/7:00 p.m. – The Self-Portraits of Animation Authors: Vladimir Leschiov

7:00 p.m. – The Self-Portraits of Animation Authors: Vladimir Leschiov

Rotunda Cinema
ul. Oleandry 1, 30-060 Kraków
Large Screening Room

25th November (Monday)
7.00 p.m.

Vladimir Leschiov

Vladimir Leschiov, a member of the jury at this year`s ANIMA competition, is undoubtedly the world`s most recognizable Latvian animation author. He got his status of an internationally acclaimed artist only in a few years` time, stressing his position through his co-operation with an outstanding Canadian composer and author of soundtracks to animated films – Normand Roger (Lost in Snow/Zudusu sniega, 2007 and Wings and Oars/Spārni un airi, 2009) as well as with the artists from the Estonian school, especially Kaspar Jancis, with whom he co-directed Villa Antropoff (2012). A visual artist by education, he graduated from an artistic school in Riga, he also studied animation in Eksjö, Sweden. While working for TV stations, he worked on functional animation, made music videos and animated advertisements. Since 2007 he has been running his own animation studio Lunohod.

Leschiov is an artist who, in his original films, looks for balance between traditional narration and fantasy, almost abstract at times. He manages to achieve the desired effect by making attempts to combine the rationally explicable with the subconscious, difficult to explain, but exerting influence on both our everyday life and on artistic work. According to the author, animation is like music, which often influences the hidden parts of our personality, which is dear to us, and which we listen to, even though, actually, we are unable to explain why. The Latvian artist is a total individualist who never makes use of the opinions of others in his work, and explains his creative process as emerging from complete chaos. In order to face this natural chaos, while working on his original story, he creates new space, which – as he points out himself – becomes “the space of imagination.” In this space he finds the desired compromise between what is too abstract, and at the same time too difficult to understand, and what is, from the film point of view, too static, or even boring. However, as he stresses in one of the interviews, the ideas of “boring” or “abstract” are culturally relative. “For many people in the West a many-hour observation of flowers is incredibly boring, whereas the Japanese take utter delight in such a way of spending their time.”

It is not going to be the first time that the regular participants of the festival Etiuda&Anima will have a chance to see Vladimir Leschiov`s films. They have taken part in ANIMA competitions, and one of them – Wings and Oars / Spārni un airi was given honorary awards by the Jury of the International Federation of Film Societies (FICC) in 2009.

BEZMIEGS / BEZSENNOŚĆ / INSOMNIA, reż./dir.: Vladimir Leschiov, prod.: Rija Films, Łotwa/Latvia, 2004, 7’, anim.

It comes to him at night in silence, like a cat, somewhere between dream and reality. It is called … insomnia.

ZUDUSU SNIEGA / ZAGUBIENI W ŚNIEGU / LOST IN SNOW, reż./dir.: Vladimir Leschiov, zdj./ph.: Renars Vilkauss, muz./mus.: Normand Roger, prod.: Inga Praulina, Łotwa/Latvia, 2007, 7’50”, anim.

In winter some people go ice fishing. Excitement intensified by freezing temperatures and strong drinks lead to unpredictable consequences.

SPĀRNI UN AIRI / SKRZYDŁA I WIOSŁA / WINGS AND OARS, reż./dir.: Vladimir Leschiov, muz./mus.: Pierre-Yves Drapeau, Normand Roger, prod.: Vladimir Leschiov, Lunohod Animation Studio, Łotwa/Latvia, 2009, 6’, anim.

A former pilot looks back over his life – The Earth, the Sky, the Woman – everything that took place on the journey from an air strip to an abandoned boat house.

VILLA ANTROPOFF, reż./dir.: Vladimir Leschiov, Kaspar Jancis, muz./mus.: Felix Mendelssohn, Ludvig van Beethoven, Kaspar Jancis, prod.: Vladimir Leschiov, Kalev Tamm, Estonia, Łotwa/Estonia, Latvia, 2012, 13’, anim.

A man has nothing to lose except his dream. To make his dream come true the man embarks on a dangerous journey. But his destination is not what it seems.