/8.00 p.m. – 20 years of the IFF Etiuda&Anima: Grand Prix – Golden Jabberwocky

8.00 p.m. – 20 years of the IFF Etiuda&Anima: Grand Prix – Golden Jabberwocky

27/11/2013, 8.00 p.m., Małopolski Ogród Sztuki

ANIMA competition
Special Golden Jabberwocky for the best student short film of the festival: 2005 – 2012

E 2005

ZA ŚCIANĄ / NEXT DOOR, reż./dir. Marta Pajek, zdj./ph. Marta Pajek, Rafał Śmierzchalski, muz. Tomasz Chołoniewski, prod. ASP, Kraków, Polska / Poland 2005, 9’

An anonymous protagonist lives within four walls of a small room. Time flies by peacefully until an unexpected event changes his monotonous life. The film combines various techniques: pixilation, traditional drawing, glass painting, video and computer animation.

E&A 2007

METEORIA, reż./dir. Olga Woszczyna, muz./mus. Jerzy Rogiewicz, ASP, Kraków Polska/Poland 2006, 13’

An artistic collage becomes a starting point to define our reality – time, universe, space. An attempt to capture the incomprehensible – something science still tries to describe and materialize.

E&A 2008

WIEK KAMIENIA / THE AGE OF STONE, reż./dir. Marta Skrocka, zdj./ph. Marta Skrocka, muz./mus. Piotr Klimek, prod. ASP, Kraków, Polska/Poland, 2007, 8’

Stone, earth, paper and water are the elements constituting this story about life and death. An animated impression whose author asks about the nature of changes which transform the micro- and macrocosm.

E&A 2009

KANTATA SPASENIE / KANATATA ZBAWIENIE, reż./dir. Maria Litvinova, muz./mus. Anton Siemionow, prod. VGiK, Moskwa (Rosja) 2008, 14’

A musical story of how the art saved the world.

E&A 2010

KTO BY POMYŚLAŁ? / WHO WOULD HAVE THOUGHT?, reż./dir. Ewa Borysewicz, muz./mus. Igor Kłaczyński, prod. ASP, Kraków, Polska/Poland 2009, 11’

A man disappears in inexplicable circumstances somewhere in a concrete housing estate. What has happened to him? Was there anything that bothered him? How did his life look like?

E&A 2011

ABUELAS / BABCIE / GRANDMOTHERS, reż./dir.: Afarin Eghbal, muz./mus.: Lennert Busch, prod. National Film & Television School, Wielka Brytania/United Kingdom 2011, 9’14’’

In Buenos Aires, an old woman eagerly awaits the birth of her first granchild and all the joys of becoming a grandmother. However, due to some historical and political events she will be forced to wait for the meeting with her grandson for over 30 years.

E&A 2012

VELOCITY / PRĘDKOŚĆ, reż./dir.: Karolina Glusiec, muz./mus.: Krzysztof Matusiak, Tadeusz Kulas, Zuzanna Ziolkowska, prod.: Royal Collage of Art, Wielka Brytania/United Kingdom 2012, 6’

I always thought I had a perfect memory. I wanted to show these drawings to you. A collection of drawings, a collection of memories, a collection of loss. These Images do not exist but the drawings are real. The memory is only in my head.