/6.00 p.m. – Laureates of ETIUDA competition – Kim Hee-Jung

6.00 p.m. – Laureates of ETIUDA competition – Kim Hee-Jung

Małopolski Ogród Sztuki
Large Screening Room

27th November (Wednesday)
6.00 p.m.

KIM Hee-Jung, Korea
Kim Hee-Jung – a Korean director born in Seul. She graduated from the Seul Institute of the Arts. She also studied at the film school in Łódź, which she finished in 2001. She made, among others in Poland, short films which won her a scholarship at the festival in Cannes (Residence du Festival de Cannes) in 2005. Then she managed to finish the screenplay of her feature length debut The Wonder Years (2007). Another outcome of her participation in the festival in Cannes in 2011 is Grape Candy. Kim Hee-Jung is a prize winner at the festival Etiuda 2000.

Etiuda&Anima 2000
Grand Prix – The Golden Dinosaur Award

SPOTKANIE / THE APPOINTMENT, reż./dir., scen./script Kim Hee-Jung, zdj./phot. Kwon Hyeok-Jun, Polska/Poland 2000, PWSFTviT w Łodzi, 12’

A young girl, Anna, works as a shop assistant, but dreams about acting career. Despite her shyness, she decides to take part in a casting. A fourty-year-old actress, Ewa, supports the candidates during the auditions. When Anna cannot unblock herself during the audition, Ewa, quite unexpectedly, comes to her rescue. This meeting will change both women for ever.


WINOGRONOWY CUKIEREK / GRAPE CANDY, reż./dir., scen./script Kim Hee-Jung, prod. Jo Chang-Ho, Korea Płd./South Korea 2012, 103’
Grape Candy_Winogronowy cukierek, reż. Kim Hee-Jung
Sun-Joo leads a peaceful life, but, unexpectedly, needs to cope with painful memories. A mysterious woman, So-Ra, helps Sun-Joo, but first both women must find Jung-Eun, who is the key to the truth they are looking for.