Małopolski Ogród Sztuki
Small Screening Room

26th November (Tuesday)
6.00 p.m.

The idea of the International Animated Film Workshops in Krakow emerged in the early 1990s when change in the model of culture financing started to become a serious threat to film animation. The author of the formula for this enterprise was Jerzy Kucia, who managed to interest the Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia in the project. In 1996, together with the foundation`s director, Myriam Prongue, and Bogusław Zmudziński (IFF Etiuda), he launched an international educational project. The first meeting of young artists took place in the same year. An enormously fruitful co-operation with the Workshops was initiated by Deutsches Institut für Animationsfilm DIAF from Dresden, chaired first by Sabine Scholze, and later by Andre Eckardt. Since autumn 2013, workshops are held not only in Krakow, but also in Lanckorona.

From the very beginning the International Animation Film Workshops have been something more than simply a professional training course. Over twenty editions of the workshops mirrored Jerzy Kucia`s artistic credo to a considerable degree: for the author of Instrument Tuning, his students` works always constituted the crowning achievement of his own prolific output. Taking from the best models of 20th century culture, Kucia – as both a pedagogue and an artist – has always rejected the glitter, snobbery, bringing to life devious artist`s mythologies, the ideologization of art. Carrying out his project, he managed to win many outstanding film makers from Europe, Canada and the USA, who perceive their professional mission in a way similar to his own. Among them we can find, among others, Giannalberto Bendazzi, Lutz Dammbeck, Paul Driessen, Caroline Leaf, Raoul Servais, Georges Schwizgebel, Daniel Szczechura.

The workshops have attracted students from Estonia, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Switzerland, Slovakia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Hungary, the USA, Belarus, Russia, the Netherlands, Belgium, Croatia, Germany, Great Britain, Romania, Macedonia, Austria, Turkey, Finland, India and other countries. One of the reasons for their immense popularity must be the fact that the workshops turned out to be excellent training of artistic identity as well as a very interesting form of spiritual therapy. The pedagogues respect their students` individuality and help them only to specify their own conception and create their own realistic plan of its realization. Refraining from pointing out mistakes, the teachers enable students to notice the strengths of a project and to correct its weak elements. By motivating students to persistent and consistent search for financial resources, the International Animation Film Workshops not only initiate the production of artistic animations and their well-thought-out distribution. First of all, they teach how to plan one`s artistic activity in the long run and in compliance with the social-economic reality. A better example of the revitalization of artistic culture would be hard to find.

Mariola Dopartowa

POZDROWIENIA Z KISŁOWODSKA / PRIWIET IZ KISLOWODSKA, reż./dir.: Dimitri Geller, Rosja/Russia, 2001,13′, anim.

NORDOST, reż./dir.: Basil Vogt, Szwajcaria/Switzerland, 2001, 6’30”, anim.

KRAKOW, reż./dir.: Sarah Bowen, Wielka Brytania/UK, 1999,….., anim.

AUGENBLICK, reż./dir.: Maja Nagel, Niemcy/Germany, 2006, 5’20”, anim.

JUTRO, reż./dir.: Katarzyna Agopsowicz, Polska/Poland, 2005, 6’37”, anim.

BERMUDA, reż./dir.: Ülo Pikkov, Estonia,1998, 11′, anim.

CIENIE, reż./dir.: Paulina Grondal, Polska/Poland, 2013, 6’55”, anim.

LES VOLTIGEURS, reż./dir.: Isabelle Favez, Szwajcaria/Switzerland, 2002, 5’37”, anim.

MALOWANA TĘCZA / PRINTED RAINBOW, reż./dir.: Gitanjali Rao, Indie/India, 2006, 15′, anim.