/9.45 p.m. – The 10 greatest discoveries of the Festival’s Director throughout 20 years of the IFF E&A

9.45 p.m. – The 10 greatest discoveries of the Festival’s Director throughout 20 years of the IFF E&A

23rd November (Saturday)
9.45 p.m.


The festival’s 20th anniversary is an opportunity to take a look back also from a highly personal point of view. Working on a programme of each edition of first Etiuda and then the Etiuda&Anima festival, I always hoped that apart from achievements in popularization and promotion, each festival will leave me with something very special. Within the last twenty years, there were many such personal “discoveries.” With time, they got their own award category, the Great (Un)Appreciated, and many of my personal discoveries of this kind were also awarded prizes by the jurors. Today it is time to come back to these less official discoveries – films which left a lasting mark on my memory and my emotions – and again share them with the audience. The selection opens with Jakub Sommer’s student etude ELFilm which will also join the ranks of the Great (Un)Appreciated as the Great (Un)Appreciated of the 20th anniversary of the festival. Due to procedural and purely formal reasons this film did not receive a well-deserved award at the 9th IFF Etiuda. It is time to correct this mistake and give it this special director’s ‘consolation prize.’

Bogusław Zmudziński

EL FILM, reż./dir.: Jakub Sommer, zdj./ph.: David Marvan, Michal Vojkúvka, Jakub Sommer, Martin Šácha, Olgica Spata, Prod.: FAMU, Czechy/Czech Republic, 2001, 20’, fab./fic.

Autobiographical and minimalistic portrait of maximal love. Nothing is a cliché when it’s happening to you.

ANIMA, reż./dir.: Gisèle Ansorge, Prod.: NAG Film, Szwajcaria/Swizterland, 1977, 4’, anim.

From time immemorial, man bears an image of a woman within himself. And from birth until death this image affects the rhythm of life. The most personal film of Nag’s wife – Gisèle.

GUERNICA, reż./dir.: Emir Kusturica, scen./sc.: Pavel Sykora, Emir Kusturica, zdj./ph.: Pavol Bernáth, Prod.: FAMU, Czechosłowacja/Czechoslovakia, 1978, 17’27’’, fab./fic.

A short Emir Kusturica made as a student is based on Antonije Isakovic’s novel and tells the story of a Jewish boy whose father takes him to Paris to the Exposition Universelle in 1937 where Picasso’s famous painting was displayed. Several years later, when he is faced with frightful anti-Semitism and Nazi persecution of Jews, the boy cuts the noses out of family photos and tries to create his own Guernica.

A SZÉL / WIATR / THE WIND, reż./dir.: Csaba Varga, Prod.: Pannónia Filmstúdió, Węgry/Hungary, 1985, 7‘3‘‘, anim.

Wind initiates a series of random events, repeated gestures of new characters. The animated space is getting overcrowded until everything turns into a blot of black ink.

LE MOINE ET LE POISSON / MNICH I RYBA / THE MONK AND THE FISH, reż/dir.: Michael Dudok de Wit, Prod.: Folimage, Francja/France, 1994, 6’, anim.

A film nominated for an Oscar. On the river bank, a monk sees a fish he wants to catch. Thus starts an obsessive hunt which forces the monk to leave the monastery and embark on a long journey whose end will be quite unexpected for the fish and the clumsy monk.

CITÉS ANTÉRIEURES: BRUGES / MIASTA Z PRZESZŁOŚCI: BRUGIA / CITIES FROM THE PAST: BURGES, reż./dir.: Christian Boustani, zdj./ph.: Lionel Legros, Belgia/Belgium, 1995, 12’, eksp./exp.

An extraordinary journey into the past. Burges is a medieval town exposed to all calamities of its time, especially deadly plagues. Its inhabitants, aware of their helplessness in the face of these misfortunes, wait for the Renaissance.

ZÁRÁS / PRZED ZAMKNIĘCIEM / CLOSING TIME, reż./dir.: Bálint Kenyeres, zdj./ph.: István Szaladják, Wegry/Hungary, 1999, 13’, fab./fic.

In a bar in the middle of nowhere, late at night, a game of chess is played. Its ending is going to be tragic.

CISZA / SILENCE, reż./dir.: Maciej Cuske, Rafał Gliński, Edyta Wróblewska, Tomasz Wolski, Bartek Konopka, Marcin Bortkiewicz, Prod.: Wajda Studio, Polska/Poland, 2003, fab./fic.

A selection of several short films made by young artists who presented different interpretations of “silence”.

THE FIRST INTERVIEW / PIERWSZY WYWIAD, reż./dir.: Dennis Tupicoff, zdj./ph.: Zbigniew Friedrich, Prod.: Jungle Pictures, Dennis Tupicoff, Fiona Cochrane, Australia, France/Australia, France, 2011, 15‘, dok./doc.

The first press interview conducted in 1886 by famous photographer Nadar with renowned scientist Chevreul, then 100 years old, is brought to life by film technology and unlimited creativity of Tupicoff.

BODY MEMORY / PAMIĘĆ CIAŁA, reż./dir.: Űllo Pikkov, muz./mus.: Mirjam Talli, Estonia, 2011, 9’30’’, anim.

A body remembers more than we can imagine. It even remembers the sadness and pain of our forefathers. It carries stories of our parents, grandparents and their ancestors. How far can a body’s memory reach?