room

Jacek and Placek

The most renowned feature animated film by the recently deceased Leszek Gałysz, author of well-known and highly valued animated series for children.
The twin brothers Jacek and Placek were born in a little town of Zapiecek. The boys were reluctant to work and dreamt of finding a place where they wouldn’t have to do any work at all. One day they decide to escape the town and look for such a land. During their long journey the twins have lots of various adventures. Jacek and Placek directed by Leszek Marek Gałysz, screenplay by Krzysztof Kowalski, Leszek Marek Gałysz, cinematography by Barbara Stankiewicz, music by Jan Borysewicz, Poland 1992, animation, 72 min. 22nd November (Thursday), 12 p.m.  Kijów Centrum – Large Screening Room

The Wolf House

A feature film where the various elements of beauty, fear, disorder and the narrative itself are born from the same precarious elements that are in permanent states of change. It is the story of a young woman who is hiding in a house, but it is also the story of a physical and mental world that falls apart, destroys itself and renews itself time and again. It is an animal in a state of relentless mutation.
The air of folklore and fantasy in a colony of religious fundamentalists in Chile. Nightmarish visions, people magically transformed into physical objects, talking animals. Wildness of the heart and curiosity which often leads straight to hell. This stop-motion animated film by the two Chilean artists is a grotesque record of a young woman’s initiation journey into the unknown. La Casa Lobo Directed by: Cristóbal León, Joaquin Cociña, screenplay by: Cristóbal León, Joaquin Cociña, Alejandra Moffat, Chile 2018, animation, 73 min. 24th November (Saturday), 5 p.m. Kijów Centrum – Large Screening Room

Another Day of Life

This is a gripping story of a three-month-long trip that renowned reporter Ryszard Kapuściński took across Angola ravaged by a war in which the front lines shifted like a kaleidoscope from one day to the next. This feature animated film is based on Ryszard Kapuściński’s book “Another Day of Life” (1976). It includes the author’s experiences and thoughts from the beginning (1974-1975) of the conflict, which has ended in 2002. The animation, directed by Damian Nenow and Raúl de la Fuente, premiered at this year’s Cannes film festiwal. Jeszcze dzień życia Another Day of Life Directed by Damian Nenow, Raúl de la Fuente, screenplay by Raúl de la Fuente, Damian Nenow, Amaia Remirez, Niall Johnson, music by Mikel Salas, Belgium/Spain/Germany/Poland/Hungary 2018, animation, 85 min. 22nd November (Thursday), 6.30 p.m. Kijów Centrum – Large Screening Room

A Cat with a Dog

The latest film by Janusz Kondratiuk, the author of the unforgettable Dziewczyny do wzięcia (“Marriageable Girls”), is a bittersweet portrait of family relations, inspired by true events. Filled with ironic humour, the story follows the life of an unconventional family in which conflicts and rivalry are intertwined with moments of affection and authentic intimacy.
When Andrzej suddenly falls ill, his younger brother puts aside their differences and the wall of misunderstandings that has grown between them, and takes it upon himself to care for his sibling in need. Starring in the film are: Robert Więckiewicz and Olgierd Łukaszewicz. Jak pies z kotem A Cat with a Dog Directed by Janusz Kondratiuk, screenplay by Janusz Kondratiuk, Dominik W. Rettinger, cinematography by Witold Płóciennik, music by Bartłomiej Gliniak, cast: Robert Więckiewicz, Olgierd Łukaszewicz, Bożena Stachura, Aleksandra Konieczna, Poland 2018, feature film, 102 min. 24th November (Saturday), 3 p.m. Kijów Centrum – Large Screening Room  


