/8.30 p.m. – Festivals of the old and new media present: Ars Electronica – Linz

8.30 p.m. – Festivals of the old and new media present: Ars Electronica – Linz

Pauza Cinema

25th November (Monday)
8.30 p.m.

Since 1979 Ars Electronica, which consists of the festival, competitions, museum and new media lab, has served as a unique platform for discussion on media and digital art. Ars Electronica is exceedingly interdisciplinary. It is currently a meeting place for artists, scientists, theorists, engineers and educators from all over the world. The festival transcends the conventional confines of a conference and cultural event through symposia, exhibitions, performances and other events, which combined altogether enable it to become the element of the city landscape.

This year over 700 films from 73 countries were submitted to Ars Electronica; this clearly shows how broad the spectrum of new media art is nowadays. On one hand, there’s digital animation and special effects which sometimes effortlessly imitate reality and often combine art, computer game industry and science altogether. On the other, there are traditional filmmaking techniques, hybrids of stop animation and found footage, interactive works and video installations. The works range from experimental and abstract to traditional filmmaking. Such diversity of stimulating tendencies and ideas were exemplified, at least in its small part, by films of young Austrian filmmakers and Japanese animations, screened during the last edition of Ars Electronica. The experimental section presented innovative forms and genres and even their production methods, while at the Expanded Digital Animation symposium the audience would find out how to utilize three-dimensional visualisation in public space, indoors, or building facades. The examples used at the seminar smartly illustrated how to transform a three-dimensional image and incorporate it into the public context.

Prix Ars Electronica award, founded in 1978, is the most significant distinction in cyber art. Our festival programme includes a selection of films from three sections of Ars Electronica Festival 2013.


The Experimental program presents innovative design forays in various forms and genres. The experimental approach can apply to any element—to the storytelling itself, for instance, to new forms of production in the blog format, to serial animation produced by several designers, or to object-space interaction and deconstruction. And we encounter these experimental forms in both narrative films, as we as abstract works, and even seemingly conventional documentaries.

DUKU SPACEMARINES, prod. La Mécanique du Plastique (Nicolas Liautaud, Alice Suret-Canale, Nicolas Dubois, Hugo Paquin), Francja/France 2012, 4’
THE ANIMATION TAG ATTACK, prod.: the Animation Tag Attack Team, Niemcy, Dania/Germany, Denmark 2012, 9’58’’
NOSTALGIA FOR NATURE, prod.: Hugo Arcier, Le Cube, Francja/France 2012, 8’58’’
LIGHTNING DRAWING RABBIT, prod.: Cassandra C. Jones, USA 2012, 1’
SHELTER, prod.: Carl Burton, USA 2012, 6’5’’
ARS RATA, prod.: Christian Schulze, Moritz Palnstorfer, Niemcy, Austria/Germany, Austria 2012, 3’16’’
VIRUS, prod.: Felipe Dacaret, DAf, Chile 2011, 53’’
SNAIL TRAIL, prod.: Philipp Artus, Niemcy/Germany 2012, 3’
INFIME, prod.: Dan Charbit, Cut and Cook Studio, Francja/France 2012, 2’23’’
BALLPIT, prod.: Kyle Mowat, Kanada/Canada 2012, 1’45’’
ENERGY FLOW, prod.: Marcus Wendt, Vera-Maria Glahn, Wielka Brytania/United Kingdom 2012, 9’22’’
THE CENTRIFUGE BRAIN PROJECT, prod.: Till Nowak, frameboX, Niemcy/Germany 2011, 6’34’’

Music & Image

This program showcases the various modes of interplaying music and images. The lineup includes experimental works configuring interaction between the audio and the video, classic examples of visual music, and conventional music videos from across the cultural spectrum. They’re generated with the use of technological tools ranging from high- to low-tech. To perk up the mix with some comic relief, there’s funny stuff too.

METUBE: AUGUST SINGS CARMEN ‘HABANERA’, prod.: Daniel Moshel, Moshel Film, Niemcy/Germany 2013, 4’
BJÖRK-MUTUAL CORE, prod.: Andrew Thomas Huang, youtube.com/MOCAtv, USA 2012, 5’21’’

Wspomnienia / Memories

These films serve as proxies as it were for the visualizations of worlds of feeling and remembrance, a discipline in which animation truly shines.

ONE DAY, prod.: GOBELINS Students, Francja/France 2012, 4’23’’
PALMIPEDARIUM, prod.: Jérémy Clapin, Papy3D productions, Francja/France 2012, 10’16’’