/7.00 p.m. – Festivals of the old and new media present: Anifilm – Třeboń

7.00 p.m. – Festivals of the old and new media present: Anifilm – Třeboń

Pauza Cinema

24th November (Sunday)
7 p.m.

Anifilm is a young festival founded in 2010 in Třeboň, Czech Republic, a city that for a few days in a year turns into a capital of animation. The festival, apart from the accompanying concerts, exhibitions, seminars and workshops presents amateur, professional, student, television and cinema animated films.

Anifilm aims at popularizing the whole spectrum of current trends, technologies and techniques currently used in the animation making. By means of its special programmes, it supports brand new animation projects which are yet to be realised. Anifilm is also a meeting platform for animators, educators, students, and animation theorist from all over the world.

The festival is organized by Anifilm Company, founded in 1997, which is also a member of the Czech Audiovisual Producers’ Association (APA). The films are evaluated in three competition categories: international competition of animated feature films (separate for adults and children), international competition of animated short films, and finally, Czech-Slovak student competition of animated films.

In addition, the festival’s programme offers non-competition events, such as retrospectives, overviews of the current animation films, animated television films for adults and children, and important artistic and pop-culture phenomena of the year. Moreover, there’s a selection of films chosen by famous filmmakers which inspired their creativity as authors. As the part of the special programme, a one-day Work in Progress will focus on the projects currently in the making. Finally, the organizers yield space for discussion for designers of video game animations, and invite adults and children to make their animated samples using different animation techniques.

BUBLINA / BAŃKA / BUBBLE, reż./dir.: Mária Oľhová, prod.:VŠMU, Słowacja/Slovakia, 2012, 8’, anim.

Water brings a man and woman together, becomes a barrier, and a child is born in it – one that brings them together again.

KDE ROSTOU MOTÝLI? / SKĄD SIĘ BIORĄ MOTYLE / WHERE DO THE WILD BUTTERFLIES GROW?, reż./dir.: Vlaďka Macurová, prod.: UTB, Czechy/Czech Republic, 2012, 6’, anim.

A little creature is born and travels through a fantastical world. It encounters other beings, seeking friends among them. A poetic story about the search for kindred spirits.

ANOTHER WORLD / INNY ŚWIAT, reż./dir.: Matyáš Trnka, prod.: FAMU, Czechy/Czech Republic, 2012, 2’, anim.

A story from ancient times.

MĚSTO NAD LABEM / MIASTO NAD ŁABĄ / THE TOWN ON THE ELBE, reż./dir.: Bára Zadražilová, prod.: VŠUP, Czechy/Czech Republic, 2012, 3’, anim.

A film based on the song by Žofie Kabelková. A young woman travels to her new home in Ústí nad Labem. We can hear her thoughts, doubts, and hopes as she travels by train…

CIZINEC / OBCY / ALIEN, reż./dir.: Martin Máj, prod.: FAMU, Czechy/ Czech Republic, 2013, 7’, anim.

A darkly humorous short about travelling to different countries.

CESTA / PODRÓŻ / THE TRIP, reż./dir.: Ondřej Dolejší, prod.: FAMU, Czechy/Czech Republic, 2012, 6’, anim.

An audiovisual meditation on the subject of travelling.

PRVNÍ RYBKA / PIERWSZA RYBA/ THE FIRST FISH, reż./dir.: Veronika Göttlichová, prod.: UTB, Czechy/Czech Republic, 2012, 13’, anim.

An old fisherman catches memories in the sea in the form of glistening fish. A little girl cannot catch her memory. She dreams of growing up, and hides her pink dreams of the future in seashells that she finds on the beach. One day, the fisherman catches a memory that does not belong to him….


The story of a young man who wakes up every morning in a lonely world. He hopes and hopes to meet a kindred spirit, but it seems that there is no one else in the world. A music video to a song by Czech band Vypsaná fixa. The song and film are loosely based on a story by William Saroyan.

PŘEPADENÍ / NAPAD /THE ROBBERY, reż./dir.: Jan Saska,prod.: FAMU, Czechy/Czech Republic, 2012, 2’, anim.

A darkly humorous short about a failed bank robbery

DUŠE / DUSZA / SOUL, reż./dir.: Tereza Vostradovská, prod.: VŠUP, Czechy/Czech Republic, 2012, 4’, anim.

If a person were to set out on a journey through his own soul, it might look like a diverse black-and-white landscape full of cliffs and lakes. As the main protagonist walks through this landscape, he must come to terms with his own conscience, embodied by a dark shadow in a cave that persecutes him. After a long journey full of revelations and new knowledge, he finally finds his own face.

PANDY / PANDAS, reż./dir.: Matúš Vizár, prod.: FAMU, Czechy/Czech Republic, 2012, 12’, anim.

They evolved for a million years, until they ended up all alone in the bamboo forest. There they were found, and the active primates started to take care of them. The story of a species that everybody takes care of.

ANIMUS ET AQUA, reż./dir.: Michaela Hoffová, prod.: FAMU, Czechy/Czech Republic, 2012, 11’, anim.

A woman cyborg wakes up after a long sleep in a quiet eden, a planet covered in forest and vegetation. She then embarks on a mystical journey of fulfillment with only the head of her cyborg partner, whose body has been destroyed by the merciless wilderness while they were asleep.

POD VODOU / POD WODĄ / UNDER WATER, reż./dir.: Denisa Faltýnková, prod.: University of Ostrava Fine Arts, Czechy/Czech Republic, 2012, 4’, anim.

In marriage – in fact, in any long-term relationship – the way the partners see and perceive each other naturally changes over time. Feelings of bondage, constraint, and loss of freedom often end up being destructive. A beautiful, innocent being slowly transforms into a monster. Do we have to escape from such a relationship? Or is it enough to introduce a greater level of tolerance and respect?

NEKUDRŇ / NIE SKRĘCAJ SIĘ / DON’T BE CURLY, reż./dir.: Veronika Jelínková, prod.: UTB, Czechy/Czech Republic, 2012, 7’, anim.

A short movie about restless hair curls, troubles, dreams and the power of wishing.