This is an animated science fiction comedy film. It is inspired by Soviet space dog Laika. Life is not easy for Laika, a dog on the outskirts of a big Russian city. She is caught and forcibly retrained to become a pioneer in astronautics. Soon after her lift-off into space, a number of animals follow that are hurriedly launched from Houston and Baikonur. The animals travel astray, but finally manage, with the help of a black hole, to colonize a faraway planet. After a short period of harmonious, undisturbed co-existence with indigenous life forms, however, first human cosmonaut run ashore on their planet, and their harmonious life, indeed their very survival, are suddenly in jeopardy.
Laika, the famous canine pioneer, lives! A small planet on the outskirts of the galaxy has become the new home of the animals we sent into space and lost forever. Łajka LAIKA Direction and script by Aurel Klimt, music.: Marek Doubrava, prod.: Studio Zvon, Czech Republic 2017, animation, 87 min. 22nd November (Thursday), 9.30 p.m. Kijów Centrum – Large Screening Room  

Love Express. The Disappearance of Walerian Borowczyk

A documentary celebrating the work of Walerian Borowczyk, a director of unparalleled sensitivity, revered in the 1970s, who was later labelled as a maker of erotic movies. Love Express. The “Disappearance of Walerian Borowczyk” features interviews with his closest collaborators, filmmakers  and leading intellectuals who put his work into perspective,  including Terry Gilliam, Bertrand Bonello, Neil Jordan, Andrzej  Wajda, Patrice Leconte, Slavoj Žižek. It offers a rare insight into Walerian Borowczyk’s work and poses questions  about artistic freedom. This unique artistic chronicle sheds light on his professional philosophy and artistic achievements and investigates how does one get from creating cutting-edge work  and competing in Cannes to being labelled an erotic filmmaker?
The documentary is directed by Kuba Mikurda who co-wrote  the script with Marcin Kubawski. It is a coproduction of HBO Europe, CoLab Pictures, Adam Mickiewicz Institute, Maagiline Masin, and Otter Films co-funded by the Polish Film Institute and the Estonian Film Institute (Eesti Filmi Instituut). Love Express. Przypadek Waleriana Borowczyka Love Express. The Disappearance of Walerian Borowczyk Direction and script by Kuba Mikurda, cinematography by Radek Ładczuk, Poland/Estonia 2018, documentary, 72 min. 20th November (Tuesday), 5 p.m. Kijów Centrum – Large Screening Room

Captain Morten & The Spider Queen

Morten Viks is a 10-year-old boy who longs to become a sea captain like his father. Dreaming of a distant sea journey, he builds a toy sailboat. One day, he is unexpectedly shrunken down to a size of an insect and becomes the captain of his boat. But sailing turns out to be more difficult than it seemed...
Morten whiles away his days in a tree-house by the sea, writing letters to his dad and hiding from his strict aunt Annabelle. He dreams of embarking on a great journey, filled with adventures, and exploring uncharted lands. One day, a zany magician arrives in town and sprinkles mysterious powder on Morten. The boy suddenly shrinks and finds himself on board of his toy sailboat. However, he isn’t the sole member of its crew: soon he will meet the Spider Queen and her entourage. Morten will need to find the courage and ability to save the boat from sinking and discover the way back to the real world. “Captain Morten & The Spider Queen” is an astounding animated film about the endless power of a child’s imagination. Kapitan Morten i Królowa Pająków Captain Morten & The Spider Queen dir. Kaspar Jancis, script by Kaspar Jancis, Mike Horelick, Paul Risacher, Robin Lyons (based on the book Adventure on Salamander by Kaspar Jancis), produced by Kerdi Oengo - Nukufilm, Paul Cummins – Telegael, Mark Mertens - Grid Animation, Robin Lyons – Calon, Belgium/Estonia/Ireland/Great Britain 2018, animation, 79 min. Suitable for viewers from age 7. 21st November (Wednesday), 11.30 a.m. Kijów Centrum – Large Screening Room 24th November (Saturday), 9.30 a.m. Kijów Centrum – Large Screening Room


