/5 p.m. – An Evening with Samira Mahhmalbaf

5 p.m. – An Evening with Samira Mahhmalbaf


Pauza Cinema

ul. Floriańska 18/5, 31-021 Kraków

An Evening with Samira Mahhmalbaf

Samira Makhmalbaf– an Iranian director and screenwriter. She spent her childhood on her father’s film sets; she studied at Makhmalbaf Film House; and at the age of 18 she debuted with The Apple (1998), shown at over 100 international festivals, including Cannes. She is one of the most prominent directors of the Iranian New Wave, and in 2004 The Guardian selected her to be one of 40 best directors of the world.


5 p.m. – TAKHTE SIAH/TABLICE/BLACKBOARDS, dir. Samira Makhmalbaf, Iran, 2000, 85’


6.30 p.m. – Meeting with Samira Makhmalbaf


7.30 p.m. – HOW SAMIRA MADE THE BLACKBOARDS/JAK SAMIRA KRĘCIŁA TABLICE, dir., cam. Maysam Makhmalbaf, Iran, 2000, 76’