/9.00 p.m. – The artistic phenomenon of Saul Bass

9.00 p.m. – The artistic phenomenon of Saul Bass

Małopolski Ogród Sztuki
Small Screening Room

25th November (Monday)
9.00 p.m.

WHY MAN CREATES / DLACZEGO CZŁOWIEK TWORZY, scen./sc.: Saul Bass, Mayo Simon, reż./dir.: Elaine Bass, Saul Bass, zdj./ph.: Erik Daarstad, muz./mus.: Jeff Alexander, Stany Zjednoczone/USA, 1968, 29’, anim., dok./doc.
Why Man Creates, reż. Saul Bass
An extraordinary documentary commentary by Saul Bass, who tries to answer the question: why man creates. The story is divided into subsequent chapters: building, tomfoolery, trial, opinion, parable, digressions, search, and work on a new project. Saul Bass used his own archive materials, film fragments, fake interviews, his animations, Edison`s, Hemingway`s, and Einstein`s statements to cope, in an amusing way, with serious existential questions: what force spurs man to create? Why do we want to express ourselves in different ways? The film won an Oscar in 1968 for the best short documentary film and was placed among very few films in the Library of USA Congress.

BASS ON TITLES / BASS W TYTUŁACH, reż./dir.: Saul Bass, Stan Hart, wyst./cast: Saul Bass, Herbert Yager, Stany Zjednoczone/USA, 1977, 32’, dok./doc.
Bass on Titles43_1
As an art designer, Saul Bass many times made graphic symbols to film advertising campaigns. One time, together with Otto Preminger, they had an idea to animate drawings and rivet the viewers` attention as early as from the opening credits, creating, from the first seconds, the atmosphere of a story, which will start on the screen in one moment. In this way Saul Bass became universally considered as the inventor of modern opening credits, which have evolved over the years.
In the documentary we will see, among others, the most famous opening credit made by Saul Bass to such films as The Man with the Golden Arm, dir. Otto Preminger (1955), The Big Country, dir. William Wyler (1958), West Side Story, dir. Robert Wise, Jerome Robbins (1961), Walk on the Wild Side, dir. Edward Dmytryk (1962), Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World, dir. Stanley Kramer (1963), The Victors, dir. Carl Foreman (1963), Nine Hours to Rama, dir. Mark Robson (1963), In Harm’s Way, dir. Otto Preminger (1965), Seconds, dir. John Frankenheimer (1966), Grand Prix , dir. John Frankenheimer (1966).