Loosely following a traditional Passover Seder, events from the Book of Exodus are retold by Moses, Aharon, the Angel of Death, Jesus, and the director’s own father. But there’s another side to this story: that of the Goddess, humankind’s original deity. “Seder-Masochism” resurrects the Great Mother in a tragic struggle against the forces of Patriarchy.
For one, this second animated feature from Nina Paley (“Sita Sings the Blues”) is a completely irreverent, occasionally hilarious and politically evocative look at the most famous of Jewish holidays. Secondly, it's got to be the only Passover movie that features a singing Moses — not to mention a singing Pharaoh and a bunch of dancing Egyptians and Jews — belting out classics by everyone from Louis Armstrong to Led Zeppelin to Gloria Gaynor to the chanteuse Dalida. Seder-Masochizm Seder-Masochism Direction and script by Nina Paley, sound: Greg Sextro, prod. Nina Paley, USA 2018, animation, 78 min. 21st November (Wednesday), 6 p.m. Kijów Centrum – Large Screening Room 22nd November (Thursday), 3.30 p.m. Kijów Centrum – Large Screening Room  

A Heart of Love

The second feature film directed by Łukasz Ronduda, curator of Warsaw’s Museum of Modern Art, depicts a tumultuous relationship between two eccentric artists from Poznań: Wojciech Bąkowski and Zuzanna Bartoszek. He is an established experimental musician, performer, poet and audiovisual artist. She is a young writer, photographer and model. They first meet at a vernissage; Zuzanna is a high school student and an admirer of Bąkowski’s work. Their relationship - partly symbiotic, partly combative - will last six years. The couple looks like male and female version of the same person: androgynous, hairless, dressed unisex. Their love, lust and mutual fascination go together with damaging rivalry, egocentrism, narcissism and cruelty. The leading actors Jacek Poniedziałek and Justyna Wasilewska have created an arresting portrayal of the two artists; a hypnotizing duo, bristling with emotion. The screenplay was written by Robert Bolesto, known for his scripts for The Last Family (“Ostatnia rodzina”) and The Lure (“Córki dancingu”). A HEART OF LOVE dir. Łukasz Ronduda, script by Robert Bolesto, cinematography by Łukasz Gutt, music by Wojciech Bąkowski, starring: Jacek Poniedziałek, Justyna Wasilewska, Magdalena Cielecka, Poland 2017, feature, 78 min. 23nd November (Friday), 9 p.m. Kijów Centrum – Large Screening Room

Yellow Submarine

The most popular animated music film in the history of motion picture turns 50.
Come aboard the “Yellow Submarine”! Marvel at the pop art visuals, become immersed in the narrative resembling a psychedelic trip, hear the message of peace and love, and, last but not least, enjoy The Beatles’ glorious music. A splendid time is guaranteed for all! Along with the Fab Four: John, Paul, George and Ringo we are to set sail on a quest to rescue the inhabitants of wondrous Pepperland from the music-hating Blue Meanie invaders. On our way, we will hear the unforgettable Beatles’ tunes, such as “All Together Now”, “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds”, “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band”, “All You Need is Love”, and, of course, “Yellow Submarine”. All these songs and more are featured on the soundtrack to one of the most well-known Beatles movies and an icon of the 1960s psychedelic culture. Zółta łódź podwodna Yellow Submarine Dir. George Dunning, script by Al Brodax, Jack Mendelsohn, Erich Segal, music by The Beatles, starring: The Beatles, UK 1968, animated film, 85 min.


Jan Švankmajer’s “Insects” (“Hmyz”, 2018) is the latest feature film by one of the most widely known, acclaimed and inspiring animators in the world, produced after almost eight years of silence from the artist. The script is based on a play by Karel and Josef Čapek. The film is a meta-experiment in which we are witness to the creative process: on the one hand, we follow a fictional story about an amateur theatrical troupe, working on a performance of the Čapek brothers’ “Pictures from the Insects' Life”, while on the other hand, we listen to the actual “Insects” film crew, led by Švankmajer, speak. The director has divided the movie into three parts: the first one is a documentary on the making of “Insects”, the second illustrates the preparation for the staging of the play, and the third is a literary adaptation. Owady Hmyz Direction and script by Jan Švankmajer, cinematography by Jan Růžička, Adam Oľha, cast: Jan Budař, Jiří Lábus, Kamila Magálová, Jaromiř Dulava, Czech Republic/Slovakia 2018, feature film, 98 min. 23rd November (Friday), 7 p.m. Kijów Centrum – Large Screening Room